KRYON: "Predictions for the Next Generation

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of the Magnetic Service.

There will be those who will say that this is not possible. There are always those who say that a Human Being could never do something like what you are witnessing. Again, I tell you that those who have the energy with the talent to see colors will know that this is real. Checking the invisible is difficult for the 3D mind, because you expect to see 3D things to prove what is not visible in 3D, isn't it? Because this is the voice that has been with you all day [the Human voice], and it is the voice of my partner [Lee]. Although it is the voice of a Human, it is suddenly supposed to be the voice of a being that is beyond the veil! Again we tell you that this, in fact, is like that, and it is not something strange or something strange. Because those of you who can feel the energy, know that right now it is increasing, since this is the voice of home. It is a voice like no other voice, because it has a third language connected to it. It speaks to the Human heart, to the Higher Self of each one of you.

Let it be known that these words contain the truth. May they not reach your ears and mind, but rather that they reach your heart. Let them be interpreted by that part of you that we call the Higher Self. That way they will feel more relaxed with all this.

I am Kryon and I know where I am. It is not strange that I speak to humanity in this way, nor is it strange that I speak to you, who are reading and listening in this way. They are reading my words and I know who is doing them. So this message is also for you who are outside the time frame of those who are listening with your ears in 3D time. Because this message is timeless, and is a continuation of what we had before [in Laguna Hills, California]. Two weeks ago, we gave them a message, a channel called "Current Events". We talked about what you had done and we talked about the energy of the moment. Now we want to continue and talk to you about the energy of what it could be.

Let's start with the story of what has happened. But we are not ready to start teaching - not yet. There are those who do not believe that this is happening. "This is a Human Being who is pretending, " they say. Their minds tell them: "All this is not for me." They look at the clock. They wonder at what time the meeting will end. I know who you are, dear. You are loved beyond measure, dear, just like everyone else. I would like to give you a direct message: When you leave this place full of disbelief, the same number of angelic beings who will date the healer will come out with you! Do you understand? And the reason for your disbelief, dear Human Being, is that you do not want to open that bottle of spirituality that you carry in you, because it was not easy when you opened it the last time. It didn't end well, right? It is much easier to ignore it this time. But you find yourself in a meeting like this feeling complete and total disbelief. Well, you can join the ranks of those who, like my partner, sat in countless amounts of these meetings full of disbelief - until the seeds of truth began to make sense to him and then grow, in his own time, with his own logic, in his own heart.

This is the beauty of the free will that the Human Being has, who can choose to open the spiritual jar of his own DNA, or not. Bless you, incredulous, because I know your name and it is beautiful, and you will see me again. When you do, you will not be judged. No one at all. We have told you before that you sit in a place that is magnificent due to the moving possibilities it offers. What it could be is! Let me show you what you have before you. Right now!

If you take a look, a snapshot, to the place where the magnetic attributes of the planet are located and where we said they were going, they will discover that they are right at the point where we said they would be. They correspond to a changed planet. Because when I arrived in 1989, the magnetic attributes of the grid were not as they are now. We inform you that there was the possibility of change and here it is. We told them that it was possible, in fact probable, that the magnetic grid would move over a 12-year cycle, and it happened.

The grid moved properly, not because God considered it appropriate, but because mankind did it. It was the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, which established on earth the order for magnetism to change position, and Human consciousness moved with it. Humanity attributes this to some super power from beyond, and does not understand that it has that power at the collective level. Even while sitting in this place, you don't know that you can move mountains, but that's the way it is.

Therefore, the magnetism changed and you can see it today and verify that the point where you are now is perfect. Because this is the attribute that communicates with your DNA and is what you should have at this time. The tools they have on hand are very, very different from those they had when they were born. That is why some of you are here. Some of you think: This is the energy that I have been waiting for, and you are right. It is. Some of you consider that This is the energy of the turn and of the change, and you are right. It is. And if you would like more evidence about magnetism, I will tell you, go to science. Find out some things and check the variations of the past few years. You will see that what I told you in 1989 is already here.

Watch this: The sun's heliosphere is changing. What are you doing right now? Where is he now? If you do some research, you would be surprised to discover that you have never reached such a low point. The heliosphere of the sun, that is, the magnetism of the sun, had never reached such a low point on the planet. It is much smaller than it was when you were born, just like the magnetic grid. Because if they measure the gauss units of the grid, they will discover that it has weakened. It is more limited. Like the magnetic energy that comes from the sun. Dear Human Beings, all this happens for a reason. It is because the magnetic attributes are being tuned clearly and elegantly to communicate with your DNA, just as we told you. Go find what we tell you. Have a look. You cannot deny that we told you this would happen. They could say that it becomes our record of the prediction trajectory. However, it is really a record about what you have created for yourself on the planet.

It is magnificent, is it not true? See what humanity has done for humanity. And it begins with the Lighthouses of Light, like those who are in this room, like those who are reading and listening to this. You have to understand that these are the things we told you were potentially feasible and possible to manifest for those who have enough light to radiate it in dark places. These things are not granted so that they can convert someone to their belief system, or so that there are those who attend these meetings or sit in these chairs. It is not for many more people to read these words, but rather for the light to spread across this planet so that others can see the darkness and discover what they must discover.

If you look at the consciousness of the planet and what we have called Indigo Children, you will see that they are the children of the new consciousness. Call them however you want. How do you explain the presence of these new Humans? When we told you that the consciousness of humanity will change and now you see so many children in so many countries speaking many languages ​​and that, in fact, they are very different, what do you think about it? ? What is a coincidence? Ask the parents, ask the teachers. A worldwide phenomenon is occurring. Children are different, dear ones, because they have to be in order to create what comes next. It is already here. What we told you was possible is already here.

Look at what they have achieved recently. I now turn basically and mainly to the Americans who are here, who listen, who read, since this is their country. Once again, I remind you that you have accomplished the impossible: You have chosen an Indigo leader. To have the possibility to think differently - to think outside the box of the usual policy that one might have expected. This would not have been possible 20 years ago, and we have mentioned it before. What they have done is establish the possibilities of what we always saw coming. Let me tell you, dear ones, that you could never never graduate in those places where we told you that you would be without this man's contribution. He arrived at the right time and you put him in that position at the right time and we saw him coming.

Go find what we said, because you can find it in the channeling of Kryon's words. Eight years ago we told you that there would be Indigo leadership and that the possibility was great. Look for her! Because that shows you that the possibility was there and you made it. What this should indicate to you is that eight years ago, the possibilities of the direction they were taking were clearly seen, because they were very strong. While there will be those who say they can never have peace on earth, I answer that the possibility is great and that they will! Although they claimed that you would never put a man of color in the presidency, they did!

Let me present the panorama of some of the possibilities and show you where you are going, because you have earned it: When you arrived on this earth, each of you had a karmic imprint. It comes with the system. The ancients who explained to them about karma are correct, since, in fact, it is the system. It is the energy system of unfinished business and always will be. But in this new energy, we also told you 20 years ago that you can cancel it completely. The system remains the system because most of humanity wants to conserve it. Most of humanity is using it and will continue to do so, but you don't have to.

Twenty years ago, they laughed and made fun of the idea that their karmic imprint could be nullified. Twenty years ago we told you that you could change your astrological imprint. Go find it. That's how powerful the Human Being is within this new energy. Those things that print his personality with attributes that seem to create who they are are all modifiable. So today's teaching [in the previous seminar] to take advantage of Akasha, that is, to go and get the things that you have gained in a previous expression [life], can be done. Remember that you have not always had the astrological sign you have now. How would you like to choose the one that best suits what you are today as Lightworkers? Can be done! It is in their DNA since Akasha is in their DNA. It is the beginning of the use of the tools we predicted. Those are the things that many of you will begin to learn to achieve in this era, things that were only for the ascended, for the masters of past history. However, here they are in this new energy of change, with the ability to carry them out.

We have talked about this new Akashic tool many, many times in recent months. My partner has put this together as I told him to do, and will begin to teach it, even more deeply and finite than he did today. Lightworkers have to know. Eventually they will have to claim it. I will tell you why, because the Lightworker is going to need these tools to survive, to stay longer on the planet, to get out of fear, and to get out of the drama.

Now, I would like to tell you that when you release all those attributes, the things you wish to manifest will come. Literally, fear, frustration, the combination of what they brought with you, is what prevents you from opening the door [the spiritual door to your Higher Self]. Those are the same things, that when you get rid of them, they manifest what you need. Maybe their idea of ​​what they need is related to the work they think they should do? Perhaps what they want to manifest in this part of their life is what they are passionate about? It will only come if they make an internal change, the change we have talked about. These are the new tools of this time and the ones we are beginning to teach.

Now, I'm going to tell you that all this is going to be taught for a long time because there are many who need it and need to listen to it. There are those who say: “Well, what will happen in the future? Give us an idea, Kryon. What is going to happen? Where is all this going? what are the possibilities?"

I am going to give you some of the possibilities related to the Human manifestation for the next two generations. Therefore, those possibilities could occur within approximately 50 years. I am going to give you some of the possibilities that are coming great and most likely, because it is so. Regardless of what they believe is happening on this planet, the Human Being of the new consciousness will play an important role in his future. Consider this: every child born has an Indigo imprint [new energy]. The magnetic grid of the planet is doing that, because it not only speaks to its DNA, but it establishes the energy of those who are being born. That's why the magnetic grid changed. Millions of children are growing up with a different consciousness than what you had when they were born.

When they grow up and start teaching [Indigos contacting Indigos], they will see a turn and a change. And it may also be interesting. It is not what they expect. Because there are even struggles between them and that means that even they will disagree about the proper way to bring compassion to the planet. Can you imagine that? Disagreements about how to bring passion to the planet! Integrity of compassion! Some will want to speed it up. Others will believe they can buy it. So what we are trying to tell you is this: There are problems even among them and you will also see struggles between them. Until that calms down, many things will remain stagnant. Is it so different from anything new that has come? The answer is no.

I would like to remind you, dear Lemurians, how long it took you as Human Beings, in an initial situation, to begin to even understand things such as honesty and integrity. It was not easy for them. They are not natural, as they must develop. They represent the essence of responsibility and the parts of the divinity that they have within their DNA. You do not start that way, with maturity of culture or economy. Rather, they grow towards it. Cultural attributes must be learned, and you did. It took them a long time, however, here they are in another stage of learning evolution.

It will take a while for the new energy to take hold. In the process it will not always seem that there is synchronicity in equality, in attitudes, or in the singular way of thinking. Do not worry about it. Allow it to develop, as it will, and the truth will seek its highest level and the things that should be on the cusp, will reach that point. That will be the biggest difference between the present and the past.

Let me tell you something: The first thing you will see in the next two generations is the change in things you never thought would change. Many of those who are listening to this will say that what I am going to tell you is impossible, because it is a change in the basic nature of the human being. How do you treat each other? What do they think of each other? What do you think is right and appropriate? What is the first reaction to the challenge? Does the drama, jealousy? That which is not adequate in life will be moderated. Those elements represent duality, and that duality is changing.

In two generations the day will come when things will not be what they are today. Eventually that will be reflected in leadership within governments. Leaders will be chosen because of their compassion for those around them, for their good ideas for those around them and not just because they are popular or charismatic. Can you imagine such a change?

Can you imagine a change in common sense? You say, "Well, wait a minute, Kryon, common sense is common sense." No, it isn't. Common sense is dynamic: it is simply your concept of what works naturally within a current consciousness. What happens when a consciousness changes? So do common sense attributes. I will tell you that in 50 years, if you could attend some meetings of what they think common sense is, you would be scared. It literally challenges what they believe will happen. See what has happened to the US In the last 30 years: Look at what you have been able to discuss openly, talk about it and change. See what you have just done with your country against all the odds of the previous "human cultural nature". Now, do it again! Amplify it. I will tell you this, that the whole concept of Human nature and common sense will change and will also change the goal, the very goal of your being.

Expect a slow change in planning your goals as you know them. Because now you set your goals as something you want to achieve, then those who are in the self-help industry will tell you that if you want to get there, you have to visualize yourself there. That will change. They could say, “Kryon, what will it be like if we can't visualize what we want to be? It should be that way, otherwise, how are we going to get to that point? ”What if they don't visualize what they want, but rather they visualize a concept about which they have no idea? “Kryon, how can that work? Visualize what we don't know? How can that work? ”

How about a society that is taught the following: Setting a goal is when a Human Being stands before itself and other Human Beings and says: “I want my goal to be one in which I end up in the perfect situation of synchronicity, whatever it may be, that improves myself and those around me. ”Can you imagine how that fits into a society, a culture, where Human Beings recognize from the beginning that they want to fit into the appropriate puzzle, that Is that of creation? Set goals: Not visualizing a scenario, but an energy, the energy of the appropriate. That's where they are going.

Could it be that Human Beings develop to that point? Oh, Human Beings, look at what you have accomplished in the last 30 years. Imagine what you could achieve in the next 50. Consciousness is moving rapidly. Human nature is changing. Common sense is changing. The goals are changing.

Let me present another possibility: Against all odds and thousands of years of history, even the spiritual attributes of what they call the religions of the planet will begin to change and moderate. They don't have to look very far in relation to what is called organized religion to understand that some of the main players on the planet are in trouble. It is because what they teach stinks of old energy. It is not applicable to real life, in the way young people see it, and that is why young people flee their role as church parishioners. You cannot see the reality of life in all that. They do not consider the doctrines to be necessary or true. They consider them obsolete. Look for it, because it is evident even now.

Organized religions will begin to change. Some of them will even move away from the mythology they have been teaching for thousands of years. Instead, they will begin to focus on fundamental problems and seek the truth, which will attract young people again. Ideas about God will be presented that will make sense for the new generation. Organized religion will prosper, but it will prosper based on an integrity that it had never had before. Many of you didn't want to hear that, but it's the truth of the possibilities. It is also an appropriate possibility, because most of the planet will not believe the same as you, nor will you read words like these. However, most of the planet seeks God in its own way, and will need to have hope within its own belief that God is current and wise. It is a snapshot that covers two generations of everyone on the planet about the religions they practice and what they consider appropriate and not appropriate. This will change.

I mentioned it before. Watch what the new Pope does. "Kryon, there is no new Pope." Oh, really? It depends on the moment you read this, and when you do and there is a new Pope, observe. Because that person is going to have to make massive changes if their system is expected to keep their church ... and they could do it. When that man sits in the chair, there is the possibility of massive changes. There must be, to maintain the systems they have.

That is what is before you. It has to do with the cleanliness of the integrity of all things within your society. What have you seen in the last three weeks? How many leaders have been overthrown because of what has been discovered? Have you noticed? Is there anything contagious that is happening with integrity issues? [Smile] The answer is yes. It is time, and you know it. Let me tell you, there are three more leaders who are trembling in their shoes while we talk. You'll see. It's time to confront them regarding these issues, isn't it? And they are doing it.

I will say this because there are those who need to hear it, listen to it and read it: Do not fear what is happening in your country, Americans. At this time, with the possibilities taking their place, I guarantee that these things will happen and that there will be a time when they will look back and say, "Thank God we already left that behind." When decisions are made based on integrity, which represent their main economic problems, will make an economy grow that makes sense. Right now and if you have not noticed, the rules are changing in all fields. So while it seems that everything is getting worse and worse, they are trying to decide what to do from moment to moment to be able to save this and save that, but it will correct itself if they use integrity. What they are doing is pruning their economy. When it grows back, it will be much stronger than it was before.

The system will work better. Eventually there will be more jobs than ever. It will work! Are you going to take a moment to remember that this is what we saw? What did we tell them would come? We even mentioned the first institution that would fall and it did! You can read all this in the works of Kryon that have been published and celebrate it. I will repeat it one more time, I challenge you to celebrate your recession! You can do it? They will leave her behind. History will consider it as an economic renaissance. It will be given a name that has not yet been heard, that has not yet been granted, and that has the energy of that idea. It is a revival of the American economy - a reboot so significant that it will shape the way of doing business over the next two generations and create for others a model on how to do it.

Within two generations, the biggest competitor on Earth will have come up with a huge economy that will belong to it, one that will even rival that of China. Regardless of what China does, regardless of the number of people they have, this new economy will compete successfully - because China is slow to move and must plow through its own historical consciousness to get to that point.

There is a whole continent ready to be healed. It is plagued by wars and civil strife at this time and has been that way since you were born. He is ill at this time, but he will not remain ill forever. Millions and millions of people are involved, although they don't know it yet. Because like almost everything else, it goes against all odds.

What happens when they heal a continent? You will see it, because it is about to be healed. When it is, those who are there will discover that they can build an economy as good as yours, because you have set the norm! They are going to start watching you. We are talking about Africa. We are talking about the potential of a group of states, which will eventually emerge under the name of The African Union [or something similar]. It is going to be a bigger conglomerate even than the United States, made and modeled in the same way, with an economy created in the same way. Millions will get involved almost instantly.

What they solve here, in their recession, is what they will observe as the energy with which they will begin. This is different from other emerging economies. Many of them begin and grow and go through all the mistakes you made during your growth. But the Africans will not go through the turns of those 200 years as you did. They will see the US and they will take what you teach them. This "healed continent" will want what you have. They are going to want to have their own wealth and they are going to want to have their own banking system that is free primarily from greed. They are going to want to have all the things that make a society great, and they will have no problem finding the necessary funds. Many are waiting to create a new society where there are borrowers for business and housing. Once you have millions and millions of people who are no longer in survival mode, they will want houses, schools, factories and land. Be aware. It is unavoidable. It will begin to happen while you are still here. Look at what has happened in China, despite having a non-capitalist government; Now, amplify that idea for Africa.

“Well, Kryon, you haven't addressed the big issue. Terrorism. ”I guess they think Kryon doesn't know he's here? I will give you information that you did not expect to hear. They will not defeat terrorism with terrorism, ever. They will not overcome a force of the old energy with the force. It just won't work. Try it They will fail every time. While extinguishing a fire, another will appear elsewhere. It is the perpetual failure.

I will tell you how they will overcome it: They will defeat it with the new consciousness of the new humanity. The time will come on this planet, not too far away, in which one's own awareness of the concept of terrorism will not be attractive to the Human Being, because he will have learned. The less it works, the less there will be. Because the desired result will no longer be obtained ... and not continuing to create it is common sense. It won't even create fear! Rather it will create dislike, even among those who used to feel that it was the only way. Do you understand what I say?

There will also be a revival of a very ancient oriental religion and a respect like never before. The time will come when the idea of ​​"killing in the name of God" will be considered barbarism. Instead, the idea of ​​Eastern religion will be to evangelize around it with systems that work and ideas that create harmony and attract converts.

Tolerance will begin to take hold, especially since young people will become leaders and these young people will have a conceptual plan that is very different from that of the old energy. They will know for sure that violence does not create peace. The fundamentalists of many other religions, who have previously made themselves known because of their violent customs, will also begin to discover that violence does not create new converts - only harmony will. Based on what you have seen, you believe this is crazy, isn't it? That will start to change. Give it time. But it will not happen without the Lightworkers, dear ones.

We are going to use an expression of their culture, my partner gives it to me, “What happens under the hood, nobody sees it.” That is you. Because, as is known, the more light they put on this planet by keeping in touch with their Higher Self, staying longer, collecting their Akasha, the more light they will put on the planet so that the rest can see what was once in the dark . Is that how it works. This is how it has always worked and now they are beginning to define it. That way you will understand why they are here.

This is the beginning of an intersection of energies and you are right in front of it, dear ones, and you are here for that reason, each one of you. Listen: there are in this room, and among those who are reading this, who have experienced horrors in this last year. I want to tell you that I know who you are. There is an expression, "Iron is sharpened with iron." Like the blacksmith who hits the piece of iron while it is red hot so that it becomes a tool when it cools, you are being shaped. Then that tool goes and makes other tools and they make other tools. We know what they have been through and we congratulate them for going out to the other side with their brighter light than when they started.

I know my family and they are here. I know the problems of those who are here. I know the possibilities that exist at this time. Así que les digo, queridos Seres Humanos que viven en 3D, tomen todas las nuevas dimensiones y confíen en ellas. Confíen en lo que no se ve. No imaginen lo que existe allí basados únicamente en las tres dimensiones en las que nacieron. Empiecen ahora, estableciendo la energía de lo que es apropiado, situándose dentro del rompecabezas de la sincronicidad y afirmando, “Dondequiera que llegue estará bien, porque eso ayudará al planeta.” Es lo que hicieron los maestros, y siguen haciéndolo.

Este es el mensaje de este día. No puedo partir sin decirles que esto es muy personal para ustedes. Al empujar esa puerta hacia su Yo-Superior, lo que sea que eso signifique para ustedes, y estén solos, sentirán a su familia que empieza a desplegarse ante ustedes. Van a sentir a la familia que fluye hacia su vida y que permanecerá con ustedes en todo momento. Nunca, jamás estarán solos y nunca se sentirán solos. Ahí es donde resido, porque yo soy su familia.

And so it is.


Translation Margarita López

Enita Zirnis Z edition.

“Predicciones para la Próxima Generación”
Kryon channeled live by Lee Carroll
St. Augustine, Florida
13 de Diciembre de 2008

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