Bach flowers: Scleranthus (Scleranto)

  • 2018
Table of contents hide 1 Sclerantus: what it is for and what it is within Bach flowers 2 The negative state of the Scleranthus flower 3 Negative characteristics of Scleranthus 4 Benefits of the Bach flower Scleranthus 5 Recommendations for Scleranthus people

Next, we invite you to enter our side in the world of alternative therapies. Do you know what Bach flowers are? On this website you will be able to find all the detailed information about this powerful natural medicine. In the article that concerns us here, we have to talk about Scleranthus . What is this potent floral remedy used for? We will discover it shortly.

Sclerantus: what's it for and what's inside Bach's flowers

The Bach Scleranthus Flower is especially indicated for those people who are unable to decide between two things . First they lean in favor of one of them and then in favor of the other.

Generally, they are calm and quite quiet people who carry alone with their difficulty, since they have no interest in talking with anyone. Unconsciously, they prefer to continue in their line of thinking and eternalize the lack of decision.

The negative state of the Scleranthus flower

All Scleranthus people lack balance and serenity . They have a mood that fluctuated from here to there and in their conversations with those around them they jump from one point to another, from one conversation to another.

They experience extreme attitudes of joy and sadness . In a moment they feel total energy and instantly deep apathy. They feel optimistic at this moment, and the next instant deeply pessimistic. They can go from laughing to crying very quickly, surprising everyone around them. It is as if they were the eternal young children, who pass it a pipe, and then have a strong tantrum. They are somewhat volatile and childish personalities.

These types of attitudes make Scleranthus people very unreliable, since they lose and waste time and opportunities because of their permanent indecision.

Undecided people need Scleranthus . Particularly in those situations in which they must make important decisions and face at least two possibilities.

Negative characteristics of Scleranthus

  • The inner restlessness leads him to deep indecision.
  • Thought constantly oscillates between two possibilities.
  • It is able to express opposite moods. You can go from laughter to crying in a few moments.
  • Because of his constant changes of opinion, he inspires little confidence in those around them.
  • He suffers nervous breakdowns due to the lack of inner balance and the lack of harmony in his thoughts.
  • He does not ask for advice and when in doubt continues to insist on reaching a decision on his own, and thus the problem continues indefinitely.

Bach Scleranthus flower benefits

  • Increase the power of concentration and determination in daily decisions.
  • The inner balance is strengthened and gives more stability in any circumstance.
  • It gradually makes him a more flexible person with the capacity to integrate more and better experiences in his own life.
  • He gets another kind of response from others, because he shows a serene attitude that inspires confidence.
  • Provides decision and certainty in any circumstance to be able to make quick decisions and act quickly in any situation.

Recommendations for Scleranthus people

It is convenient not to overdo it in any situation . Try to avoid extremes and maintain a stable thinking where the alternatives are not drastic or radical.

It is advisable to perform some type of respiratory exercise, which stimulates concentration and maintains attention in the same line of thinking.

It is also advisable, in addition to Scleranthus, to practice some physical activity that requires some skill and balance, such as rollerblading or ice skating, or just go for a bike ride.

Seen in The Journey of the Hero, by Pedro, editor of the White Brotherhood

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