Arc ngel Jofiel: Transmutation

  • 2016

Purification of your thoughts, transformation of your feelings

As you transform your obsolete thoughts and feelings, a purification process takes place that can sometimes feel uncomfortable while you get rid of your old skin. It is important to take care of yourself and go through the process so that you can move on to something more meaningful to you and your life . Maybe it's time to purify your thoughts, actions, relationships, or attitudes towards them, as well as anything else that is unbalanced or unhealthy, maybe a habit or two that you would like to get rid of.

Perform a ceremony or rite that is appropriate to help you transmute and purify. Light a candle and prepare a sacred space. Ask the Arc Miguel Angel to clear the energy around you and help you cut the cords that tie you to lower thoughts and things. It also protects you during this time of vulnerability and growth and gives you strength and courage to know and do what is right. Write on paper anything you want to release or transform, and put it in a fireproof container and watch it burn, while the Arc Miguel Angel helps you release what no longer serves you.

Call the Angel Jofiel to help you beautify your thoughts and feelings, and help you see the beauty that surrounds you and what is inside you. Ask Jofiel to help you see the gifts you already have in your life, and feel the peace and serenity she gives you. Let his energy surround you in an orb of light, and in this light you will know that you are loved.

Affirmation: I free and transform unwanted attitudes, beliefs that no longer serve me or love my growth. I purify my thoughts and feelings as I surround myself with a loving light, positive intentions, and an open heart.

And so it is

You are very loved and always supported, the Angels

AUTHOR: Sharon Taphorn


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