Message from Saint Germain - A New Dawn is coming ...

  • 2012


Beautiful beings of light! A new dawn is coming, a new dawn for all those who feel it, a new family dawn

A new dawn that must integrate and unite all kinds of energies causing all to vibrate in the same direction and towards the same purpose: the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE towards everything and all those around us. We must unify our energies to achieve transmutation to get the Universe-Earth equilibrium restored.

We are the center of the balance between Heaven and Earth, we human beings are the center of both realities, spiritual and earthly. There is no one without the other, the two go together, they cannot be understood separately, they are part of the All as yin and yang, as day and night, as joy and sadness, as the love and hate and we are responsible for achieving this balance. The human race must ensure that both realities merge into one within our being.

We are sacred beings. We are beings resulting from the grace of the Creator. He created us in his image and likeness. He made us perfectly imperfect beings, perfect beings with their defects and virtues because one thing cannot be understood without the other. Darkness is appreciated because there is light, life is understood because death exists. Duality is necessary for balance to exist.

You must begin to tolerate and accept everything around you, starting with yourself. You must be aware of who you are and how you are. You must be able to look within yourself and inquire and recognize your true feelings and emotions. Only then will you be able to accept without judging.

It is extremely important that you learn to empathize if you have not yet done so, you must know how to tune in to the pain and joy of those around you so that you understand why of his words and actions.

We are beings of light that we have come to learn, to evolve and for that we need those around us because they were the ones we chose to carry out our mission.

We must not forget that they are equal to us. Everyone around us also has a light inside, a light that, even if it is timid, shines the same as ours. We all come from the same Source so we are all equal and so we must feel it inside.

The success of the human race lies in this understanding.

We are unique, special, wonderful, magical beings of light. We must extend our magic so that our entire environment is magical too. Magic makes us happy, let us share ours to help those who do not feel it due to circumstances.

We choose to be happy or not because despite the circumstances of each one we can find happiness if we want to.

Happiness is the fruit of love, if we feel love inside us we will feel like happiness returns to our being even if only for a brief moment at the beginning. We must learn to be happy, to laugh, to cry, to scream ... we must make our senses feel. We must listen, smell, taste, see, touch.

Wonderful and unique moments are approaching. Live them and wait for them as such. Do not submit your feelings to the reality that surrounds us because the twitching of the outside could seriously damage your being.

Listen carefully to what your heart tells you. Your heart is pure and knows your truth. Pay attention.

Spend a few minutes a day to meditate. Connect with your essence through the heart. Let the mind not intervene and feel, feel, feel. Let yourself be carried away by the sensitivity of your being and fly.

Be messengers of love, spread your love wherever you go, wherever you go and with whom you are. Remember that we are magnets and that we attract to our reality everything that vibrates just like us. So, vibrate from the heart and share light and love.

Beautiful and magical beings of light, you are wonderful and great. Beautiful beings of light I am Saint Germain and again I remind you that we love you !!!

Channeled by Montse Macanás on Sunday, November 25, 2012 at 11:05 p.m.

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Message from Saint Germain - A New Dawn is coming ...

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