Scorpio Plenilunium "Igneous Fire for the Mundi Anima

  • 2013

Fresh out of the strong igneous currents of the 11-11 portal, the powerful hierarchical meeting during the Scorpio plenilunio opens the doors again to the natural re-connection with the sources of life Universal

Immersed in a deep process of reconstruction and reorientation of the divic currents (intelligent matter) that are expressed in multiple vibrational resonances through the human, planetary, solar and c centers Semic, we are preparing to enter until the 19th in a powerful period of energy activity, where we are called to produce a focused radioactive center that brings us closer to transcendental re-connection with the emerging life One that manifests itself in every way.

The electro-luminous influence of the contact with the 11-11 portal has given us a very powerful frequency space from where the personality, after the “lighting” of its inertial tendencies, patterns and resistances is self-linked to a greater state of unity, perceiving the global work that during the "Scorpio tests" has to produce the reconduction of the lunar forces that are expressed through the Mundi Anima.

Wrapped in the high frequencies of the solar meeting of the portal, the work of the Scorpio energy pushes us to recognize our “personal hydra” raising awareness about the new tendencies of man, where multiple lives and kingdoms express themselves evoking the responsibility of being human, as a planetary center of spiritual "mediation."

So during these days the strength of the Threshold Guardian multiplies by annexing the planetary resistances that are contained in the planetary aura. The Ánima Mundi and the ancestral memory attracted to our vibrational frequencies in a mystical alchemy towards unity, are expressed through our "luminous perception" generating a "work space" that includes conscious linking in the ascension of the Planetary Logos.

The reunion with the Solar Angels that through portal 11-11 have led us to a focused trend of our own power and responsible action in the manifestation of global planetary magic, allows us during these days to immerse ourselves in a momentous work of discrimination energy, where to experience "totality" through each individual center, increasing the sensitivity that allows us a greater state of perception by manifesting our ability to hyper-communicate with planetary centers where their collective subconscious expresses itself by converting the "hydra" with its nine heads in a global test of planetary magic, in a larger stage whose triumph will affect the ethers that surround the planet.

After a long period of individual trials, the new chrysalis we weave, wrapping ourselves in all aspects of life, leads us to a new path where every energy influence, every center, every kingdom, every intelligent life of the divine framework manifests and acts through from personal experience itself. The manifested individuality, its power summoned as a luminous entity of a cosmic mind that increases its dimensional consciousness by attracting the multiple networks and planetary expressions to its “life, ” prepares us for the following restructuring of the mind, the following quantum and dimensional leaps where the increasingly high resonances will push us to hyper-communicate (be sensitive) to the major lives of the planetary heart center (The Hierarchy) and its coronary (Shamballa).

We have been evoking a growing openness of individual centers and their divine qualities. The force and the planetary meetings with their focused works of reconduction of the etheric networks have linked us strongly to a superior unitary movement, increasing ties with the vibrational paths of Gaia whose wisdom of origin delineates a return to the natural universal movement of humanity.

During these days the powerful gathering of humanity and the hierarchy summon the seed of fire that was reactivated in man during the galactic alignment of 12-21-12.

After the period of “lighting”, recognition, contact, pure perception of the capacities and resistances that the dark light of the mother has revealed to us in the previous period, we are about to start the time of the igneous fire. and the dark fire of the mother, where the forces are not only perceived for the healing and sacralization of the form but are now summoned and concentrated to generate the force of fire, Will, the powerful energy capacity of transcendence and fusion of pairs of opposites.

Beyond the personal tests, beyond the desired awakening of each soul, a universal plan invites us to cooperate at higher levels and pushes us to the discernment and work of the Ánima Mundi, (network of human souls) that surround the planet and whose purification, whose etheric work of transmutation has to provide a new “dress” to Gaia, a new subtle planetary body, developed, hyper-linked to the universal networks that execute the plan of the cosmic Mind and that has to open the path to the path Sirius superior.

The management of the internal fire and its experiences through planetary magic open the doors to a new training time in a superior turn of the spiral.

Recognized our tendencies and dynamics the inner Christ seed is self-linked to the fire of the mother summoning her ancestral power that is able to manifest in the form the most wonderful paths of evolution and full consciousness.

A probationary time on a larger scale where past experience has to serve us to act on an increasingly large network of life.

A total reconnection of souls and their planetary centers. A scenario of reunion between the agents and lives that, through matter, build the foundations of a new era and a new universal consciousness.

A chrysalis where the gifts of the soul grow exponentially attracting planetary and cosmic experiences that have to initiate us in co-creation with higher forces, ashrams and higher vibration masters.

A new way from where to lead us back to the great divine unity from which to resume the lessons of evolution and creation that, guarded in the sacred womb of the Mother, await the pure perception of the human Soul that is able to clothe them in deep love, in deep intelligence. divine whose encounter is igneous fire, fire that does not burn, fire of the incarnate Spirit that redirects its reflections towards the true experience of God in itself.



Scorpio Plenilunium “Igneous Fire for the Mundi Anima”

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