Archangel Gabriel channeled by Robert Baker

  • 2013

We have reached a time that has received more attention than any other time we have known ... a time of profound prophecy and profound change.

"The end of the World" as you have known it, for the Planet enters the midpoint of its life ... the time of your lives when powerful new energies are released that are intended to awaken you to your highest spiritual potential.

In the world of survival that you have known, the median age has been a time marked by increasing decomposition and even crisis, when the new energies have merely crashed into the blockages in your bodies, which you created over time from fear., defense and separation.

Whether this is a time of expanded consciousness and potential, or a time of greater crisis, depends on each of you as individuals ... and then of course, the combination of Collective Consciousness will also have its impact. This has already begun in deeper ways ... in practical ways in your environment.

For the Planet, this change of half of life is literally a 180 ° change in the "pendulum of life", beginning to move in the opposite direction . Higher energies are stimulating this 180 ° change ... of a time in which you have looked at the OUTSIDE, like injured children looking for something that would give you a sense of purpose ... or at least a feeling of being valid and important ...

At a time when you are stimulated to look INNER ... to discover the essence of the I / "Home".

It is this inner relationship that will awaken a deeper consciousness and an eventual connection with your soul consciousness ... in which you will really experience the profound Truth that each one of you is Divine, a literal facet of the Creator. That is the Holy Grail.

To know this deeper reality, the movement of higher energies is leading you first to face the limitations that you have known, stuck in the most primitive stages of attachment and tinsel (glamor), in the illusion that the objects and situations of your External physical reality are what provide you with your sense of well-being ... so that you can respond and grow.

This way of experiencing life is coming to an end ... and has merely been a vital stage of learning until you were ready for "something else ..."

That is what this unprecedented time of evolution and prophecy consists of! But first you must learn HOW to have access to these energies, how to prepare your physical, emotional and mental bodies ... so that you can make this half-life time, an advance and not a deeper crisis.

That you have been at the forefront of this awakening can be illustrated by the fact that you have accelerated more in recent decades, than you have changed in previous millennia ...

And you just started!

2013 is being called a Year of New Beginnings, as you prepare to End the Conflict of Opposites and Opposition.

This is a very important time for the Amic Awakening. And now you are entering the last four months of 2013, which are a time of deep INTEGRATION potential.

Of course this depends on what you have allowed in the first two segments of the year ... which introduced a time of some breaking of the old and some internal advances that are to prepare you to respond to everything that is taking place; and grow up

This awakening and this movement have been mainly activated by the Seventh Ray of Consciousness, the Ceremonial Order of Magic ... and by the energy that is permeating the physical ... fundamentally to inspire greater balance.

This will take place while also inspiring you to get out of the hurt narcissism and a limited sense of survival, toward a real gathering of "we" consciousness ... where the good of the whole becomes the deepest truth and inspiration.

In the last four months (May-August), you have seen the impact of the Seventh Ray while lowering energy from the 7th Chakra (Crown Chakra) to the upper part of the body, awakening a path of superior will of the Soul to connect more fully with the physical body.

In the last four months the Seventh Ray descended from the Crown Chakra through the Third Eye and the Throat Chakra to the space of the Heart.

Now these four months that follow are a time for that energy to continue down to the lower body, to the lower 3 chakras (to inspire connections, mental, emotional and physical transformations).

If you have already begun to allow a connection with the energies of the Seventh Ray as they descended through the higher inspirational centers, you may have begun to experience an awakening towards the consideration of some new choices and true truths. Deep ones which you can now apply to the activation of the 3 lower centers, the place of personality, the lower will and the ego.

This will be a different change from the ones you are used to. It is a time in which the powerful higher energies will put you face to face more directly with some of your old choices, looking at some of the limitations of the external structures that you have known and in which you You have based in many ways.

This will be an awakening time that will shake your comfort zones in a more experiential way. This is a vital stage, but it cannot be exploited by many.

As you can see, when you have a familiar form, the lower self often demands the repetition of what is already known, so that it has the illusion of consistency and reliability. However, to grow you must be willing to look at what is stable and what is unstable in those ways.

This is not an easy task for the lower will, which in any way fights on the edge of survival. The lower will, which merely seeks to repeat the familiar, is not a stable force. It has had a limited comfort zone; and fight to protect and defend it.

And the deeper truth is that if life were not in constant motion, the lower will would simply choose to remain familiar, even when there is more and more imbalance and even destruction. n. Abandoned to the lower will, you probably won't allow yourself to truly grow and evolve.

Much more of life is waiting to unfold. But first you have to undertake the task of facing more of your old myths and illusions that the external structures of your world can give you everything you ask.

This is valid in many of your systems, such as your governments, your religions, your social and even family structures.

It will be a time when events ask you to take deeper responsibility ... show yourself and grow more in your potential and your empowerment. This is what the last four months of this year will bring. And that is why they have been called a time of Integration.


September is a time for you to get to know the new choices that have been inspired in recent months ... start applying them in your daily life.

The challenge is that it is also the time in which the energy of the Seventh Ray reaches the edges of the injured lower self. The portal of that lower self is the 3rd Chakra in the Solar Plexus.

This scenario is complicated, as it is also the center of the lower will, which remains a watchdog for anything that defies the familiar comfort zone. In many ways, he wants to continue dancing with his toys and distractions, hoping that someone else is responsible for keeping the security and growth structure of your world in place.

This is a symptom that the lower self is stuck in wounded narcissism. However, you have the power to challenge that fear structure and move to the integration of new deeper truths and more satisfying choices.

Just look at the world around you. While the energy of the higher will (the Divine Plan) begins to enter the Planet, it is challenged more directly by those still on the agendas of defense and separation ... the awareness of the wounded "me" that is governed by its attachments of gratification.

This may sound hard, but we try to help you wake up to the truths that will save you a lot of headaches. The truth will set you free. Yes, that is true ... but you must gather the courage to look at the deepest truths.

The truth is that you need a lot of growth and you need to take on the world's deepest responsibility that you co-create each and every day. It can truly be a world of transformation and progress, or it can be a world that challenges you to the knees.

In this first month you should look at the belief structures of the 3rd Chakra that keep you frightened and trying to control. You should look at the possibility that there are structures that have these beliefs ... that count on you giving up your individual power and simply entrusting them to continue in the same old ways.

This kind of structures will no longer work for you. You must wake up and begin to apply the choices that arise from within, if you want to grow and improve your world. Keep in mind that All things must grow to live and prosper.

As an example, what was satisfactory for you as a child is too simple for the adult's needs. If you remain as a child, you will not know the satisfaction of adults with empowered truths.

This is the challenge of this month.

Many will see the fears of your past arrive to be reviewed. You will see that these fears have kept you stuck, with the proverbial head in the sand, uncertain about what to do or how to have an impact on the world.

However, if you allow that to be so, you will be inspired exactly with what you need to respond ... from within.

If you simply slow down and learn to be calm, the answers will be there, all within you. You simply have to go beyond your usual reactions and fears; And stay calm. Each of you has an intuition that seeks to elevate and lead you to more satisfactory choices ... choices that value each other, that trust each other, that inspire each other, that fundamentally love each other.

But you still cannot enter this completely quiet space. It just starts. Start with choices that encourage you to pause and interrupt the familiar autopilot sitting in the lower will.

Pause and take a moment to reflect. What is your inner personal truth about anything you are contemplating? What do you think will TRULY make a difference in a specific situation, or will it take you to better places in your life?

You have the power to transform yourself. You have the power to learn and grow and evolve towards empowered adults. You have the power to change your World, one loving step at a time.

So we encourage you to look at everything that is happening around you. Wars Rebellions Confusion. Conflicts between nations, groups, religions. All this can be exacerbated while these higher energies seek to balance what is frightened in the 3rd Chakra.

When frightened, the usual reaction of the lower will is to press against.

The opposition is what you have known. It's the usual reaction when you don't get it done your way. But that will only perpetuate and accelerate the imbalance you have known. Remember that life is movement and nothing stays still.

Life wants to heal and life flows through each of you. Let the deeper truths wake you up and inspire you to action. Learn to apply the choices that come from your loving truth, from your individuality that is waking up. That is the potential of this time.

However, you will have to face the completion of many structures while you are able to maintain the status quo. You will see that this happens on several systems. For example, the United States government is having challenges, revealed as opposition forces, bringing to light some of the illusions of your financial structures that you did not want to see.

These approaches and structures will not be able to sustain a nation of individuals who remain as little children, hoping that the "father figures" will solve everything. You need to be in the truth in your own individual way ...

When you learn to respond to life by valuing each other, entrenched in the Truth that awakens in your own lives and communities, the combination of energies will slowly build a resonance at all levels of consciousness ...

And you can start meeting. Each of you can learn to inspire basic solutions. You can start to evolve your options, keeping in mind a vision of growth.

This is one of the ways you can begin to apply the inspiration of the higher energies that are moving through your bodies.

You simply have to learn to negotiate with the portal of the 3rd Chakra, the mental body and its lower will.

What decisions can you make to find deeper resolutions and solutions ... that inspire you to look at all perspectives, that seek to honor everyone?

This is the biggest goal. How do you learn to value EVERYTHING? You need this ... and the wounded inner child must be educated and nurtured into deeper truths.

Some of the physical symptoms will be activity in the Solar Plexus and in the digestive system. As a matter of fact, there may be pain and symptoms as the energies make their way burning the blockages of the lower body during the following months.

There may also be challenges in the lower limbs, because the fear of movement and change is challenging the subconscious programming that you have known for so long.

All this is beginning in September will deepen as you grow towards October.


October is the month in which you stimulate the 2nd Chakra, the emotional body of the Planet. Everything in emotional imbalance and duality will be taken on stage.

It will be a time of deep emotional solutions for those who have done the internal work and preparation ... and it will be a time of potential agitation for those who have not done so. You will see this reflected in the world around you, because at this time in the world there is much that is emotionally unbalanced.

Your emotional body will play a giant role in what is to come. You have already heard that there is an awakening to the truth coming to the fields of psychology and the like, while teachers begin to understand the important role that the emotional body plays in your lives.

You must begin to understand that the emotional body has many of the clues to healing that you seek ... because what you EXPERIENCES determines all your choices. You are motivated both to seek and allow experiences that you "like"; as to try to AVOID the experiences that you have associated with pain, shame and conflict.

This is the crucial thing in every moment of your lives. You are in a World that consists in having the sacred opportunity to EXPERIENCE, learn and grow. And most of you on the Planet have been stuck in perspectives of duality and emotional evasion.

"Most of you" may sound hard again. But there is a lot of truth in what we share. If you have the courage to look at what we share, without defending yourself, you will probably see some duality symptoms that need your attentive response.

It is a time in which the higher energies are helping you to feel, to express, to release and look at all that remains of fear and shame ... so that you can free yourself towards the experience of freedom, peace, connection and intimacy, in deep and meaningful ways.

But you cannot obtain these experiences without a courageous response to these higher energies. You must work with the energies to grow into an adult capacity to feel and experience all that life wants to bring you.

First, what has taken you out of balance so much is to continue avoiding the feelings that are uncomfortable for your conditioned sense of self.

The World is entering unprecedented stages of growth. Keep in mind that each stage is sacred. There is nothing wrong with the stage you are in. However, it is a stage that is transforming you quickly, trying to give you courage to own more than you already are.

This is the natural flow of life, which evolves and changes towards more of itself, as you begin to enter into this new "return to the home-directed HOME".

Once again we tell you that the emotional body is the key to success. You must learn to feel all your feelings like the sacred messengers they are. You must learn to feel so that you can create intimacy in your own life. Only when you do you can enter the intuition of the superior emotional intelligence that is waiting to guide your new structures.

This is the realm of the level of the Amic Consciousness that is looking to meet you at the threshold of your lives.

So answer. Look for the tools or inspiration of those who have been learning how to do it. Feel, express and support each other towards a deep emotional awareness in your lives. This will also save you a lot of headaches.

Your wounded World is about. But you must wake up and respond.


This brings us to the month of November. It will be a time in which the energies will move to the base of your spine and will activate a transformation in your lives in deeper and richer ways than everything you have known.

It will be a time that will challenge the Essence of your lives ... it will challenge you to respond and invest, while structures and forms begin their journeys towards an exploration of the new, while you seek to resolve and overcome the limits of family approach.

This can also be a time of agitation, which is what happens in a time of change. This is not a "bad" thing. It is quite "good" to use your old dual terms. As you can see, it passes through the learning curve of the transformation, letting go of the old that is no longer useful while you explore and apply the new, that which gives greater satisfaction.

You cannot think that this will happen without challenges. It can't be like that. The old only gives way to the deepest truths, if you continue practicing and entering the stillness and inner listening that we have suggested.

This time will force you towards a new search for deeper solutions. What could be better? With you being present in your lives, taking more responsibility for everything that is happening, which is nothing more than the World seeking to enter into "something else."

You are all Sacred Divine Beings. You are loved and supported in all things, including change and transformation. However, this time of shaking the lower self inspires you to overcome the limited visions of that lower self ... towards the Higher Consciousness of the ascending Soul.

No doubt this is great news ... if you respond.

Life is moving. Life is movement. Life is the movement of energies that flow through you in the physical, giving you the privilege of experience. And the experience inspires you to respond and dance ... to grow and become more of everything you are.

This is life. And yet, in many ways you have not lived LIFE. This is the deepest truth that you will discover in this time.

So look at the challenged lower will, the challenged structures created from the lower will and the fear / control / separation paradigm that you have known. And respond with an increasingly high intelligence that moves within you at this time.

Work to clear the way, the path of the lower self, which is the realm of experience. Clean the way with the tools you have available, so that each of you can take his place in the Divine Creation Plan that is unfolding for your Planet Earth.

This is a time to celebrate ... a time of rebirth.

And that rebirth awakens first with the endings of the limited, of the old.

This is what is happening on your Planet, while the Seventh Ray of the Spirit moves through your lives and your Planet. It is the most exciting time to be alive ... not to resist.


This final month of the year will be a time in which you begin to gather all that you have learned in the year of integration of the first major wave of discharge of the Seventh Ray of Consciousness.

More deeply inspired to respond and wake up, you will begin to look at everything that has happened. With clearer awareness of what does not work and what is necessary.

The process of planetary transformation takes place with a sacred step every time ... and gives you the time to learn and grow as an individual, in the same progressive way.

So use this culmination time of your year to look back at everything you've learned. And use it as a time to deepen your stillness, as you prepare for what follows. Learn to hear the truth that is waking up inside.

Keep in mind that you are new to this. You are newborn babies in a world that is pushing you against the flow of what has been. And in this process, be compassionate with yourself. This is one of the many truths that will serve you well.

Be well, creating from your new choices and responses to this Divine Awakening. You are loved Extremely loved. But it is a time to actively love yourself, as you learn to grow to the potential of Divine Sacred Beings.

Love each other, because you are capable of doing so. We love each other with all the Heart ... to experience all that you are.

Archangel Gabriel channeled by Robert Baker

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