Bach flowers: Rock Rose (Heliantem)

  • 2018

We travel through one of the great alternative therapies. We will know what are the benefits of the flower known as Rock Rose, belonging to Bach flowers . This is one of the many floral remedies that this European doctor discovered more than 70 years ago and that has a series of benefits for human health that everyone should know. Therefore, now without further delay, the journey begins.

What is Rock Rose, also known as Heliantem

The Bach Rock Rose Flower is the right remedy for those people who fear invades and paralyzes them . These people are beset by fear and want to run for liberation, but their fear prevents them from acting.

The characteristic negative state of Rock Rose is usually caused by an extreme situation such as an accident, a sudden illness or a surprise assault. When the person comes to experience extreme feelings of helplessness and paralyzing fear, total negativity appears.

Rock Rose negative status

According to Doctor Bach himself, Heliantem is particularly indicated for those people who are very scared or terrified, and that their condition has reached such extremes that it affects those around them.

In the negative Rock Rose state, the personality is extremely threatened in the psychic aspect and quite often also the physical.

The perfect image of the Heliantem person is that of the fugitive who intends to escape along the border . He knows that the terrain is undermined and that the reflectors sweep the area at regular intervals, and that he can now hear the barking of the dogs that have come out in search of him ...

He has his heart in his mouth and looks like a stalked creature. Crazed by fear, run and run in search of salvation.

Bach Rock Rose Flower fights this extreme type of negative expression .

In the same way, that person who has experienced a sudden illness in some member of his family, who has made him fear the worst of the results, needs Rock Rose. It would also be advisable, in these cases, to be provided to all the people around you.

Rock Rose benefits

The administration of the Bach Rock Rose Flower manages to free the personality from the agonizing paralysis that suffers permanently and gradually allows the negative state to become positive.

The energy that this flower releases is of such magnitude that it can turn a paralyzing terror into a courage that can reach heroic traits, it is capable of mobilizing enormous hidden forces that make human beings exceed their own limits.

It is an unusual courage that makes a mother manage to stop with her own hands a vehicle that was going to run over her child, who played distracted and oblivious to all danger. It is also the courage of the combatant that drives him into battle, even knowing the superiority of the enemy.

The positive state of Rock Rose provides courage and calmness to the mood . A person characteristic of this state stands out in any emergency situation for his selfless, calm and safe attitude.

Its improvements have been noted, according to the doctor, when using the flower as an additional resource in the conventional treatment of heat stroke and heat stroke.

It is good to remember that Rock Rose treats acute cases and that one should always keep in mind that they are transient moods and that they require immediate attention.

Seen in The Journey of the Hero, by Pedro, editor of the White Brotherhood

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