Meditation: Enter the path to pure love

  • 2018
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Once and before time, there was only love . Pure and unconditional love. Divine love. The entire Universe was and is a projection of Pure love. Love is the beginning of everything .

How to forget that you are pure love

The good news is that in essence you are already perfect pure love in every way: perfectly healthy, perfectly happy, all your desires are fulfilled instantly. Unfortunately, the bad news is that you have forgotten this and therefore, you lead a less than perfect life, where you get sick, get depressed and frustrated.

Meditation leads to love

Fortunately you don't have to look for love; you only need to dissolve the barriers that you have created around you, since during meditation, the body experiences a deep rest. Rest is the way the body naturally heals itself, which it does by eliminating stress, fatigue and toxins. Love is the ultimate healer, which dissolves all your sorrows, pains and fears. When Love flows freely, your mind and body become healthier.

The endless possibilities of pure love

Between two thoughts you have, there is a space. This space is silent or it would be the next thought; This space also contains the infinite possibilities of pure love. However, you are not your thoughts; You are the thinker of your thoughts . The only place where the thinker can be, your soul, is also in the spaces between thoughts, which means that your essential nature, your soul, is silence and pure love.

Go beyond thinking

One of the biggest limitations for your love is that the prisons you create strongly bind you in your memories and desires. All memories and desires are in the thought process. Meditation restores the memory of happiness, fulfillment and pure Love. Separation is the biggest cause of conflict in the world. When two people who see themselves as separated fight, it can easily escalate to a major conflict. All wars in the world are because you see yourself separated from others .

You maintain your individuality, but when you realize that at your deepest level you are part of the same integrity on a cosmic level, two people fighting is as ridiculous as if your hands decided they didn't love each other and started beating each other.

Meditation provides the way to return pure love to your life

Mantras have been used for thousands of years and they know the way home. Repeating the mantra silently, your thoughts calm down until you slip into the spaces between the thoughts. Although it is better to use a mantra specifically chosen for you, there are other sounds you can use .

  • Prem is the Sanskrit vibration of Divine Love (the "e" is pronounced with a slight "woe" sound).
  • Sitting silently with his eyes closed, he starts silently repeating the prem sound. (The key to meditation is to be effortless, the less you do, the greater the rewards .)
  • Other thoughts are part of the process, so don't fight them. Every time you notice that you have moved away from the sound, gently return to it.
  • Do not look for any particular experience during meditation . The experience will be what is appropriate at that time.
  • Continue for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • At the end of the meditation, stop repeating the sound and continue resting in silence for a couple of minutes before opening your eyes.

Reinstalling pure and divine love in their hearts opens their consciousness to the magnificent blessings of the Universe. You fall in love with yourself, everyone and everything in creation. You become one in love . Meditation will take you to the door, where love will invite you to enter. Welcome to the world of pure love!

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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