María Magdalena - The masculine and feminine energies

  • 2016

Hi, I'm Maria Magdalena; I am here with much joy in my heart; connecting with you in this way is like a miracle for me because that shows that on Earth the energies have changed and that the veil between this world and yours is thinning; you are becoming more accessible to us, just as we are becoming more accessible to you; the bridge is being completed; and we have longed for this moment for a very long time because it hurts to see you alone and desolate in the Earth's environment. It was not supposed to be that way, you are destined to have a connection with the other World while living on Earth ; it is very difficult to be disconnected from the Heavens, from your Soul, from the place from which you are originally.

This is the real difficulty, the pain of being disconnected from Home is greater than all the physical difficulties you endure, it is the first and deepest; and that is why it is a great joy for me to connect with you and remind you that we are all in this together: Your Guides, Los Angeles and the Teachers on the other side are deeply involved with life on Earth ; it is not a sacrifice on your part to connect with you and share with you your energy; it is his deep inner desire to remain part of the earthly adventure; and continue to be with you and hold hands; It was like an agreement we made before you started this adventure: That you were connected with us so that you would not feel so alone and lost in the energy of the Earth and in your society.

And many of you still feel lost; it is difficult for you to feel the connection with my side, with my Kingdom; it is difficult for you to connect with your deepest and true feelings because the Human environment is still very influenced by the fears and judgments of the past. Things are definitely changing right now, but on Earth there is still a quantity of density, of heaviness; and you have become accustomed to it, you think it is normal, you think life on Earth is like that. I want to tell you that this is not normal, it is not natural that you feel lost, always fighting to find answers to your life, to your questions.

I would like you to really rise and feel who you are, that you are Divine. What you see in me or Yeshua is only a reflected image, you are exactly like us; but there have been powers, energies that have prevented you from realizing this. These energies of oppression and fear have been part of life on Earth for many centuries; so when you return to incarnate in a Human personality you reconnect with these energies and you are confused; frequently when you return to incarnate you have traumas of past lives within you. These traumas must be resolved, but before you solve them you must partially relive them; so you have fear and confusion again, but this time it is different; Now there are resources available to you that help you overcome these old energies of suffocation, fear, oppression and violence.

And one of the most fundamental things that have divided you against yourselves, that have made you strangers to your own nature, was the way the masculine and feminine energies came into conflict. This battle between men and women, this battle between the sexes, has hurt all of you, both men and women. It is as if a part of you had been taken away from you; essentially you are a defined Soul with multiple ways of expression, you are both masculine and feminine; and when you choose a life on Earth you agree to live within a body, whether male or female; and you accept that your personality is influenced by your masculinity or by your femininity; but still your other side, the masculine side when you are a woman or the feminine side when you are a man, is still in the background and has the desire to join you, to be part of your life.

When you are a woman, you have masculine energy within you that helps you develop your femininity, develop your feminine talents and gifts; the masculine energies are there to take you, to sustain you, to protect you; but if they teach you that you should only focus on your feminine qualities that consist in really being a mother, a lover, a caretaker; if you identify too strongly with the feminine energy as a woman, you become weak because you are only living half of your life. And the same happens to men, they are taught to identify with their masculine energy, which is too defined by power, aggression, for being in charge, for not showing their feelings, for being emotionally cold and restricted; this unilateral definition of masculine energy has tortured men for centuries, especially sensitive men; and you, the 2 sexes, have been divided and opposed to each other.

This is one of the greatest tragedies of life on Earth ; For when men and women recognize that both energies are at their disposal, the true gifts of men for women and women for men can begin to manifest; and that can have such beauty that it is unimaginable. When you are in contact with your Soul you can celebrate your femininity if you are a woman, or your masculinity if you are a man; but you are not desperately looking for the other side to complete you; you know that inwardly you are one, that you are strong and powerful; and you feel comfortable with your sexuality, with your femininity or with your masculinity. And although you are one, you still enjoy deeply the attraction that can be between man and woman.

The sexual attraction that can exist between 2 people is like a journey of mutual discovery of the Souls of both . And by the way, this attraction can also take place between 2 men or between 2 women, it is the same dynamic ; there is always something between the lovers as a contrast that excites them and leads them on a journey of mutual discovery of their Souls. The area of ​​love relationships and sexuality was originally destined to be an area of ​​exploration of creativity, of life, to find multiple ways of expressing oneself. To a large extent this joy has been taken away from you, because traditional religion has judged and repressed sexuality and sexual desire very much.

This is a time to wake up and reconnect and balance the masculine and feminine energies within you. Relationships are changing, people are looking for superior forms of connection from the heart; and you will change. We are here to support you, to give you information that reminds you of your Essence. You miss us as much as we do; That's why we take any opportunity to be close to you. We love you; Accept our love.

Thank you.

Mary Magdalene.

TRANSLATION: Jairo Rodr guez R. Energy and Spiritual Consultancy

AUTHOR: Pamela Kribbe


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