Who is Master Adama?

  • 2018

Master Adama is the Chief Priest of the city Luz de Telos, which is located in the supraphic and internal planes of the sacred Shasta mountain located in the north of the state of California, in the United States of North America Africa.

The mission of Master Adama, while the transition is taking place in the New Dimension, is to inform about the Changes that take place on Earth, of the Telos Ascent, of the Cities of the Inner Earth and of his Intraterrenos brothers.

It is also your duty to inform the brothers of the Galaxy and the creation of a New Way of Living .

Who is Master Adama?

Master Adama conveys an extremely integrative message as he is always preparing Human Consciousness for a new evolutionary leap.

Together with his Lemuria team and with members and galactic and interplanetary beings, he works on an ascension project for the planet that enhances the Earth's Crystalline Grid .

He is connected to the Ascended Masters, who are the guardians of the 7 Divine Rays, who represent central energies of the Creator for the human being and our planet.

Adama is an Ascended Master of the Blue Ray of universal level, considered a master of compassion and love, for he embodies the "Heart of Lemuria", the heart of love, of compassion, of the return of the consciousness of Christ, of the Mother Divine

He is one of the main leaders of the mission that takes place in Telos, along with the Planetary Christ, Lord Sananda, Lord Maitreya and Lord Buddha, among others.

Adama, leader of the Light City of Telos

Telos means "Communication with the Spirit" and after thousands of years it has managed to become an Interdimensional City of V Dimension, which brings together the remnants of the Lemurian civilization.

It is part of the so-called Kingdom of Agharta, which brings together more than 120 cities of Light in the internal planes of the planet. These cities are inhabited by beings of high vibration and deep spiritual knowledge, obtained from very advanced Galactic Civilizations.

All the cities of Light connect with each other in order to sustain their vibrational energies until the final connection between our humanity and these brothers full of Purity and Love.

On the etheric planes of Shasta, there is also another city of light called the Crystal City of the 7 Rays . In her dwell all Ascended Masters.

Telos and Lemuria

The Age of Lemuria lasted until about 12, 000 years ago, until the sinking of Lemuria and Atlantis, when there were seven large continents on planet Earth. Lemuria was a continent that was in the Pacific Ocean .

Four and a half million years ago, the planet was inhabited by souls who came from the land of Mu in the Dahl Universe, the first to arrive were the Ascended Masters who today help humans.

In their beginnings, the Lemurians were aware of Christ and thus expressed their divinity in everyday life . The Earth was at that time a paradise of great beauty and perfection, without diseases or limitations of any kind, since most lived as bodies of light of 5th dimension and experienced a perfect balance between their masculine and feminine energies, as well as between the mind and the heart.

Over time, that consciousness was lost and the mind was imposed on the heart, its vibration was reduced to the level of the 4th dimension and later to the 3rd dimension, which remains until today.

Telos had a sinking and today the Lemurian city is under Mount Shasta, because before their land disappeared, the leaders preserved their sacred records and treasures, as well as their culture, in this underground city that is in this safe way .

Seen at Lemurian Connection, by Pedro, editor of the White Brotherhood

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