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  • 2017

The Universal pendulum is a very recognized tool in the field of dowsing. There are few laboratories in the world that accurately manufacture this versatile tool. The BAJ laboratory is one of them. Jozef Baj, its founder, spent years investigating in order to offer the community of downers his particular version of this pendulum following the criteria of French classical dowsing.

The training we offer at BAJ Pendulos in the use of the Universal Pendulum is deeply practical and based on the knowledge that has been in Poland for decades of therapeutic work. with this tool

The Online course we offer is solid, clear, concise and accurate allowing you to work with confidence and security with this exciting tool.

You will learn to feel the radiant colors, to diagnose, apply and drain colors in both people and animals and spaces.

You will learn different uses of the pendulum step by step and in a methodical way accompanying you with the videos of the course.

Likewise, in the price of the course we include a 45-minute tutorial via Skype to solve the questions that may arise during the study of the material. You will not be unattended.

The Online Course of the Universal Pendulum is a professional course for therapists and individuals of one of the classic tools of vibratory radiotherapy, ideal for deep work of chromotherapy and energy transformation through The vibrational properties of radistatic colors.

☀ Learn how to use the Universal Pendulum to help you detect and effectively and radically emit radiesthetic colors emanating from this versatile pendulum.

☀ Discover the power of radistatic bands and their implications for our body-mind-emotions and spirit as well as their transforming power.

☀ Learn to make impregnations safely, as well as to eliminate excess of radical color in people, animals and / or objects and situations.

☀ Learn to make a safe self-treatment and professional treatment to other people.

☀ Learn to load substances with the Universal Pendulum, to treat hard-to-reach localized areas, to work in a teleradesthetic mode with the pendulum and much more.

Receive instructions for the use of this pendulum in a professional therapeutic context.


Course Format:

- 8 videos of a total of 2.4 hours with all the steps explained clearly and concisely.

- An exhaustive PDF Manual with explanations of the course, illustrations, protocols and treatments.

- A Skype session with the 45-minute teacher to solve all the questions that may arise during video viewing, reading manuals and suggested practices.

- Diploma in PDF certifying course attendance.

Video Presentation


Barbara, thanks to your online Universal Pendulum course I fully perceive the forces of the universe.

As the saying goes "The good, if brief, twice good" (Phrase of the writer Bastasar Gracían, s. XVII), your videos and manual express it perfectly.

It is an easy course to follow, where you "get to the point" at all times, it becomes enjoyable and at the same time you get the most difficult, which is to maintain continuous interest in this great multi-use tool.

My Universal Pendulum always goes with me, I use it for my good and that of all my relatives, friends and coworkers, your student PJB, Madrid.

Dear Barbara: I was amazed at your peace and confirmed the ease of exposing the topics presented in the course, based on these I generated some questions and you were very kind in clarifying my doubts by this wonderful medium that is technology ... ... to the degree that I finished with them and you had a lot to contribute ... THANK YOU !!!!!!! Without your knowledge and support believe me !!! I would not have thrown myself to even use it and see all the fantastic things that, with the permission of God and the Higher Self together with the spiritual guides, are achieved ... ... in many cases I highly recommend that as I walk in the search for knowledge in the management of Universal Pendulum, pendulums and dowsing, applied to personal healing and the interesting and important courses offered on this page. In Barbara I found a Being of light with this knowledge and generosity in imparting them ... I hope from the heart many will find her like me ... since there is not much in the network of the subject. I have nothing but to thank you infinitely again all your support, knowledge, patience and generosity for me Receive a big hug and affectionate kiss…. God Bless you and I am glad that I have put you on my way !!! Alina, Mexico

“I think this course is very complete to start working with the Universal pendulum, and also to deepen the work. The video material is very good and is reinforced with the detailed manual. Barbara is a great professional, and throughout the course she has immediately answered my doubts and questions, as in the final session on Skype. I am very satisfied with the result. Thank you Barbara for offering us the possibility of doing this work remotely with your immediate presence. ” Julia V.

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