M. Hilarion - Weekly message from June 5 to 12, 2016

  • 2016


During these days, life has assumed a period of receiving downloads, processing downloads, integrating downloads and assimilating and integrating energy; your days are full of this. Time passes either quickly or slowly, depending on the needs of the moment. Many things happen to your observant consciousness. What has been maintained in the astral bodies of Humanity is coming to the surface and is being cleaned; This is the great purge. Most of the Humans are ready to move forward, you have made this choice. Now it is a matter of doing the job, being consistent and persistent, doing everything necessary to see it reach the end.

Sometimes life seems like a dream. Everything that is happening around you has the element of the unreal; and it is because you are experiencing greater clarity as you remove from your Being all the concepts and perceptions to which your society has conditioned you . Reality, the true Spirit, works in each of the simple but eternal principles and basic precepts. In the physical world, the mind is the builder or the destroyer. Depending on the decision you make, either catapult you forward by taking a big leap, or you feel stuck in a quagmire of recurring ways of thinking that are recycled, which are trying to help you see what you still don't fully love.

In the general perspective Dear, all that is well. Be patient with everything that is happening. It is a difficult time for everyone on the Planet ; and it's easy to get discouraged. When this happens, just rest a little from the fray, for calling it that; and give yourself a time of renewal to recover your strength, your balance and your optimism. Then you can return invigorated and fully able to resist any low form of thinking that reaches your sphere of activities. When life has no joy or laughter, it becomes difficult to discern life's lessons . When the mind is full of laughter and humorous thoughts, all charges become much easier to carry.

Look for your highest vision; declare your intention: "I wish to incorporate the God of my Being" ; and do it 10 times every night before bedtime. Your Divine Essence seeks you to confirm this, seeks this recognition that you want a greater connection. You will begin to receive daily guidance on the next step to take on your path; And you will always be protected. When this intention becomes your second nature, then you are aligned with the choices corresponding to your greatest and highest good. Your Divine Essence wants to experience the best that this World has to offer.

Sometimes, more Light comes into your field of consciousness through a time of darkness and misleading your path. It is important that you look for the lesson in each event that you observe or that you are part of: “What do I need to learn from this experience? Why am I feeling this way, what triggered it? ”These questions will lead you to discern what you may have missed before; and maybe you even get a totally different perspective that helps you solve that. Your Divine Essence directs life and its events as a mirror for your Soul, which shows you a better and more empowering direction; don't be afraid to look at him. You have all the resources you need to overcome any obstacle that may temporarily block your progress.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion.

TRANSLATION: Jairo Rodríguez R. Energy and Spiritual Consulting

AUTHOR: Marlene Swetlishoff

SEEN AT: http://www.jairorodriguezr.com/

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