White Eagle and Snow, by Sijah Sirius

  • 2013


Heyahoohee Heheei Heyahoohehee Heheheeeei

I am White Eagle, I was a chief of the Sioux tribe, of the natives of North America. Today I present to all of you Children of the One, and souls with roots of the North American Indians. Thank you for your welcome in the Peace and Harmony of Mother Earth.

Today, I am also in the company of the Snow Star, bringing all the Vibration of the Vibral Light rooted to Mother Earth. Today I bring you strength, connection, and deep roots with Mother Earth. Making of you a Fire totally Present and incarnated right here on Earth.

Peace and Communion with Mother Earth is now crucial to make the trip together - You at the same time as Earth - as it is now, at this time of Ascension. The drums resonate with the Heart of the Earth and in your Hearts. Grace and Communion in the manifestation of all the Kingdoms of the Earth, recovering the Vibration of the spheres of Eternity.

Our people, our culture was always deeply rooted and connected to the Soul of the Earth, and of all the Beings that live there. Today we offer you this connection, this security, and this welcome from Mother Earth, when you live according to your Heart.

We have been aware for a long time, thanks to oral tradition, of ancient information related to cycles at the terrestrial level. And also the end of a cycle announced by certain stars and celestial events, announcing the change of cycle and the new trip of the Earth, its reconnection to the Galactic Time. Somehow we have been Guardians on the surface of a certain form of consciousness, also linked to our relationship with the intra-terrestrial cities of North America.

Today the Energy that emanates from the Heart of the Earth, radiates to the surface, is a Grace and a Joy. Take advantage of Being and Being in the Present, in the Heart of Hearts, in the Heart of the Earth.

(Earth Heart Vibration)

All the elements are manifesting in their maximum splendor and magnificence. Creating as you know the new Ether here on Earth. The Earth recovers its Sacred Vibration, in re-activation of all its Chakras and Points, just like you.

Dance, Song and Drum, expressing the Heart, have always been part of our tradition. So, feel our connection with the Earth, integrate the Vibration, simply at the reception, of the power of the Roots of the Earth, totally connected to Heaven.

Simplicity and Humility, much Simplicity in these times so accelerated, so intense, now express Peace and the greatest silence, which for a long time could not be experienced due to the noise that enveloped the Earth.

Simplicity and acceptance, Humility, your surrender to Fire, of all complaints, of all resistance, is the only way to pass through the Narrow Gate, abandoning the Light. For many wills of Light and works that you do, if you do not take the step of abandoning yourself to the Light, of burning at the stake all your fears, all your insecurities, and pretensions ... Until you do not make a good fire and give your Heart to the Fire, the Light cannot occupy your Temple.

Today all the Vibration is Here, all the Energy of the 4 Elements and the fifth are Here, in these very magnificent moments of the Dimensional Translation. So take advantage of this experience, Joy and Laughter will be the fruits of your Absolute Consciousness.

Your Inner Translation, the Return and Return to the inter-dimensional connection and perception, is now in the process of opening, prefiguring your new state of Vibration.

Listen to the drums of the Earth, the drums make the Heart beat! Announcing the Great Party: Inner songs and dances surface, special rains, special sun rays, and special scents now run through Mother Earth.

We give you your Crown of Feathers, your Crown of 12 Stars. We paint you with the Dance Paintings, which are your Gifts to the Light. Bring the bag with aromatic herbs, stones and crystals, which are of your emanation and irradiation.

White Eagle and Snow are in communion with all of you. Approach the Heart of the Earth, that is the Heart of One, and within you, the Center of the Center. The inner look is the deepest, the reversal and the Consciousness Turn are close.

Stay in Peace and Joy, you are blessed and consecrated, you are eagles that plan, eagles of the Heart of One, with your Vision and your Heart unify the Truth of the Law of One. All the Love of the Earth, and of our Brothers Galactic accompanies them.

Heieeeehee Heieee Heheiee Heieei

Source: http://cordefoc.blogspot.com.es/

Translation Pierre Diaz

White Eagle and Snow, by Sijah Sirius

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