A Possible Immediate Future, for "Blue Galactic Night

For those who prefer to "see" and listen. With respect to those who choose to remain out of knowledge. It is your right.

Blue Galactic Night
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Wonderful time that we experienced for the Humanity Project, long awaited and yet not understood and it seems, that instead of a planetary party, we would attend a worldwide catastrophe.

Away from the natural order, after 5100 years of dominance of the expanding Babylonian empire, the tower of confusion, has achieved that at least on the conscious plane we do not remember and do not even question who we are, or where we are, in the thread of a project evolutionary that as it had a beginning will have its end in due time. Nor do we manage to specify where to direct our purpose, if we conceive today a purpose for life, beyond the physical, emotional and social.

After generations of oblivion and greater artificiality, the spiritual meaning of life, our commitment to life and the quality of it has escaped like water between our fingers. We have allowed for comfort, to dispense with our evolutionary memory, which fortunately we do not lose at all by being recorded in our code of light that we call genetic, but that by deciding to ignore it becomes transparent and it is as if it were not.

With amnesia, it is the inability to discern between the essential and the superfluous, between the important and the urgent, between truth and sophism that has been evidenced. It is a shame that the television box has become in our eyes, the source of the official "truth" of the facts, replacing the direct perception of the phenomena and matters that concern us. Lacking reliable contrast information, we become sailboats without a helm at the mercy of what a few choose for us.

The teachers and instructors in very different latitudes and even in ancient times, tried to warn us about the imminence of an abyss, to give us warning about what could happen if we diverted the roads to the purpose, which they already foresaw as a possibility. We were bequeathed by codes of wisdom and knowledge that which traffic signals served to correct deviations and even accidents in our evolutionary process, that is, of learning. We were told that we were here to learn from Natural Law and collective development, but that nothing would displace the divine essence of our project and since our essence and purpose is spiritual and collective, secondarily it is material, social and individual; that Life prevails as light prevails in the face of darkness, despite the attacks against it and executed by those who commit to the anti-spiritual and materialist agenda.

The expected time has come in the last half million years; 26, 000 human generations waiting for this precious moment in the eternity of the spirit and we embelesados ​​in the bazaar of the cretins, affirmation that I do according to how they treat us, as people who do not think, who quickly forget even their own history, which does not recognize that the executioners of the present are the heirs of those of the past, both immediate and distant, that the super-powerful lords continue to be through their lineages, that they squeeze your neck at pleasure to finally cry out, so that you only squeeze a Little less and continue to suffer. At least there was a time in which we struggled with or without reason - now we know that wrongly - for the illusion of living with dignity and even with the slogan of the distribution of wealth, which eventually became the distribution of poverty. Now with the single announcement of the mass layoffs, we depose any claim in order to be re-hooked to the work line even if it is conditionally, with a temporary contract and without greater hopes, more than a certain guarantee of survival, as a consumer of course.

The interesting thing is that, at this time, the real possibility of dispensing with what does not serve us to travel the rest of the journey that we are missing, which we could not carry as luggage of in the face of the next phase of planetary evolution: our own and assumed meanness, our egoisms born of the control drama we have invented to wrest some energy away from others, after not finding a way to plug ourselves in to the universal source of energy. Our belief systems based on fear, on condemnation, on the supposed redemption of sin at the hands of the intermediaries of gods of flesh and blood, or failing that, will do us no good. A dead god All of this will be left behind now because it will be our choice to leave him behind and not return the look of hope over it, so the slavers will not be able to oppress me anymore. s. It is part of hope and it is in our hands if we understand and fit it as a real possibility as clear as wet water and fire burns.

We have always known that signs will appear in heaven and on earth when the time of great change has arrived. It should not be necessary for me to remind you of those signs or any warnings that we should keep in mind today, but since I had not taken them into account fifteen years ago, there would be people who do not recognize them, so I will write down some, just as a reminder without an order of priorities:

  • Master Jesus, his disciples and disciples, to the Essenian therapists in the caves and to many of the Gentiles (foreigners) who accompanied him, more words, less words: I leave you my signal for the time of my return, when there is no stone on stone in this beloved walled city; Be tireless seekers and defenders of the truth, for only she will set you free from all attachment, from every yoke, from every transgression to the Will of the Father and to your own, . .
  • Of the Hopi elders (Ca n del Colorado, USA): in the time of the end (pink dolphin for more signs) the sunset of this age will come to an end, and in the last place on earth where green is still green, people of all races, of all creeds, of all flags, and prophecy will be born will be fulfilled, the earth will give birth to the birth of the Rainbow. This prophecy has been fulfilled since 1987.
  • Revelations (Revelation): and the dragon of the beast, from whom he has received power and will speak for her and in concubinage with her, will pursue beyond the sea (America) to the mother who will give birth his son (the children of Humanity) to devour him A clear reference to the world power that gives another the word to blaspheme for her, enslave the human collective and devour young and old Trying to make them inept sheep of the system, like their elders. With the fall of Babylon in an hour, the earth will have its feast and will be clothed with lights and a thousand years of peace and harmony will come.
  • Mayan Prophecy: 1320 before 2012, the Lord of Palenque, leaves his will written in stone; at the end of the Mayan account of 5, 125 turns to the tzol, the earth and its Humanity will graduate before the galactic community; during the last kat n (1, 992 2, 012) the signals will be clear, with the stars, the waters and the fire; the galactic family will attend the birth of mother earth at the very edge of the era of the golden hawk; the garden will be renewed, 1024 turns will separate the Human Being from paradise, an instant in the non-time of the spirit.
  • John XXIII (Pope of Rome, book of prophecies): "And the elder brother comes from Arcturus, riding a white horse and with a sword of light, " without comment.
  • I could write down others, but these are enough for the good listener. Now, turn off the TV and open your eyes, heart and mind to what is happening:

If the teacher Jesus left the task of seeking the truth, it is certainly because we have been for thousands of years, in the hands of impostors who speak to us in the name of God - in reality in the name of their gods of flesh and blood that once interfered with the human process. on earth, breaking the sacred law of nonintervention; those gods and their adherents are the greatest fake ever known, committed to the agenda of darkness, will keep the world population ignorant, amnesic and anesthetized with their materialistic addiction, so that they do not recognize their true project with life and spirituality. In the end, false prophets will abound like vultures before the carrion, but all will say to speak truthfully; we will be tested in the discernment to distinguish the grain of the straw, the truth of sophistry, the half truth of deliberate omission.

The Hopi, heirs of the ancient mother (Mayan) cosmogony, like their Central and South American brothers, pointed out with astonishing accuracy the end of a time (of planetary Consciousness) and the beginning of another (of Xolar Consciousness); the Hindus from the submerged continent Kumari Camdán (of the Kumaras) spoke of kalpas and yugas to describe gigantic days of evolution. The Maya in their Amerrikúa chapter deliver the filigree of the threads of time and leave the codes to keep accounts day by day, with their vinales, tunes, katunes, baktunes; with the galactic synchronization long count sub-cycles (5, 200 tun = 5, 125.26 years), with the Pleiadian cycles of our tzol Kinich Ahau (26, 000 tun) of the cycle with respect to the Arcturian solar system system (104, 000 tun), of the cycle regarding the Casa de Sirio (520, 000 tun) and regarding Vega (2'600, 000 tun), all of them concomitantly ending in 2012 Gregorian-Vatican. But the Mayans also give us details about the great cycle with respect to the local galaxy AM (64 million tun) and all of them are part of the Great cycle of evolution with respect to the local Nebadon Universe, of 216 million tun.
And why all this?
So that as inhabitants of the worlds of time, we place ourselves in the context in which we travel, because from that knowledge derives the work at each point of the road. Mind is the eagle that inhabits the dimension of time and must understand the coordinates to fly in the appropriate direction. We are not lost in space, we are not alone in Creation, we are not in crisis, we are only mutating from one phase to another in planetary evolution, from one musical octave to another, from one wavelength to another higher, but there are that tune the instrument in the appropriate note and that note is provided by the tzol Kinich Ahau, which provides the substance with which the earth feeds us and the one that illuminates us. That is why the elders of the surviving tribes in America say what they say, they remember the instructors and repeat the message. For this reason, the Essene teachers who formed the disciple Jesus were persecuted and forced to live in caves suffering the inquisition of their time, which has not stopped, even now when we believe in the supposed freedoms and democracies. It is sad to see slaves without visible chains dragging their bundles of selfishness and at the same time boasting their freedom (presidents of republics kings and popes included)

The signs in the sky appeared for those who wanted to see them and were three planetary alignments: Aug. 11/99 (cross: the time of Humanity and the earth has arrived); May 5, 2000 (in "V": the planetary brotherhood makes common cause with the earth, with the tzol in between); Nov. 8, 03 (Harmonic Concordance, six-pointed Arcturian star, the planetary merkabah opens, the new software is embodied and activated for everything that is alive on earth).

The last waltz of the tyrants is already ringing its end, its time will be over, hence its despair, because they have not yet been able to complete their agenda after not having fully taken over the only power they need, that of the time of each human being, so that we cannot carry out our true project, which because it is spiritual is exclusively internal.

They will continue to generate any kind of tricks and external circus so that you do not put your attention on the interior call, if you do not have time for yourself, you do not have time to develop your project, so they hold on to the concept of linear time because there they can handle. The Mayans teach us time as a radiant holosphere, but when you manage to focus on the archetypes that bequeathed us, that put you in touch with that ocean of time, black magicians will tell you that time does not exist, whereby you lose with face, but they win with seal (cross).

At this time, the signs of heaven are in charge of the tzol and the galactic community, who execute the Universal Will of Christ Mikaél, the Universal Christ Logos, but at the same time, the tzol maintains its own dynamics and rhythms that are natural to it . We have to follow the pulse of the tzol, it is necessary to observe and be attentive to their actions, because the earth does it and executes the corresponding response, it is like a melody played in two voices. If the tzol is very active, the planetary system is excited to the feverish state and that amounts to overheating, and in the specific circumstances for this moment of the earth to de-glaciation, to reactivation of the volcanic chains, to super-ionization of the atmosphere, to changes in the behavior of plants, animals and humans. No effort is needed to prove it, it is simply happening, it is a matter of common sense and minimal logical discernment to realize.
Only those who do not want to see or understand close their eyes and ears, but it is also their right, they seem to believe that in this way the changes will not happen and yet, their attitude deserves respect.

For 17 years we have been talking about the Mayan prophecy of 2012 without even many people being clear about it, especially now that many associate it at the end of the world and of course, putting it that way it seems that Mayan science was no longer that the expression of another sect trying to gain followers, because those who say, have not understood anything and that assuming they do it in good faith, that if not, then it will be another attack from ignorance or from orthodoxy to the Mayan, in the best style of 'Apocalypse'.
Something has the Mayan that vinegar the face of the powerful.
At this point, we can no longer talk about prophecy, because it is not, it has come true.
It is no longer prophecy to speak of the thaw, nor of the geo-physical preparation of the earth with the activation of the volcanic chains so that they release the tectonic plates. The birth of children that synthesize all races is no longer prophetic because Iberia made it possible and the Amerrikúa people waited for it and allowed it. Our young and awake children are the irrefutable demonstration of it, their genetic design makes them the advance towards the next phase of planetary evolution and the best of all is that they are our children, the children of the common people and not exclusively of illustrious lineages . Our children are part of Humanity (Human Unity with some consciousness) so they do not just fit their talents to their planetary function, that will come to them once the cycle of meanness is closed, which does not value them or attend to them as they do which are intrinsically and much less for what they represent for the future of Humanity. They love them, but assimilated as slaves in the Zion-Illuminati matrix, and these boys rebel against it for the most part.

Have you noticed the news that circulates on the free internet?
- Years ago we worried about the hole in the ozone layer; since June 2007 the earth has opened a gap from pole to pole in the magnetic belts that have always protected it from the Solar Wind; it is different to remove the curtain (ozone layer) from the bedroom window so that the light enters, to open the window (magnetic layer) to invite the wind to enter the bedroom. "This is an event we had never seen, " say scientists dedicated to the study of the sun, so we have no experience to treat it.

Conjectures are made, hypotheses are launched, but everything is possible. If the solar wind enters through the magnetic gap, human technology begins to falter, so they are trying to determine when the 11.5 year sub-cycle solar storm escalation could begin and is in default to begin and whose cusp is calculated for 2011-11.013.
When the solar explosions that scientists call Coronal Mass Ejections occur, at least, the high atmosphere will be super-ionized, to say the least, and we can enjoy it as a beautiful spectacle of northern and / or southern auroras, only it will not be so romantic. GPS and wave reflection satellites are not designed to withstand powerful ionic charges, they break down and remain as a high-cost scrap. Reflect on the implications (communications, satellite telephony, radio, television, flights, stock exchanges, banks, social chaos ...)
Another Nasa report points to the weakness of the wiring system for the transmission of high-voltage electric fluid. What if atmospheric ionization due to the effects of solar radiation without protection of the melting magnetosphere, as has happened on other occasions, the copper cores of these cables? What could happen if high-power transformers collapse at stations and sub-stations in large cities? Just imagining the mind becomes cloudy because it is something not taken into account so far and there is no time to remedy it, nor political will to face it. How many opportunities lost in the previous decades only because of the few laziness to sustain technologies inappropriate for the human being, but appropriate to keep us controlled and dependent on the centers of power, I speak of the petroqu Thermal, hydro and thermoelectric electricity, excellent until 50 years ago, but incoherent for this moment of so much understanding of the phenomena of energy. What seemed only a political folly in the technological field, now stands as a conspiracy against the Humanity project, because if someone has been informed about the current times they are the ones subsidize research in many different fields.

How to fit and accept willingly, that at the moment of fighting against climate change (which is an outburst, because what we do to stop it will go unnoticed) for the land, which obeys tzol rather than humans, especially those who do not listen to it or comply with its laws), continue to project more chain assemblies to assemble more gasoline cars ? This is a flagrant contradiction, when it is a non-contaminating technology, they should be thinking of dusting the old inventions of cars and washing machines with ultrasound, with only water and even with only magnetism, which they do not release because with free energy they cannot enslave us, and the implication would be to abandon petrochemicals and therefore, one of the most beneficial businesses of certain families, Do you understand the dilemma? The global warming is produced by the tzol at a specific moment of its dynamics, that we cannot control, but that of the CO2 yes, that's why they tell us after 40 years of denying the overheating, that the climatic change is due to the concentration of CO2 that we all produce even with breathing, with which the guilt is socialized, but they reassure us that they already have the solution with the Badly called bio-fuels and bio-diesel, what a way to offend life without anyone questioning it!
Well, the cure will be more serious than the disease.

For your information, if you no longer remember it, the tzol is the clock that never fails and is not only alive and aware of its Being (the tzol is the home and headquarters of the Thirteen Arc Angels of Tibetan Theosophy and the schools of ancient mysteries, or what is the same, of the 13 Mayan Ahau Kin), their breathing in binary cycles of 23 years of the earth, divided into inhalation and exhalation, each 11.5 year sub-cycle, which is called Helio-pause, implies that every 11.5 years by force there is one more Maximum ejections or solar explosions, which in the last sub-cycles lasted between 3 and 4 years. The current one and that has already given faint signals of its beginning, will have its crest between 2011 and 2013, so pray if you want it, to close the gap in the magnetosphere before start the solar ejaculations, which would be received by the earth with an open vulva in its magnetic field, as is, but if it should be so, the prayers will not change what in law It should happen. Did you read or can you say that Isis made love with Osiris and that relationship was born Horus? For it is not mythology, nor religion, Isis is Mother Earth, Osiris (whose symbol is the Goose with the solar disk Ra in tow) is the solar-galactic Hierarchy commonly called Ra and Horus Humanity who prepares to fly into his embrace with Father Tzol, which he will do in full special photographic belt (just the Mayan zodiac sector of the hawk golden), which will begin once this sub-cycle is finished, which the Mayans counted day and ending on December 21, 2010 Gregorian.

Did they think we wouldn't find out about these sacred connections? Well here they have it and it's just the tip of an iceberg of what we've already remembered. Now many have it and the advance of consciousness is irrepressible, they can annihilate our bodies, but never our spirit or our inner flight to the I Am. For this reason and for this, the earth is adorned with lights, to give the daughter her Humanity to the tzol, already with the genetic inheritance that the suns of the galactic mother have already arranged for this point and transferred through the mother earth and finally by our own biological mothers. If we ignore the treasure that has been given to us, we will not open the true Book of Humanity's Knowledge: the ADM-DNA, which the ADA galactic mother places in the Core and in the Mitochondria of the human being, so that she never forgets her identity nor his filio with divinity, his project and his purpose; the interesting thing is that we all go with the book incorporated, without the need for any editorial; towards this the mother instruction (maya) points, so some believe that maya is illusion, the mayan instruction is the most real and tangible treasure of knowledge that we inherit from heaven.

So here we are, debating between believing and not believing; There will be those who choose not to know, not to find out, some because of skepticism, others because an approach like this breaks their hypotheses, others because they consider that as we are beings of light, nothing of darkness touches us and of course, we agree that we are beings of light, only for the moment we are embodied in a material and temporal world, being our expression: energetic, mental, emotional and physical, so it is also valid to attend our earthly affairs while we are here.
Peace and harmony is a good slogan, only impractical when it comes to making decisions in the circumstances that now impel us to act.

Sometimes, stillness is auspicious, silence and pause are part of the score of life, but when you have to walk and act, you have to do it, that is how the peoples who in the past heard their wise men and undertook great exodus as those from Lemuria to Africa and South America already made 26, 000 tun, the one from the Atlanteans to America, Iberia and North Africa already made 10, 500 tun, the one from 38 ethnic groups and towns to Iberia from 1, 070 before Jesus to 1, 492 after Jesus, always aligning the human will to the Will of Heaven, so be it unconsciously. On the contrary, there are messages that anesthetize, which generate passivity when the attitude of the spiritual warrior that we are supposed to be now should be different. It is time to question and abandon what is inappropriate for our project and that requires a minimum of knowledge and insight, of mental clarity, the Mayans would say. If you do not question the belief system both those imposed by empires and their institutions of domestication, such as the self-chosen, and those of the infiltrated “New Age” movement * hardly your mind will have the meridian clarity that allows you to slowly assume large elections commitment now.
There is never a dose of good knowledge, the wise never proclaimed ignorance as a good counselor.
The earth requires awakened neurons in its skin, of people with availability to move, to move on time if necessary, not resigned and overwhelmed patients believing that someone will come to evacuate them when the time comes. If the waters rise, you have to learn to swim and if they are turbulent you have to decide to walk, climb the mountain; the signs are given, the decisions are yours.

The phenomena that are happening and I refer to the natural ones, can reach their climax at any time, they are part of a natural order that we not only ignore but also do not govern. How to do so that the tzol does not develop its cycle of solar explosions when within its dynamics it is the most natural? It is about solar respiration, and inhibiting it is equivalent to having our nose and mouth covered at the same time. How to order the earth and the central tzol of the earth to close the gap in the magnetic field, if perhaps that is what is conducive to this moment of your dance with the tzol outside? It would be like asking the earth to stop turning on its axis, because it will not do so for many reasons that we believe we have for it; it is we who have moved away from their natural order and if we have been inattentive and disconnected, it is not the dilemma of the earth and the tzol, it is ours and although it is at the last minute we will have to accept it and the sooner, the better for us .

There are things that definitely have no choice but to adapt. In each morning for us the tzol will continue to come out, so those who wish to continue sleeping do not like it, in the same way, the dawn of the new day for the earth is already present, so those who wish to continue living in the cave do not know or want to Find out about it. The night of the nightmare of history comes to an end, it is time for the bearers of light, of consciousness, to freely do their work; It is time to prepare the welcome to the new Tzol, leaving fears and aversions behind.

We go with God and God in each one of us, moreover, there is no distance between you and God, so you are God manifesting; so if God acted for six days and rested on the seventh according to a certain version, who am I and who are you to assume that we must remain passive now?

Receive this writing as a gift of goodwill, assume it and discard what you may have and feel free to share this reflection with whomever you deem appropriate, but do not take away or add anything, because everyone puts on the footwear that it is going and we cannot decide more than by ourselves.

With love: Blue Galactic Night.
From the heights of Spain, on three successive flights between Seville, Valencia, Madrid and the Canary Islands.
11th moon of the 5, 121 turn of the Blue Electric Storm, from the Mayan account (May 2009)

This document will be part of the preliminary book of my next book under the title of "Return A-Mesh" about to be published.

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* The so-called "New Age" at least for this server, does not drive in a good direction; I am becoming more and more convinced that this movement hides a large number of false prophets of which the wise men of the past warned us; not to all those who approach spirituality, which responds to an inner impulse with their soul commitment, we can hang the label of the new era, but generally the whole new age movement, which is usually an external posture, is supposed to be spiritual, so only by their works will you recognize them as the Master said, act with discernment and do not believe everything that circulates with spiritual etiquette.

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