How holism affects your life

  • 2017

If you want to know how the holistic current can affect your life, you have to take into account a series of points. Without a doubt, it is something that is present in everyone's world. But it's good? Is it negative? Today we ask ourselves some questions. But mainly, we want to know how holism affects your life .

How holism affects your life and in what way

And it is that the development of the human being throughout history can also be done through many lives. It is more, in turn it has been separated into different groups. Today, all of them are made up of religions, races and social classes.

It is a disintegration of the society of man. All this through the ambitious search for the overcoming of the human being . However, it is a fact that has increasingly impoverished him in the main themes of his life. Spirituality, thought and meditation seem to go to the background. And, all this, despite being very important for any human.

Through the holistic current, it is considered that the human being cannot break the basic principle of what his form and existence would be . All this, conformed by the body, mind and soul, in its entirety. Since this is what enables the esoteric strength of each of the sciences or disciplines. All this is governed by the signs that nature issues.

It is at that moment, just through the holistic current, that is when you try to integrate these aspects that are essential for each person .

In fact, they are often often carried separately. It is just through the meaning of the word holistic, which comes from the Greek "holos", and which means unification.

How holism affects your life and how it helps you

Basically, it is in the East where holistic achieves its greatest conceptual development. It applies in many of their cultures where the vision that unites the body and the mind in one is the engine of its doctrines .

For example, in yoga, as in a discipline such as holistic, the integration of the human being is sought through the body, mind and soul . It is a discipline that is complete. In fact, it works through the benefits that are obtained through its practice.

The holistic current has found a point of development through alternative medicine . All this with excellent results in other disciplines such as homeopathy, acupuncture, herbalism, Bach flowers, etc.

As in disciplines such as yoga, the holistic current can be seen reflected in other well-known disciplines such as Tai Chi Chuan, Karate, Do-in ... All of them are looking to strengthen the will of the human being through its transformation inside.

In addition, our inner essence is responsible for marking at all times the outer development of the human being. This is also outlined as something fundamental in many of the esoteric disciplines that are sustained on the basis of the strength of the human will.

In holistic discipline, the same importance is attached to the emotional state as to the physical state in order to obtain complete well-being . When we talk about holistic therapy, we talk about finding the root of a problem from all aspects. We refer to a whole that covers every hole of our being. From the physical to the spiritual aspect, holism will improve our lives.

Seen on, by Pedro, editor of the Great White Brotherhood

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