How to charge good energy using the four elements

  • 2017

Passion is energy . Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you. Oprah Winfrey.

Good energy is the fuel that fuels our positive life. We need it to be fine with ourselves and with others.

Our body is composed of subatomic particles, which are formed of light and move at high speed. Our body is, in short, for quantum physics: pure energy.

And not only is our physical body energy, so are our thoughts, feelings, emotions . And the things that surround us: the air we breathe, the chair we sit on, the mobile we are holding with our hand, the floor, the house, the people around us, the pets. All. Everything is energy .

That energy that is out there also affects the vibration of our light . And obviously, our radiant energy touches and modifies the outside of us.

Positive and negative energies

Positive energy makes us feel happy, exultant, makes us want to try new things, meet people, perform our tasks in a light and joyful way.

On the contrary, negative energy, or the absence of positive energy energy, leaves us in a state of apathy, anger, tiredness, moodiness, complaint .

Some people absorb our energy, just crossing them modifies the frequency of our internal vibration and completely discharges it, like an artifact that runs out of battery.

There are also those people who encourage us and also change our vibration but in a positive and bright way . We must align with them.

Energy and the four elements

Objects and elements of nature also have the ability to change our internal vibration.


Water, the source of life, we must not only ingest it, but also release it. And releasing it in the form of sweat is one of the ways to charge us with energy.

Yes! Energize us!

Moving the body causes our glands to release endorphins and also affects us energetically. When we exercise the body, we move our energy, our chi . Chi is the "life force" or "energy flow" for Chinese medicine. For acupuncture and other holistic therapies, it is essential to keep chi flowing to unlock the points where energy is locked.

Find the most pleasant way to exercise for your lifestyle. But don't stop doing it!


Leave home Go outdoors, connect with nature, the presence of plants, earth, logs, grass, even if it is minimal, it is necessary to discharge our negative energy to the ground.

If you are lucky enough to live by the sea, the contact of the feet with the sand, the water of the ocean, is enough to balance free radicals, with positive energy. By absorbing negatively charged electrons from the ground, the body's energy flow is balanced, according to Dr. Stephen Sinatra, a physician and author of Reverse Heart Disease Now.


You can perform an energy cleaning by burning incense, a stick of holy stick, sandalwood or some other. It should turn on and then make circles around our body . This simple movement is the energy equivalent of opening the windows and letting the stagnant air out of the house. The smoke ritual is a cleaning agent that clarifies your energy field. The heaviness of the body dissolves, it also cleanses the chakras.


Respiratory work is one of the best to charge our body with energy. If we do these exercises in the morning we will insufflate energy to start a positive day. At night, they have the ability to release the tension of the day.

Do this Pranayama exercise called `` Breath or breath of Fire '' in yoga:

  1. Sit comfortably with your legs crossed and one hand on your stomach. Inhale, then exhale completely . Inhale deeply again and release the air with short sniffles through your nose, contracting your abs quickly . Do it about eight or ten times. It is as if someone were pressing your stomach.

You are energy, the one that you generate for yourself and that you give to the world.

Charge yourself with good energy and your days will be days of well-being and harmony.

DRAFTING: Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood

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