Carmelo Urso - Interview with Caro García

  • 2011


Carmelo Urso: Dear Caro, nice to greet you. First of all, I would like you to give our readers and readers a small personal semblance. Where were you born, where did you grow up, what did you study, etc.

Caro García: Dear friend Carmelo, it is a real honor for me to participate in your blog and share some experiences with your readers.

I was born in the sunny city of Valencia, capital of the Carabobo state in Venezuela, and although I grew up in a Catholic environment, I was linked since I was little to the esoteric sense of spiritual development. My mother, like a good pisces, was always very curious about these issues and in a moment of personal crisis she met a metaphysics teacher who supported her and helped clear her mind. That is why since I was 8 years old I was surrounded by the books of Conny Mendez and the teachings of the Count of Saint Germain. I attended meetings of metaphysics with my mother and sister, and without knowing much what it was, I talked with my friends about the power of the Violeta and Rosa. At fifteen I had already read books about past lives, the third eye, the aura. The books of authors such as Lobsang Rampa, Carlos Castaneda and JJ Benitez were analyzed and discussed at home.

I suppose that all this information that came to me directly and subconsciously, awakened in me the need to search for the topic of personal and spiritual development, but I never thought about dedicating myself to studying it or working it in therapy. Until the book "Reborn of the Soul" by Robert Dezler came into my hands. I started my Spiritual Response Therapy studies with a great teacher and friend. Then a book by Linda Goodman came into my hands. There I discovered numerology and it became my favorite subject; in fact I changed my name from Carolina to Caro thanks to an analysis that I did. At six months I was seeing the favorable results of the change of vibration in my name, so I decided to prepare myself formally in numerology. I had the blessing of running into a great Numerologist who became my teacher, and he is a friend we have in common, Professor Mario Liani. With him I studied and prepared for three years the numerology seminar in Valencia, we are going to the room very soon.

Mario Liani, Kryon Channeler

Almost all the studies I did in the field of therapeutic instruction and spiritual growth were first presented to me as books. That is why I always say that my path as a therapist was guided by my Spiritual Masters. In this way I studied Spiritual Response Therapy, Quantum Medicine, Crystal Therapy, Bach Flowers, Quantum Psychotherapy Techniques, Quantum Medical Aesthetics, Family Medicine, Pythagorean and Hebraic Numerology, Spiritual Support Psychotherapy based on a Course in Miracles, Hooponopono.

I have had many physical and spiritual teachers who have guided me to where I am today. I thank and bless everyone, from my mother who was my first great Teacher to each of my patients, friends and those who listen to my talks and programs, because I learn from them every day. I keep studying and I keep learning.

Carabobo Field, Venezuela

Carmelo Urso: In Venezuela, you develop an intense work as a therapist and promoter of personal growth. I would like to discuss with you some of the workshops you teach. Let's start with what is called "HOW TO LOVE AND NOT DIE IN THE ATTEMPT". What is it about? What's your objective? How does it develop? Who is it for? What is meant by finding “true love”?

Caro Garc a: Well dear friend, each of these workshops, even the talks I do in 3 hours but I will try to summarize them in a few lines, although I find it difficult, because as I already you will have noticed, I really like to explain and detail. ?

I have about a year and a half dealing with relationships and love in my radio spaces. There have been so many questions from my listeners that they forced me to investigate the subject more deeply. Everything I've learned, what I got from information, plus what was taught to me by my spiritual masters, was so deep, it breaks outlines and sharp that it couldn't be expressed. In one hour of program. How to love and not die in the attempt is a workshop talk that aims to erase all the old concepts and awaken to a new reality as to what love is and how it has of being a couple relationship. We begin by discovering how the relationship with ourselves is.

For centuries, men and women have tried to have a stable and happy relationship. Good but according to who's concept of happiness? What about her? Of the grandmother, the father-in-law? From the mother-in-law, single mother who raised 6 children alone? Whose concept is the love and happiness you have?

Who is your concept of happiness as a couple?

After we define this, we work the roles of the couple. The objective is clear, to define the roles of each one, to have the freedom to express ourselves within the relationship as we are. Although it seems obvious, the men and women of these times do not know what their role is in a relationship. That is why they end up usurping the role of the life partner, or the role of the mother of the life partner dad. Thousands of years ago we lost the life manual and we no longer know how to live with another person. What we do is adapt badly to the new situation. In a relationship, we must have the courage to show weaknesses and strengths without fear and trust. But to have the courage to show ourselves, we must first find true love.

true love is what we feel for ourselves when we are innocent children

What I have learned about this is that true love is what we feel for ourselves when we are innocent children. Watch a child, from the moment he opens his eyes until three, four and even five years old, he feels comfortable with himself. Trust who he is and therefore trust the world around him. Observe how a child interacts with others, with adults, with other children; He can fight for a moment and laugh the other madly. They look at the world through what they are, innocence and trust. When a child is altered or "hyperkinetic" it is because in some way there was some adult intervention. For many people children are selfish but in reality they handle the concept of responsible selfishness very intuitively. Innocence of thought and inner confidence are keys to awakening true love, love for yourself. A person who loves, respects and trusts himself is capable of loving others in freedom.

This workshop develops different themes, from love to oneself, following the different vision that men and women have of love, emotional dependence, roles in the couple, fear of commitment, why some women remain alone, what do when a relationship ends, how to start over, know yourself, meet the couple, etc. It is addressed to everyone: men, women, teenagers, married, single, divorced widowers, to all who want to learn to Love without dying in the attempt.

Carmelo Urso: According to your experience, when a person begins to walk the spiritual path, what impact does this have on their relationships? Do they improve Do they get worse? Do they change Tell us…

Caro García: According to what I have experienced, to travel the spiritual path a person must first travel the personal path. He must have fought his internal battle and won.

What does this mean? That must be a person who feels good about himself. Many people confuse personal development with spiritual development. Many others seek to develop their spirit because they think they will feel better about themselves. To begin the spiritual search, a person must feel happy with who they are, have worked their fears, their relationships and have achieved their personal goals. That is when, being balanced in the "I", one can think of the "We" and the goals and projects are directed towards a common well-being to all human beings.

Only by balancing the "I" can one think of the "We"

But when it does not happen in this way and a person seeks to travel the spiritual path in order to develop personally, the path becomes an error. If you don't feel fulfilled on a personal level, you can get caught between “the human and the divine”, developing emotional instability and frustration; This blocks and stops its progress on the path of evolution.

The spiritual path is traveled from detachment and unconditional love, if a person travels from the error their relationship will get worse, because they will be seeking satisfaction outside of themselves and will be misunderstood. The well-being of relationships is a product of personal development work. An accomplished person, fearless and happy, will have a happy relationship because he will attract a happy person into his life.

Relationships improve with personal fulfillment and sublimate on the spiritual path.

Carmelo Urso: You give another workshop called “MY MISSION OF LIFE: BE WHO I AM

Workshop of self-knowledge and assessment of the present moment and the personal moment ”. What do you call "life mission"? Why is it important to define it? And what is the difference between "present moment" and "personal moment"?

Caro García: For most of our lives, human beings suffer the search for life's mission. We hope this is pompous, noble, sublime, or sacrificed just like that of some important characters in the story. A few years ago I also weighed the same way. As much as I struggled in my work, despite helping many people, I felt that I was not fulfilling my life mission. In a magical opportunity in which I felt particularly confused, the book “Success is being who I am” literally fell into my hands (once again the answer through a book).

Although the book had 170 pages, a single paragraph was enough to click on me, so I understood. The paragraph said something like that. “A seed has the potential to become a tree and this is precisely its mission: to update its potential and be what it already is; a tree. We all begin our life as seeds with the same purpose; update the potential with which we are born to be everything we already are. ”

By that time I had been conducting research on the natural gifts with which all human beings are born, and in fact I had already given some lectures on that. That phrase, plus everything else the book had, finished squaring the missing gear. From there, this workshop.

Now, I would not say that the mission of life is to define it, it is not something that arises from the outside, but rather it must be left to emerge from within. For this, we must know, develop and use the natural gifts that were given to us at birth. It is what we learn in the workshop. If we do this, we are already within the mission.

First part of the mission is to know our natural gifts and values, to be who we already are. But are we really who we are? Ah, good question. To have an answer to this we must know the personal moment and the present moment.

The personal moment is the story we live day by day. For example, I am a therapist, I am a mother, I am a daughter, I am a sister, I am a radio program host, I am a speaker, I am a Ninjutsu practitioner, I am a researcher on personal development issues, I am, I am I am. All this and other "I am" more, is what I live moment by moment with my life. I dress as a therapist with my patients, I dress as a mother when I am with my son, etc.

But the reality is that none of that is Me. Those are my social roles with what others identify me; What I really am, what defines me is in my present moment.

The second part of the mission is to enhance the present moment. This moment is the space in which you shed the social roles and wake up the I Am Creator, I am Love, I am Being spiritual with natural gifts, I am Being with the capacity to observe learned behaviors and release them, I am Being with the capacity to be happy. I am One with Everything, I am being that I understand that my life mission is to Be Who I Am. Upon discovering this, you become a lantern so resplendently happy that you radiate light to everyone around you. That is the true mission.

Carmelo Urso: What happens when a person reaches 40, 50 or more years of age without having clarified his "life mission"? What do you recommend?

Caro García: Living within the mission of life does not have a specific age or time, or even an external signal that shows you the way. A person may even be living his mission but does not perceive it because he expects something else. He can have everything to be happy and not be because he is waiting for a Light to come down from heaven to tell him what his mission is. That was necessary in ancient times when we felt separated and thought that God was up there far and we were down here. In times past, lights and angels were needed to come to wake up humans so they knew what they should do. Not now, the signal is no longer outside of us. The most efficient indicative to know if you are in your life mission, is the happiness you feel to be who you are, and that that happiness can emanate from others.

If a person of 40, 50, or 60, or of whatever age, does not feel fulfilled or happy with himself, he has not found “his mission”; What I can recommend is to stop living for the environment and live more focused on the present moment. Observe what you have, what you feel, enhance your personal worth and change what you did not like. Once this is done, you will have enough confidence to inspire other people, then you will be within your life mission.

Carmelo Urso: You teach a workshop called CONNECTING WITH MY PERSONAL POWER Positive and Negative Life Schedules. Recognizing the dark side . What do you understand by personal power? Do we all have a dark side? What does it consist of? Why is it important to recognize it?

Caro Garc : Personal Power is related to one of the natural gifts of the human being, which after the gift of life, is the most important: Freedom and ability to choose.

Personal power is not inherited, it is not bought or studied in the university. It is a spiritual force that is born with every human being and manifests itself through freedom and the ability to choose.

Now the questions will be le Choose what? Anything? No, not anything. We can spend our lives making choices: the career we are going to study, breakfast, the couple, living in one city or another etc. These choices do not need much force, but rather convenience. But personal power awakens when what we must choose has only two options: light or darkness.

You ask me if we all have a dark side and the answer is YES. Every body has light and darkness. As it is above it is below, as it is inside it is outside.

Our dark side consists of everything that frightens us

Our dark side consists of everything that frightens us, that shames us, that makes us suffer: fear, envy, jealousy, resentment, hatred, thoughts of revenge, suicidal thoughts. During childhood they tell us that all these things are bad, that we should not feel them or think them because they are things of the devil. We are so ashamed that we begin to repress them. But repressing is not eliminating. The fact that we do not think about it does not mean that they are not there.

On one occasion I received a message from my spiritual master in which he told me that we are all complete beings: night-day, light-darkness, good-bad. Everything is integrated into us, without one the other cannot exist. The only reference that good exists is because evil exists. The light of a candle can only shine in the dark.

But we have buried that dark side of us so much that we no longer recognize it. On one occasion a woman came to my office complaining that her husband was very violent. He, who was very Christian, completely rejected that accusation, even though he admitted that on one occasion, "only once, " he had beaten his wife. The truth is that he could not see that violent attitude in himself, because it was a reprehensible act for his religion. And she, she complained a lot but did nothing to resolve her unhappiness, she miraculously hoped her husband would change. Both were trapped in the dark. The dark side of us not only manifests itself by having negative thoughts or feelings, it manifests itself in a worse way when we assume a victim or victimizing role before life. Personal power awakens when we recognize that we are mired on the dark side and must choose between continuing an existence full of suffering and pain, or the freedom to live.

Hence the importance of knowing that we all have a dark side, which is natural and must be controlled. We must never think that we can completely eliminate that side of us, because if we neglect the least-thought day it will jump on us again.

There is a movie on a movie billboard, today; It clearly shows what personal power is, that "we all" have a dark side and the strength of the ability to choose. It is called "The Rite"; Although it is classified as a horror movie, I would recommend it to all those who want to renew themselves and know the true power of the human being. It is based on real events and the people who inspired the film are still alive.

I'm just going to coin a phrase from the character played by Antony Hopkins, who says it all to me: "The fact that you don't believe in the devil won't protect you from him." Without wishing to scare anyone, demon to me is everything that does not allow us to live in freedom and happiness. “El Rito”, I recommend them later, he writes and gives me his impressions.

Carmelo Urso: Among other activities you teach the workshop “ACTIVATING THE 4 SOULS OF BEING Strength, Sensitivity, Wisdom and Love”. Could you define what these four souls consist of? Why four and not one? How do we activate them?

Caro García: I learned the concept of the 4 souls by studying the Shinto doctrine.

Shinto or Shintoism is the original religion of Japan, which involves the worship of the gods of nature. Today it is the second religion practiced after Buddhism. The Shintoist doctrine says that all human beings are composed of one spirit and four souls. These four souls sustain the mind and heart of a living being and when they enter the body they become basic qualities. When these souls are balanced the human being is in balance and is a better person. When they are not, they can be corrupted by demons.

When I began to study the shinto and the vision of the four souls, I cannot help finding much similarity with Stephen Covey's concept of the third natural gift of the Human Being: the four Intelligence, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and their Four manifestations higher, vision, discipline, passion and awareness.

In the Shinto these four souls are called:

Aramitama: representing aggression and strength, it is the source of courage, courage, passion and other hot emotions. It is said to be the most indomitable side of being. This soul appears in times of war and natural catastrophes. Also in moments of internal crisis. It is one that makes us brave, bold, reckless or aggressive and violent.

Nigimitama: represents the peaceful and calm side of the Being. It arises from the functional work of the spirit. It is sweetness, peace, tranquility, the enlightened side of being, serenity and is the source of trust. It is the one that controls and balances Aramitama.

Kushimitama: It's the wonderful soul. It represents intelligence, wisdom, clarity. It helps in the healing of diseases and in contact with the supernatural.

Sakimitama: Represents joy, optimism, is the source of love and happiness.

Why the Japanese of two thousand years ago, and even those of today, believed that the living being possesses four souls and not one, it is because these qualities could manifest independently. They were extremely aggressive and daring, or extremely sensitive and fearful. This made them think that they were independent souls and with their own personality, and that they could subordinate the other qualities. A ritual was then used to restore the balance of all souls. The aim of the workshop of the four souls is to recognize them, manifest them in each one of us and unify them. Work together with the four intelligences to find the inner voice.

In the workshop we activate them by connecting the sounds of nature to return to the original Being and with visualization and meditation.

Carmelo Urso: You drive a radio space in your native Venezuela. What is it called and where is it issued? If readers would like to contact you, how can they do it?

Caro García: Yes, there are actually two radio spaces. One is "the Balance and Wellbeing Agenda". It is a section that I do live, within the "Agenda Libre" program and in which I discuss personal development issues. It is broadcast by the ONDA 100.9 FM station, every Tuesday at 9:40 am.

The other space is called "Beyond what we want to know" is also a section that is broadcast on Thursday at 8:15 am, within the program "Conversing with Otto Alejandro" by the station VALENCIA 1220 AM. In this space in addition to personal development issues, we cover supernatural and extraordinary topics. I also do small numerological analyzes to the listeners. This space can be followed by the web through the page

And if you want to contact me you can get me at

Facebook: caroarkangel

Twitter: @caro_arkangel


My blog:

My page:

No one can say that he could not locate me. ?

Carmelo Urso: A message to our friends in Latin America.

Caro García: The first thing I want to say to your beautiful readers is Thank you, Thank you for being there, for reading and for letting me share experiences.

The next thing is to never stop searching, learning, asking and wanting to know more.

When they are exhausted, depressed, sad; when they feel they have lost motivation, feel that the fight has been hard and they are about to throw in the towel; open your eyes, store your hands, hold on to your guiding angel and take another step, because they are surely at the doorstep of something bigger and more wonderful.

Normally the symptoms of spiritual evolution are just those that I have just described. Whenever we are facing a new stage we feel the pain of detachment from the previous one, so do not faint. God bless you always.

To you, dear brother Carmelo, thank you for your nobility and wisdom, and for allowing me the honor of approaching your readers.

An eternal hug ?

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