It is Time for the Caterpillar to Accept its Transformation to Butterfly by Arwen

  • 2013


When I wrote my Reflection note at the end of 2012, I named this 2013 as the year of the TRANSFORMATION, I was delighted to see that at the beginning of January, many Channelers also named it that way. He smiled as he knew that the message that spread to the universe had been received by many correctly, but how far it was from thinking that it would be difficult for the Butterfly to leave the darkness of the chrylid and could quickly spread its wings observing the beautiful sky that awaited its flight, which would be difficult to move away from all that past that for centuries gagged the souls and confused the spirit Ritual of human beings. Much was said about the Grand Portal that would bring on December 21, 2012, a number of fantasies full of fear and terror were woven in the Hollywoodense style, which was expected to happen f Just causing panic among many ... Happily this kind of omens no longer made a dent in humanity as they always had, many of us understood that this Great Gate would not come way Physics n that there would be extraordinary etheric and subtle form not manifest in this 3D but in other dimensions that would open before human beings to discover a reality based on who we really are and what we must project ourselves to move forward .. Today many believe that nothing It has changed that everything remains the same, that one day It is the same as another, that there is nothing more, but thanks to the Divinity many more have learned to conceptualize this world, this universe in which we live in a different way and we are anchored in that way, living every moment of our lives based on that conception making this transit and daily learning more bearable that human beings must achieve for that connection with the etheric and Divine It is time that we accept this transformation Once and for all, it is time to give the option a new dawn for Humanity, it is time to sow seeds of Faith again, to believe, to trust, to Love. The land has been prepared for that we do it but it will depend on us if we are ready for it or not. Just the real work begins, the work of worker ants ... a work of light that will need us to UNITE with the sole purpose of BUILDING AND CREATING without regard to races, status, beliefs, religions and others. Yes, unfortunately this will not happen overnight, it will not occur with a movement of a magic wand but with effort and perseverance, let us ask ourselves then if we are ready to achieve it and if we want to do it, if we can see the light that is presented to us or we keep our eyes closed by ignorance and fear that keeps us tied to that chrylid of darkness in which the past locked us in that was just a stage that we should pass to reach this transformation but only on us will depend to know that already that stage is over .. It will only depend on us and nobody else.

With the arrival of the spring equinox, the winds that bring a new beginning have begun the transformation not only on Mother Earth away from it the darkness and the cold of winter, but also in humanity .. "As above it is below" .. "The microcosm in action within the Macrocosm" ... is thus one of the largest churches in humanity has begun a new stage that is expected to be changes and a new restart. A cardinal of Jesuit origin has been placed in the Armchair of Peter and on his shoulders a great load is placed, a work that must remove the dirt and gloom that have buried the true bases on which this church was conceived by the Master Jesus, bases based on HUMILITY AND LOVE, something that many Beings enchanted by her forgot to give free rein to concepts and actions totally remote from their purpose ... But then how to forget and ignore so many facts that have broken down these bases for centuries? It is a question that arises in general to all those who look from the outside and do not share what it became .. It is a question I asked myself yesterday after I witnessed a “discussion” of people “understood in this spiritual transformation ”and as I thought about it I heard these words inside me:

“They are living an Arwen contradiction, how do they talk about returning to unity if they remain anchored in a past and do not live a present of change to build a future that takes them away from the past? ... Is it that human beings can never accept that there must be a beginning for that change? .. that is the part that you must release .. that resistance that occurs to change to see the LIGHT again. . otherwise, you will enter into a true contradiction between what you say and hope to achieve and what really lives in you and that restricts you to achieve it. Not everyone will be ready yet, not everyone will have heard the truth, not all hearts will be able to express what really exists in them .. it is what you call "free will" ... do not judge, time will come to every Being whenever it wants .. the transformation will occur when it is the one who chooses it ... each one will be where it should be ... But as long as you do not judge and DO NOT CONDEMN for what it was .. EVERYTHING must have a beginning, a beginning and this will be IF YOU WANT IT SO ”

These words of my Angel echoed in my mind, so much that I felt the need to rewrite and share this little Reflection. Perhaps not everyone agrees with her, others in part and I think that those who make up this family of Mundo de Ángeles will do it ... it is really what we share here ... work in UNIT ¸ releasing the past and giving us a new opportunity to Start day by day.

Let us support All POSITIVE CHANGE, which to begin with must be initiated with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE ... Let us give the OPTION TO HOPE to forge a beneficial present for ALL and a FUTURE based on the harmony created by the LOVE that there is of Divinity in each Being from this land, ... let's move away the darkness of the past and contribute our grain of sand TRUSTING that everything is starting for the construction of this New World ... we will only achieve it by ceasing to judge a present based on the mistakes of the past ... that he is not ready for it NEVER WAKE up, he is still immersed in his dark chrysalis, he is still immersed in the darkness of that past that dominates him and therefore he will tend to spread it wherever he goes ...

I am not Catholic but I strongly believe in the foundations on which the Master Jesus erected his church, bases that are HUMILITY AND LOVE and I long for them to be unearthed by Francis I, returning to carry that message that was the one that the Master left sown and that the Beings humans forgot and took their personal and selfish convenience ...

“It is not a stone Temple that is needed to find the Father Mother, it is a universal church forged by the best of all beings who understand and accept that the road is the UNITY based on LOVE that exists in our hearts”


ARWEN (Antonella Weisson E.)

Copyright (C) 2011 by Mundo de Angeles y Hadas, Guayaquil-Ecuador.

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