A key step ", by Julio Andr s Pagano

Why do you keep putting off decisions? Did someone guarantee you how long you will live? Internally there is a voice that tells you to be encouraged. Your body resists. The unknown tenses you, shake your most feared ghosts. You intuit that everything will be for good, however there is something that still slows you down. The vibration of these words comes to instill confidence. Today your life will change, you will take a key step.

After the frontier of the known, the world is threatening in the eyes of our own fantasies. Doubts paralyze, stagnate, play in favor of the mind to postpone changes. Thousands and thousands of phrases that begin with would, should and could, accumulate in the corner of despair, where they die of sadness after tireless attempts to achieve freedom.

It is time for you to move to the place where you feel aligned with your essence. Trust your hunches. Heed intuition. Let existence guide you through the signs. There are new doors that are opening, give yourself the internal permission to see them. Do not worry. The unknown becomes friendly if we trust that everything happens for our greatest good. Your heart knows what I tell you, that's why it speeds up your heartbeat by recognizing this message.

Have faith. Encourage to move, it is never too late. External movements generate internal movements. Open to new experiences. Stop going around in circles of unconsciousness, which, little by little, extinguish your breath and turn off your light. No more excuses, no more postponements. These letters come to remind you of what we once thought we were never going to forget: the power is within us.

I want to enjoy the intrepid glow of your soul again when it laughs. Your happiness adds up to make the world warmer and more human. I allowed the wisdom of your spirit to set the new direction where your energy will flow. There is an inner paradise that awaits your return. Whatever you do, do it consciously. That is the key step, which today will transform your life.

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