Algotherapy: health and beauty treatments with seaweed

  • 2018
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In the text that concerns us here, we are going to know what Algotherapy is and what benefits it can bring to health, since, although it focuses mainly on aesthetic issues, it also This alternative therapy for various problems is very advantageous.

What is Algotherapy

Algotherapy is a wellness therapy that uses seaweed to treat esthetic problems, but it also provides health benefits.

Algae promote the elimination of toxins, stimulate blood circulation, but also reduce fatigue, help eliminate fat deposits and delay the symptoms of aging.

The use of seaweed can be external and can also be used as food, as it provides a wide variety of nutrients necessary for health maintenance .

Algotherapy for health and aesthetics

Algae contain a large amount of nutrients in high concentrations and therefore constitute a superfood . Not only do they help improve skin conditions, but they strengthen the immune system, maintain health and vitality.

Seaweed contains vitamins, proteins, amino acids, trace elements and minerals such as iodine, magnesium, potassium, iron, selenium, zinc, among others.

These nutritional elements are also absorbed by our skin through the pores, providing great benefits aesthetically.

Algae have moisturizing, toning and regenerative properties . In addition, an improvement in blood circulation provides many benefits in the dermis, unclogs pores and helps treat cellulite.

What algae are used in algotherapy?

One of the classifications of seaweed is its color. There are four different colors of algae and that will depend on its components, as well as the depth of the sea where the species grew and developed.

Blue algae

Among this type of algae is Spirulina, considered a superfood and especially recommended for stimulation and recovery of the immune system. This seaweed contains more than 250 different elements, with a very high percentage of proteins.

Blue algae for external use moisturize and regenerate the skin.

Green algae

There are approximately 7, 000 kinds of different green algae with differentiated characteristics. This type of algae is found in inland waters and is used primarily for cosmetic treatments.

Brown algae

Brown algae are characteristic for their shape and color . They live in temperate or cold waters and are usually fixed to the bottom or attached to other algae.

These seaweeds are very rich in amino acids, vitamins and have a great variety of minerals.

Red algae

There are more than 4000 species of red algae, which grow in almost all the seas of the world. One of these algae, the Delesseria, is widely used in cosmetics because of the countless benefits it provides.

Algotherapy treatments

Algotherapy treatments are considered wellness therapies, as they provide a wide variety of benefits. The external use of algae revitalizes the skin, but also helps solve dermatological and other problems related to vitality and lack of energy.

Algae therapy helps detoxify the body through the skin, also provides trace elements that rejuvenate the skin and improve the conditions of patients with dermatological problems.

The improvement of blood circulation has various effects on health, well-being and beauty . But seaweed also helps eliminate fat deposits, which extends the benefits from an integral point of view.

Algotherapy reduces muscle fatigue and strengthens the immune system, helping to prevent infections and diseases and increasing energy and vitality.

Seen in Fitness Guide, by Pedro, editor of the White Brotherhood

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