The past solar eclipse was a liberation for our souls, whose goal was to invite us to cut with everything that binds us in this life

  • 2017

Greetings dear brothers,

Today we want to talk to you about the past solar eclipse, which simply all living beings around the world witnessed; this second eclipse of the season was witnessed with greater force in the United States, which is why it is called " The great eclipse of America ", and that is where it felt much more strongly, geographically speaking.

This solar eclipse first occurred after about 100 years.

The effects caused by this worldwide event, will feel around the Earth for some time, however and for those people who are awake and are in tune with the Superior Plan, they will feel these effects, especially since their interior, as if it were an encoding to reach a higher level of Light . The fact of experiencing an eclipse internally, means having a greater awareness of the activations and more recent updates of the DNA, which are currently taking place, as well as the effects that each of these changes cause at all levels of the Be.

This eclipse took place within the sun sign " Leo ", which turns out to be a prototype for internal authority, which is of great importance in terms of the sovereignty, independence and freedom of each of you ... as autonomous command souls, which They are completely aware about their destiny.

To think that hundreds of millions of people around the world focused on the sun on the same day, talking about it, thinking about it, hearing about it or simply seeing it and feeling that great energy, which turns out to be an essential part of the human consciousness, since that energy is part of the Creative Source, which, being immersed in the energy of what appears to be "the sun" has finally managed to awaken the internal "sun" in each of those who witnessed the eclipse, since the main purpose of this event was directly to awaken the solar energy that lives inside each human being.

Those human beings who have prepared to witness and be part of this important world event are aware that it is an expression full of internal authority, which will allow them to work consciously with the vibratory energy generated by the eclipse, since that being outside your frequency matrix, you have the power to use it in order to "eclipse" all those unfair control mechanisms that have been put in place by human beings who have some kind of direct interest in consciousness, the vital force and the power that each one's heart possesses.

Could you imagine what this collectively shared purpose would generate between each inhabitant of the planet Earth?

Over the course of the year, you, human beings, have been claiming those sacred powers that come from the Sacred Heart, precisely for this same reason ... since in reality, awaken the energy that is in the heart of man It turns out to be the only threat that worries beings whose purpose is to move them away from the path to truth and light . It is possible that these dark beings have a much more advanced technology and perhaps have greater intelligence, however, they do not have the most important thing, which is that innate ability that the beings of light to self-direct their own life force, in order to transform reality and the experiences they live while in this world, which can only be achieved through the memory that is generated thanks to love, due to the deliberate desire that human beings have for mastering their brilliant bio-computers .

Those of you who appreciated the solar eclipse, have managed to get rid of the last remains of the false matrix, which prevented you from having full access to your intelligent biology in order to avoid that could complete their integral fusion between their spiritual Being and their material Being . However, after having released the sacred current that composes the force of life and eliminating the false matrix, they have given their inner intelligence the opportunity to guide their physical body, so that from Now their flesh will be enlightened and the transformative changes will be taking place so that they can access more of all the knowledge that is stored within their material being.

At the end of the eclipse season, each of you will have a real chance of deliberately ending that crystal cage created in order to keep you in a false reality where you are in a state of inferiority, which prevents their spiritual DNA from activating and allowing them to awaken the Divine Being that is within them, hidden from the illusion that duality generates.

Likewise and at the same time, although on a larger scale, all human beings around the planet are beginning to appreciate each of the agreements not only conscious, but also unconscious that they have made with this false reality, so they will begin to question themselves until they realize that most of these agreements were pre-created and elaborated by ancient dark beings whose control is in the false matrix. This is a completely decisive turning point, where each of you, as a society, has to choose whether those contracts of belief will continue not to guide your life and hinder your humanity.

Remember that it is your job and also your joy, not to forget the singing of your soul and allow it to sprout from you until you reach the foreground

For those who are on their way to light and truth, the solar eclipse consisted of a resonant call for their souls, whose goal was to invite them to finally cut with all the ropes that bind them to that life and the false reality that they live inside. of this world, leaving everything aside to finally get out and leave the false matrix behind . For many, this solar eclipse was literally a true moment of total restart, since the previous day, in different countries of the world, computers and other devices did not work properly, preventing people from having access to any type of past information.

Likewise, on the day of the eclipse and a few hours before this great event began, many countries had a power interruption for a couple of hours, apparently for no reason ... and then, just when the moon was hidden from the sun, mobile phones left of working All this is due to the fact that the energy of the Sun that was emanating at that time demanded all the attention, in order to understand the depth that this magical moment had, so that those who appreciated it could be totally present and aware of what was happening.

It is time to testify about your true greatness, leave everything behind and surrender to the plan that the creative source has for all of you.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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