Mother Mary ~ We Are Not Complete Without You

  • 2014

It is Maria who speaks to them. I greet you all with the love of the conscience that currently surrounds and that always more strongly permeates the Earth. You are among the first people to receive this awareness of the heart to transmit it to the Earth and the people around you, and we thank you for that. Accept our gratitude for being a channel for a new energy on Earth.

You are brave, you have chosen to be here and now on Earth at this time when much is changing for good, but there are also many things that come that are painful in the form of old pain and wounds. You are coming to the surface in an extreme way at this time, and yes, also within you.

You all carry your own personal story that goes much further back through many lives. They have been on Earth many times, and each time they have tried to realize some of their deepest inspirations, which is their main desire to be here on Earth. Because they are so connected to this planet, they have come here as a "child" who wants to grow and learn and, at the same time, they are somehow also a "father" to Earth, the guardians who feed life with their presence. So you are both a "child" and a "father" in your relationship with the Earth. At this moment in time, the Earth wants to take you across the bridge to a new consciousness, to a new reality, to a life from the heart.

At the same time, there are angels and guides in the cosmic sphere around the Earth who want to support them. We are very excited while we are at your side and spiritually embrace them. You are so dear to us because you are the ones doing the work, here and now, on Earth. However, you still have many doubts because you have to fight with old fears.

You have reached the end of a specific path of life; They are cycling. In the many lives they have led on Earth, they have gradually made the transition from ego consciousness to heart consciousness. The ego consciousness is really a wandering consciousness, a consciousness that no longer knows where it belongs or where it comes from. It is a divided, separate and lonely consciousness in the universe. Because of this, she is overwhelmed by fear, and from that fear the little ego is trying to hold on to some control over life and its surroundings. You also tried to do that on your long journey towards self-realization. The ego consciousness is a part of that cycle, a phase in its evolution.

However, what happened during the ego phase has left deep traces in your consciousness, because there were periods of time where you abused your power and your control. On their journey through the universe, there was a time when they exercised their manipulative powers with great force and a destructive effect. The reason why I now mention this is to make you aware that you have suppressed shame and guilt for having done this, and the result is that now you have difficulties in fully implementing your strength. With the transition from the consciousness of the ego to the heart comes remorse for what you did in the past, and you will never do that again. The result is that many of you go too far in the opposite direction by completely renouncing your strength and confidence. They are even afraid of the mere idea of ​​being powerful and confident in the world. You have all become "little mice" hidden in the wings of life, because you have this resistance to use your self-awareness totally for fear of abusing your power.

In the extensive series of lives that have lived on Earth, there have also been many times when the consciousness and the light that you wanted to give from your heart ran into misunderstanding and resistance, and this has increased your fear. The rejection they have experienced has discouraged them. You have experienced these two scenarios: on the one hand, a powerful ego that was too big and then caused you shame and guilt, and on the other hand, having expressed power from the heart that was very loving but was not accepted by the society of which they were part.

Yes, you have come a long way. They have experienced both extremes and because of this they now live with the remnants of that past, with the resulting lack of certainty: “Can I be here ?; Am i good enough ?; What do I really bring here ?; Who am I to want to raise my head above ground level?

Who you are is about what I want to tell you today. You are the angel of the new era. They have come to Earth to give way to a new time, and they come in peace. They no longer come here with the sword of the unsheathed ego, they come here in peace. Now is the time to regain your strength and dare to believe in yourself. Yes, you are that angel of peace, because in you the cycle of lives has come to an end: from darkness to light, from ego to heart, and now you want to embrace the consciousness based on the heart that is the result of all that experience. You want to share it with others, because you feel that: “We are one. We are all here together on Earth, and we are all part of that same consciousness. Yes, even the Earth itself is one with us. ”And in all their beauty, and in everything they have acquired from inner wealth, they are now on Earth and willing to go over the threshold. Now is your time!

But we often have to gently shake them to wake them up, so to speak. We have to keep you always focused on the next step ahead of you as you often drown in doubt. Sometimes you get so trapped and overcome by the three-dimensional world that surrounds you, by the things you hear on television news and read in the newspapers. Fears, things that people discuss, everything they hear, what is considered impossible, what is going wrong - all these negative messages depress them. Then you experience very little space for the light that you really are, the light that you so long for, and that unconsciously carry so powerfully within you. You underestimate your own reality, who you are, the greatness and power that you embody, and not in the sense of manipulative power, but the power of the divine presence within you.

What is necessary for you in this age is the right balance of power. Not the power of the ego, but the power of your spiritual being, of that part of you that knows that it is carried by a unit that permeates all life. If you can refine yourself with that power, and align with it, you will feel at home here on Earth, one with the Spirit, with the core of who you are.

That is what you are looking for, and that may be your common thread to find your way and your destiny on Earth. There is room for all of you on Earth; There is an abundance that is waiting for you, wealth that wants to come to you in the form of relationships, pleasant working conditions, a beautiful home, money. On all those levels, Earth and earthly reality wants to receive them. It is your own doubt in yourself that has kept you tied with knots and that has not allowed those things for you.

We ask you, we almost implore you, to believe in yourselves you are that! They are the pioneers on Earth, those whom the Earth has been waiting for, whom humanity is waiting for. You are who we are waiting for, because we cannot do it for you. We can encourage you, again and again, and we never get tired of doing it, but it is you who have to take the decisive step, really trust your heart, the whispers of your intuition.

To help them a little along the way, and especially to encourage them, we want to take them to the future. We ask you to travel with us in your heart and in your imagination. Imagine that you are there, on that new Earth, and that that heart-based consciousness has become a reality. Visualize that the fundamental thing of earthly reality is peace and joy.

Imagine that you are in a house located in a natural, beautiful environment. It is his house, his abode, and everything material feels as if he were alive. Just look around: the walls, the windows, the floor of the house, feel how all that is more alive than the earthly matter to which they are accustomed. Everything is luminous and radiates light, and the light does not come from the sun, the light comes from the very interior of matter. See you in that house.

Your body also has that luminous quality. The cells in your body feel radiant, vital, pure and clean. And you wear clothes that are comfortable and flow charmingly around you. They are sitting on the floor in that house and feel from their root chakra the deep connection with the Earth. Feel the mystery of the Earth and the life that comes from the Earth, since you are part of that life. You are born of the Cosmos, but now you are part of the earthly reality and connect those two elements.

Then they get up to go outside. Maybe there is a door, or maybe just an exit, and they stand on Earth with their bare feet. The sun is shining and the sky is blue, and for a moment they feel the energy of the sun. He would perish as if the sun also felt different: a luminosity, a brightness, a freedom that was not there before and his heart beats with joy.

The new birth has taken place, and you feel so happy that you have the desire to celebrate it with others. They are aware that their feet are taking them to a place where other people are gathered. There is an open space nearby, a square maybe, and they go where they hear the sound of voices. There you see the faces of people who smile at you and welcome you: We have been waiting for you, they say. We are not complete without you.

You are among them and feel included in a calm, peaceful and peaceful way. They are simply and completely you; they don't need to be different from what they are; They are yourselves and you feel connected.

When everyone sits in that place, everything becomes calm, everyone is listening. A message arrives: your help is necessary. There is a call from the old Earth that comes to you. It is the Earth that is still trapped in the old consciousness, the Earth that you are still a part of while sitting here; It is the Earth that wants to be reborn.

You send your energy from the future to this old Earth, to your old reality of fear-based consciousness that is in the middle of a birth process with painful contractions. Send your trust, your conscience, your courage to that old reality and to yourselves while now sitting here.

Go back to the present and receive that energy from the future and let it bathe you like a shower. That freedom in which you really can be who you are is no longer so far away. Feel supported by your own Higher Self, and ask for advice. Ask your future Self, who already exists, who is actually alive within you now! Time does not exist; It's all an illusion. Now you can connect with that Being who has finished the birth process.

While you hold the vibration of your future Self in your heart, the old fears, the old pain of your descent, all that struggle will be behind you. Now you can celebrate life. You can shake hands with others and pass on the beautiful gifts you have to share - and you can actually share them now! Imagine that your light, your unique qualities, your beauty - all that - is circling around this room. You radiate it out and the people here are affected by that, and your paths become easier because of that. Let it be; allow the wisdom that is yours to flow through your body: through your heart, through your abdomen, through your root chakra. Receive from Heaven; receive from Earth; Receive from the future the help that is there for you.

And when they feel the lightness that comes with that, then it will be really beneficial. Then you will have connected with who you are, with your deep core. And that is all they have to do to find their way in life: connect with that light, with that simplicity, with that ease. What flows freely is beneficial.

In essence, life is not difficult. You are a channel; there is wisdom and light flowing through you, and whenever you allow the connection with the Earth and share your talents with others, you bring change to this world, while at the same time freeing yourself from it. They let it go, however they leave behind a trace for others, because the day will come when they will also want to let go of consciousness based on fear. You are creating footprints with your energy.

Therefore, congratulate yourself and be proud of yourself. Do not look at those things you still want to achieve. Look at everything you have already done and what you have overcome in yourself in terms of emotions, fears, limitation.

Be proud to have incarnated in a human body while perceiving the promise of a new nascent reality, both inside and outside. They took a leap of faith. That is a testament to his courage and strength! Therefore, dare to be guided by your heart in your daily life, and make decisions that correspond to the energy you feel now, with the lightness of the new Earth. Do not go against what your viscera tell you, dare to trust. We love you, feel our presence.

© Pamela Kribbe

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Pamela channels Maria

Translated from English by Sandra Gusella

Mother Mary ~ We Are Not Complete Without You

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