10-10-10: The opening of the Crystal Portals and the balance in the Elemental Portals by KAI

  • 2010

Published by KAI

Throughout history the numbers have symbolized energies and archetypes that allow us to direct our attention to a certain factor. The universe uses numbers to create sequences in the transmission of information and Light. Sacred geometry is based on that principle. Likewise, the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Ratio allow us to understand how nature creates life following perfect and infinite numerical proportions.

Numbers are important and allow us to understand complex information in a simple and natural way. That is why, Mother Earth in unity with the Solar Galactic Center uses calendar dates to direct and focus our attention on receiving energy and information. This is because the vast majority of Us remain tuned to the Gregorian Calendar and to the measure of time, even though this calendar is artificial and does not correspond to the natural flow of Mother Earth.

The energies of the portals and harmonic convergences based on the Gregorian calendar take as a pattern the frequency that the implicit numbers make up on those determined dates to direct and focus our attention and allow us to be receptive towards energy. We are all working together from the higher levels of consciousness, unifying our wills to raise the frequency of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity. It is something that we agreed as a collective for a long time, so that we use all the tools at our disposal.

This next 10-10-10 will not be the exception, because the conjunction of calendar dates, direct our attention and focus on a particular energy. We feel and know that something important can happen if we focus together. Many are already feeling the call and the need to meet on that day and celebrate, co-create together. Please, do it, if you feel the call, gather and focus your energies to receive the new frequencies that will come to us.

I want to share with you the information that has come to me regarding this great cosmic portal. Please discern it with your heart and take only what serves you. Likewise, if your soul and heart has already called you to participate in other energies on that day, do what your heart tells you is best for each of you. What I propose to you is one more aspect of the infinite river of Life. We are all one!

The opening of the Crystal Portals and the balance in the Elemental Portals

More and more people are feeling the call of the Cetacean family of light, to work together in cooperation and Unity for the restoration and ordering of information in the crystalline grid of Mother Earth, water and all elementary Life. More and more people are adding to the intention and conscious co-creation of the New Earth. And it is through our own inner balance that we will be helping Mother Earth restore order. Every time we manage to retake our Divine power, we take a quantum leap and with it, the entire Earth elevates its vibration. Each time we heal and release memories of pain and separation, the Earth balances and orders its cosmic records. We are ONE with the Mother in all aspects of our Being.

In order for the new Land of Unity to emerge, it is necessary to awaken our ancestral memories and enter into communion again with the Earth, its elements, elementals and crystals. That way, changes on Earth will not necessarily be abrupt or catastrophic. Since by entering into communion with Mother Earth and the elements, we vibrate as ONE and we can co-create and shape a new reality of Harmony, together.

As each of us aligns and re-establishes the connection with the elements and the elementals, dissolving the separation gap between human beings and nature, Mother is not forced to transform reality by abruptly dissolving collective quantum fields ( remember that a collective quantum field, is a city or a community) that have remained misaligned from the natural synchronic order and so, we can make the quantum leap of consciousness in order and harmony.

As more and more of us manifest our intention to synchronize with Mother Earth and her crystalline heart, we will reactivate in our DNA our ancestral essence as guardians of Planet Earth next to the beloved cetaceans, that Ancestral essence is Our Lemurian Memory. As we synchronize, we are able to sustain more and more Light through our energy frameworks and in that way our consciousness is expanded and awakened.

The Beloved Cetaceans and crystals are helping us in this process of renewal of our DNA and crystalline grids through the pulsations of Light and sound that manifest as constant transmissions of information through everything around us. His message pulses through the water, but also from the Air, the Earth, the Fire and the crystalline ether, everything is interconnected by the crystalline network and is through the network that cetaceans and the crystals of Mother Earth transmit their information to help us heal and awaken our memories.

It is a process of healing and balance that we have been receiving for some time; to heal in our DNA the memories of pain and separation that bind us to Mother Earth and her history and in turn, restore and awaken the DNA Strands that correspond to the Christic and Cosmic Celestial Consciousness .

In this way, the Cetacean Family of Light has been harmonizing through its transmissions of Light the DNA Strands that bind us to life and Mother Earth and the Universe, deeply healing those memories of pain and separation, to be reborn as divine and empowered beings.

Many of you have been experiencing in recent months a deep connection with the native tribes. Some have been awakening memories of lives in which they lived in tribes. Many are also awakening their Lemurian memories and many others their cosmic memories on other planets. As we remember, we heal, from the point of equilibrium we are reaching at the present moment. Little by little we have been healing deeply those memories of pain and separation.

Separation in which we lost the connection with Life on Earth and in the Cosmos. With the time and the arrival of the industrial era, the human being was losing his natural essence, prey to technology and the accelerated capitalist life in which money vibrates above the life and care of the Planet that we holds. In this way our ancestral memories and the cosmic and sacred knowledge were gradually lost. We lost the connection with the Elements and the connection with Life everywhere. Even with Life outside of Planet Earth and in that way our expanded, cosmic and ancestral consciousness was reduced to a small consciousness in which the human being is only a small point in the universe, isolated and separated from the All.

This next 10-10-10 we will meet together with the Whales and with the entire Cetacean family, to work in Unity and Cooperation with the Crystal Water Portals. Opening the portals of the Elements in our Being, to access the crystalline portal that will awaken in our DNA the ancestral memories, deeply healing the memories of separation and pain.

Waves of Love and Harmonization will be transmitted through the Crystalline Grid of the Earth to all people on the Planet, so that all Beings that align from the Heart and listen to the call can awaken in their DNA the ancestral memories of Love and UNITY and reconnect with the Cetácea family, with the elementals and the Crystals through the opening of their own connection portals.

All of us carry the 4 elements in our body and it is necessary to restore communion and harmony with each of them. Our physical body is based on carbon and minerals, which represent the Earth. Our fluids represent water. Our breath is the air and finally the caloric energy that maintains our temperature is fire. Finally, there is the crystal, an element that our body gradually integrates as we raise our frequency to align ourselves with our crystalline body of Light. Each one of those portals of the Elements in our Being will be awakened by the Cetacea Family and the WATER Crystals.

The body of Mother Earth is crystalline and it is both physical and etheric Crystals that are helping us together with the Cetacean Family of Light, to sustain the cosmic rays of Light and to awaken our cosmic ancestral memories.

Throughout the Earth there are huge Eteric crystals, which have gradually been waking up as we have accelerated our vibration and the vibration of the Planet. In the past, many crystals located in the valleys and lakes have been activated.

This time we will work with the Etheric Crystals of the Oceans. Which have been guarded and awakened by the Cetacean Family of Light. Especially for whales, since they actively work with the ocean records of Mother Earth. With their songs they maintain the flow of Light and information in the registers and in the etheric crystals of the WATERS.

We will be guided by the Whales and together with the etheric WATER Crystals we will awaken our own crystalline portals.

From the depths of the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth we have received 5 Light Codes that will help us balance the elements in our Being, to open the connection portals and restore communion with the Elements of Mother Earth, we will finally open the Crystal Portal that will allow us to heal the memories of pain and separation in our DNA, to awaken our cosmic memories as guardians of the Earth and restore our communion with all Life everywhere.

Here I share the images of the 5 Crystal Codes. So that they can feel their energies and if it resonates in their hearts. I invite you to join us in the meditations that we will be doing next to the Whales of Patagonia, on the waters of Puerto Pirámides.


I invite you to resonate with these energies, perform the meditation and ceremony to the WATER Crystals forming groups in your communities, whether on the beaches, fields or in your homes, everything is appropriate!

In the next few days I will publish the Meditation and ceremony that we will perform together from the heart with the Whales and Crystals.

We are blessed in LOVE and JOY always!

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