Divine Mother ~ Love of Self

  • 2014

DIVINE MOTHER - When you have self-esteem, you don't hurt yourself. He carries out his high esteem to himself, so as not to lower himself to harm another or to harm himself.

I am the Divine Mother. I come in the name of Truth. I love them. This is our relationship, a love relationship. Our relationship is healing them. My love heals the heart and with the healed heart, everything else will heal. I am the Divine Mother. I come in the name of love. I want you to know; what is happening to you and what is happening to your planet. I want you to know that you are in the middle of a huge change, a huge transformation at every level of your existence and that this transformation is beautiful, because you are now becoming what you really are.

The facades are falling away. The false is asking you to let it go. The true of you will come out of hiding. Trust yourself. They are beautiful. They are divine. You have a great purpose for this life on Earth, a divine purpose, and all the changes and transformations that are taking place; they are to take them to their divine purpose, to their divine life. Trust me. When you find things changing on this planet and you are changing, do not resist. Learn to let go. Be gentle Be fluid, because changes are occurring for your greater good. Trust me. I know what your greatest good is. Your highest good is for you to recognize what you are and then proceed to the full recognition of your union with me. I am going to show you how everything is structured to give you the experience of your integrity, so that you can never doubt again. This is my purpose. Its purpose is to heal themselves and by doing so, create a new planet, a planet where love dominates, creativity flourishes, where people have respect and honor among themselves and allow each other to be themselves, and participate in this; It is the reason why you are here. You have the support of the entire universe.

My vibrating tools

You can maneuver anywhere in the universe with these divine vibrating tools that I have given you. They will never have a loss again or be lost. You have these tools. If anything is blocking them, tell them: “Destroy yourself, break it. Go to the light. " Whatever you are trying to hold, say: "Go to the light." Fill it with Divine Light, it is poured into the Divine Light. Anything heavy and retarding for you, put it in Divine Love. I have given you all the tools so that you are fully capable of handling yourself in any part of the universe with any difficult condition that approaches you.

I feel sad when they forget to use these tools and fall into despair. You have the power in the most subtle level of creation, the creation in which the Divine Mother resides. You know how to soften the source. Soften in your heart now. Softening is one of your most important tools. Softening is a way of transcending, a way of moving outside the field of time and space, to move in the unlimited field. All tools make them invincible in battle. I say in battle because you are fighting to defeat the little habits that have accumulated in your personality, the belief systems that have confused you about what you really are.

This is what is happening to him. They are growing every day, getting up, letting go of what is old, leaving aside the old shells that do not express their Divine nature. This is the transformation that I am talking about. This is the transfiguration that has been talked about the antiquity they are experiencing now in their physical form, because this is the time on this planet that humanity needs to accept their divine heritage. You are divine beings that deserve to have your physical system structured perfectly. The Infinite can do this. Divine Intelligence is enabling it, with its attention focused on specific points in the body; a divine form is being structured in its divine system. Trust me. I love them.

You do not have to die to live in heaven

The physical body can rise to a position where the sky is lived on the material plane. By walking, talking, eating, working and socializing, heaven is living in their lives. You may not live in the lives of those with whom you are associating, but you are living in your lives. You have transfigured your physical form, you have made it a form of God. Trust me, I want to give you the divine template in your physical system. Be aware of your influence on your internal and external environment. Help me to help you. The complaint attitude is harmful to the physical system. You can change that; bringing the Divine Mother.

The attention centered on the Totality is the precise tool for vibration surgery, the elimination of the energies of falsehood, allowing the energy of Truth to restructure itself. This attracted attention is very, very powerful, so that you are directing the flow of Infinite Totality as you move to relative action, which allows the flow of Infinity to heal you, to recreate within your system; the Divine template for you.

They are becoming what they really are.

Part 1 Question: I feel so tired and discouraged. Everything seems to be such a great effort and things rarely go as I want.

Divine Mother: I am the Divine Mother and I come in the name of love. I want you to know that the universe is set up for your success in Everything. All the intelligence of the universe has been instructed to give them support. The universe is made up of many, many layers with an intelligence that works in all layers. Some people call these layers of intelligence; The laws of nature. The universe is configured by all the laws of nature and they are there to support them. I want to put them in a position to receive that support. Unfortunately, on this planet most people are trained since childhood, to live outside the laws of nature, since knowledge of these laws, and the subtle intelligence of the universe has been lost. There are intelligent friends who help all the time, if they just go and pay attention to them. Fear is the biggest block to your attention. Fear turns off the ability to pay attention and is not just fear; is that the panic of survival takes over, but also, once again; Ignorance does not help them receive what they are being offered. There is always help offered, always. These laws try again and again to bring them back to your protection. Now I want to bring them back under the protection of the laws of nature or intelligent layers of creation. You have the support of all the laws of nature. Access it, don't ignore them. Don't keep the demerit, by saying to yourself, I don't deserve this. I'm not good. Nothing works for me. You are putting yourself out of your help when you think this way and I think this is not the way. We are here We are vibrantly alive. Talk to us from your heart. Say: Okay, the laws of nature, I'm ready for them. I want to work with you. Show me. All these laws of nature love to teach you. The whole point of life on this planet is to work in harmony with the intelligent laws of nature that are functioning everywhere, at sea, on land, in the air, in the subtle intelligence of The infinite life

You have the support of the entire universe

Part 2 So now your divine friends have devised a plan for you, because we care so much for you. We know that they have been lost in a small point of view of life, as if they had received a lobotomy. But we have designed a plan to fix your awakening.

Eliminate fear

One of the important premises in this process is to eliminate fear. The minute you start to be afraid, the closing of your opportunities begins, the doors begin to close to receive your support. Fear has become a way of life on Earth. Do not go there. They have to expand. Soften through fear. Overcome it Going to a higher vibration, that is what it means to rise above fear. Use the Divine Light and the ascending Light tools to raise your vibration out of fear. Fear is a dense vibration. Get out of it with these vibrating tools of Divine Light, Divine Love, Divine Truth, Ascending Light. I invite you to practice softening, letting go, overcoming, deepening the space between objects, becoming aware of your Infinite Being. The more they realize their Infinite Being, the more they attract back the harmony of the universe. Every day, you can say: I call my Infinite Being within my life now. I am calling you again with my love.

You are a person worth valuing immensely

You are a person worthy of being loved unconditionally. I see him. I know him.

The Divine is present in you, is alive in you, is well and totally radiant. Inwardly or loudly say: I call my Divine Being, now . I took a deep breath, saying again: I call my Divine Being now. Take a break for a moment, realizing your Divine Being. Observe your vibration, observe the energy of your Divine Being. Look at you. You are beautiful. Do not hide this beauty from others. You are beautiful. I want it. I am here holding you with my love, and as you have my love; will heal. You are a divine being in a physical way, I am clearing the clouds that are far from your consciousness, so that you can fully experience the truth of what it is.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It is time to thank yourself. Yes. Thank you. Keep yourself in high esteem and thank you for being as it is. You are so magnificent.

Nothing bad can ever come from allowing love

Divine Love is now intensifying on this planet. Trust yourself. Let Divine Love immerse you in your waves. Love is the most powerful healing force. In fact there is no other healing force. Love is the only healing force.

The old customs are endless. All fear, greed and stepping on other people's feet and the confrontation is over. Now it is about cooperation and unity.

If you don't know what to do, let it pass. As long as you don't know what to do, let it happen. Which will take you to the Infinite.

You are divine beings. They are here to bless others with love, but not for obligation, not for lack of merit, not for shame. Not out of freedom; your freedom

Love is much more than an emotion - it is the energy that gives you good health - not only physically, but vibrationally. Love is the most important energy in creation.

Your heart is your anchor. When the mind does not understand something, then go to your hearts that you always understand and are comfortable with silence.

Love can teach them about trust. Whatever happens, whatever betrayals you may have experienced, I am telling you: "Love is more." Love is here The truth is that here. You are here. The clouds that hide the true self are being eliminated. The world needs them as they are, not hidden behind a facade. Receive yourself and love yourself.

The strength of their souls

You have the strength to do it all. But the force is not in the small self, but in the Infinite Being, its true self.

The Divine is here now. His divine love is activating. Allow divine love. Divine love is not afraid. You in your divine nature are not afraid. Follow the Divine step by step.

It is not about karma. It is about love. Love is beyond karma. Karma can be easily neutralized with love.

You are not here to be a small weak person. They are here to be a centered and enlightened being. Thank you for being who you are.

The belief that they have done something wrong in their past and therefore do not deserve happiness now - it is not the Truth. You deserve happiness now.


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The messenger is Connie Huebert

The transcript is from Susannah

Thank you Susannah for the translations of the Divine Mother.

Divine Mother ~ Love of Self

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