Alignment of the Ego or Soul with the personality (letter I), by Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul

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Letters on Occult Meditation by Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul

(Alice A. Bailey)


The constitution of man, considered in the following pages, is basically triple.

I. The Monad or pure Spirit, the Father in Heaven.

This aspect reflects the three aspects of the Deity:

1. Will or Power …………………. The Father.

2. Love-Wisdom …………………… .The Son.

3. Active intelligence ………………… .The Holy Spirit.

Only in the last initiations, when the man is approaching the end of the day and has perfected, can he establish contact with the first aspect.

The monad is also reflected in:

II. The Ego, Higher Self or Individuality.

Potentially this aspect is:

1. Spiritual will ………………………… Atma.

2. Intuition… .Budi, Love-Wisdom, the Christ principle.

3. Superior or abstract mind …………… Superior manas.

The Ego begins to make its power felt in the evolved man and, in an enlarged way, on the path of probation, until in the third initiation he gets to perfect the control that the upper Self exerts on the lower self and the highest aspect begins to make your energy feel

The ego is reflected in:

III. The Personality or lower self, the man on the physical plane.

This aspect is also triple:

1. The mental body ……………………. Lower weeks.

2. The emotional body …………………. Astral body.

3. The physical body ……… the dense physique and the etheric body.

Therefore, the goal of meditation is that man understands the egoic aspect and that the lower nature is controlled by that aspect. Such is the immediate goal for the common man.



1. Alignment of the three lower bodies.

2. Alignment with the causal body.

3. Alignment method.

4. Macro and microcosmic alignment.

Sunday, May 16, 1923

In the alignment of the three lower physical, emotional and mental vehicles or bodies, within the causal periphery, and their stabilization there, through an effort of the will, begins the true work that the higher Ego or I can perform in any incarnation. The great thinkers of the race, the true exponents of the lower mind are, fundamentally, those whose three lower bodies are aligned, that is, that the mental body keeps the other two in a circumspect alignment. The mental body is then in direct communication with the physical brain, free of obstructions and interference.

When the alignment is quadruple and the three mentioned bodies are aligned with the body of the higher Self - the causal or egoic body - and held firmly within its circumference, then the great leaders of the race can be seen acting - those that emotionally and intellectually drag humanity behind itself, inspired writers and dreamers can realize their inspirations and dreams and abstract and synthetic thinkers transmit their concepts to the world of form; This is because a direct channel has been established. Therefore, study as much as you can, in this regard, and practice physical coordination, then add to this emotional stability, and thus the two vehicles will function as one. By extending the coordination to the mental body, the triple lower man reaches his apotheosis, going through most of the transformations in the world of form.

Later, the perfect coordination with the higher Self is obtained, a direct channel of communication - or conduit without impediment, if I can express it so - with the consciousness of the physical brain. Until now it had been direct only on very rare occasions. In the man whose personality is highly coordinated, the four lower brain centers function with high vibration; When the Ego is close to aligning with the lower bodies, the pineal gland and the pituitary body are in the process of development, and when they function correlatively (which occurs in the third initiation n), then the third center, or higher high center, intensifies its vibration, until then moderate. Upon receiving the fifth initiation the interaction between the three centers is perfected, the alignment of the bodies is rectified geometrically; so we have the perfect fivefold superman.

In the common man, this alignment occurs only at intervals - at times of tension, when humanitarian efforts are necessary and at times of intense aspiration. Before the Ego constantly perceives itself from the personality or lower self, it must have reached abstraction, to a greater or lesser degree. When that abstraction involves emotions, it is based on the mind and makes contact with the physical brain, then alignment begins.

Hence the practice of meditation, as it tends towards abstraction and arouses emotions and the mind to acquire abstract consciousness.

Alignment and vibration.

Remember that everything is a matter of matter and vibration, for the most part. The abstract levels of the mental plane are formed by three higher levels, with the first, third sub-plane being called. As I have already explained, each subplane is correlated with the corresponding upper planes. Therefore, once you have introduced into your bodies - physical, emotional and mental - matter of the third sub-plane of each plane, the higher Self begins to act in a more conscious and continuous way through personality aligned. Perhaps we could reverse the idea and say that only when the vehicles contain a certain proportion (proportion that constitutes a secret of initiation) of matter of the third sub-plane, the Personality can, as a conscious whole, recognize and obey the higher Self. Once this proportion is obtained, then matter from the two upper sub-planes must be added to the physical and emotional levels. Here is the struggle of the aspirant to purify and discipline the physical body and subjugate the emotional. Purification and subjugation describe the work to be done in both planes. It requires the use of the lower mind so that the three lower vehicles get aligned.

Then you can begin to feel the vibrations of the abstract levels. It is necessary to remember that these vibrations arrive through the causal body - the vehicle of the higher self - and the causal body of the common man is in the third subplane of the mental plane. This detail is not sufficiently taken into account. Reflect on it. True abstract thinking is only possible when the personality, in reciprocal vibration with the Ego, has aligned enough to form a channel almost free of obstructions. Then, at intervals, rare at first but more frequent later, abstract ideas will begin to infiltrate, which will be followed, in due course, by flashes of true illumination or intuition, coming from the spiritual Triad, or the true triple Ego.

The chord of the Ego.

What do I mean by the term "reciprocal vibration"? I mean the adaptation of the Personality or I inferior to the Ego or I superior; the preponderance of the Ego ray over the personality ray and the combination of its tones. It means the mixture of the primary colors of the higher self with the secondary nuances of the lower self, until beauty is obtained. At the beginning we have disharmony and disharmony, the clash of colors and the struggle between the superior and the inferior. But as time goes by, with the help of the Master, the harmony of color and tone is achieved (since they are synonyms), until finally the fundamental note of the subject is obtained, the third major of the aligned personality and the fifth dominant of the Ego, followed by the full chord of the Monad or Spirit.

During discipleship we seek the dominant Ego; but first the perfect third of the personality must vibrate. During several incarnations we make the changes in the intermediate tones vibrate, and sometimes our lives vibrate to a greater or lesser tone; but they always tend to acquire greater flexibility and beauty. In due time each note fits its chord, that of the spirit; each chord is part of a phrase, phrase or group to which the chord corresponds, and the phrase completes the seventh part of the whole. The seven parts then complete the sonata of our solar system - part of the triple masterpiece of Logos or God, the Master Musician.

June 2, 1920.

Micro and macrocosmic alignment.

This morning I will again deal with the egoic alignment to demonstrate, according to the Law of Correspondence or Analogy, its universal application. It is based on geometry or figures and numbers.

The goal of the evolution of man in the three worlds - the physical, emotional and mental planes - is to align his triple personality with the egoic body, until he obtains the straight line and man becomes the One. Every life he lives the personality is represented, at the end of it, by a geometric figure, using some lines of the cube and its expression in a kind of form. The forms of primitive lives are intricate, crude and of undefined contours; the forms constructed by the moderately evolved man of the current generation are defined and precise contours. But when it enters the path of discipleship, the goal is to merge all the lines into one, which is done gradually. Master is one who has merged the lines of the fivefold development, first in three and then in one. The six-pointed star is transformed into the five-pointed star; the cube is transformed into the triangle and the triangle into the One; while the One (at the end of the great cycle) becomes the point within the circle of manifestation.

Hence the effort to teach all applicants simplicity, based on a trinity of fundamental truths, and instill centralization.

Every life tends to acquire greater stability, but rarely is the triple personality aligned (yes I can say so) with causal awareness. This occurs momentarily (in case of high aspiration and for altruistic purposes) in which the upper and the lower form a straight line. Commonly, the emotional body, due to violent vibration and emotion or some fluctuating restlessness, is constantly out of alignment. When the emotional body is momentarily aligned, the mental acts as an obstruction, preventing the influence of the superior from descending to the inferior, in order to reach the physical brain. Many lives of patient effort are necessary before being able to calm the emotional body and build a mental body that acts as a filter and not as an impediment. Having obtained this to some extent, when the emotional body has stabilized and becomes a pure reflector and when the mental body acts as a sensitive plaque, capable of intelligently discerning and explaining the higher truth, even then great discipline and many lives of effort to be able to align both at the same time. Once this is achieved, the control of the physical brain and its final alignment must be acquired, so that it acts as a direct receiver and transmitter of the teaching imparted and faithfully reflects the higher consciousness.

Therefore, where is the macrocosmic correspondence? Where is the analogy in the solar system? I will give an indication.

The divine Logoïco alignment occurs when there is direct and reciprocal alignment with certain planets and with the Sun and during the system evolution process. Reflect on this; But I want to make a warning. Do not try to formulate hypotheses about alignment, based on physical planets. The truth does not reside there. Only three of the physical planets (and all three in etheric matter) enter the final alignment that marks the acquisition by the Logos of a cosmic logoic consciousness, which constitutes His goal. Of those three planets, Earth is not one of them, but Venus occupies the place corresponding to the permanent emotional atom.

The alignment can still extend further: in aligning our solar system with the Sirius system lies an even more remote goal; It is a very distant event, but it contains the secret of the greater cycle.


2. Letters on Occult Meditation

The science of meditation as a mental training technique, is practiced more and more everywhere. Meditation is related to flowing energy, whose impersonal and fiery natures; its potential danger should therefore be understood and eluded, and the practices adopted should be safe and reliable. This book exposes the basic, general and specific factors, showing the fundamental objective of the science of meditation: world service.

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