The Morya ~ Brothers is time to move on ...

I the Master El Morya.

Brothers it's time to move on

Dear lightworkers, this channeling is for the beginning of this new phase of light and initiation in all of you

Whoever reads my words in his heart will understand

From the high cities of light, the council has determined by the Will of the Heavenly Father-Mother that the quantum leap is one step away. Central alignment from your heart to the universal cosmic energy.

From the other dimensions we are supporting and activating you with unifying crystals, let yourself be guided by God Father-Mother, your guardian angel always with you

> Breathe 3 times and say ..

From the center of my Being, Heart of God Father-Mother I am one in him, he is in me, vibrant flame of love, light and his divine will.

Everything will be bestowed and blessed, the way of life is said from the center, divine particle of my existence in tune to the Cosmos and Universe of God the Father-Mother.

> I am the divine particle of the Father

> I am the mother's divine particle

> I am divine particle of God Father-Mother

> Under the protection and armies of light and peace, of the angels and Michael Archangel

> I am my divine plan in action

> So be it ..

> Will of God Father-Mother


> Beloved you are always, beloved have been since the beginning of time

> Peace, light and Love in an infinite circle ...

> The Morya.


> Channeling: 11/01/2009 17:40 Buenos Aires - Stella M. Hofman Bang


> Thank you very much for everything !!!

> Kisses and hugs of light

> Stella

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