Energy Protection With Jin Shin Jyutsu, by Maite Barnet and Ana Martínez

  • 2016
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A few days ago, chatting with a good lover friend, and practicing that ancient art of healing and self-knowledge that is Jin Shin Jyutsu, about the influence of undesirable energies, blockages and ways to protect, unlock and harmonize us again, we came up with the topic of the article that I share today. And how could it be otherwise, chatting and sharing emerged concepts, ideas and everything that from our current level of knowledge we can share to provide a more insight on this topic ...

This article has been written, then, with four hands, sharing, contrasting ... With four hands as a beautiful melody that is played for the pleasure of playing that is heard from the heart and felt in the soul. Four hands, because the hands, our hands is all that is needed to put into practice what we present here.

What is JIn Shin Jyutsu


We are energy, manifested in a denser way in the visible part of us that makes up the human body and in different and increasingly subtle energy levels interacting with the global energy framework that shapes everything.

As a manifestation of that divine energy from which we come we always have the power to harmonize and re-tune with our being, with our essence, with our most authentic reality and for that we were endowed with the simplest tool that could be granted to us. Ourselves, our body, our hands ...

We have in each of us everything we need to travel our path on this plane, a spirit as a manifestation of the divine essence of being that we really are, a body, to express ourselves on the physical plane and a thought or consciousness that allows us To realize that expression and for all this to work we come equipped with two hands and 26 security locks that we can harmonize at any time and use them so that life flows through us in a calm and harmonious way .

Jin without jyutsu / Energy protection.

Some jin Shin Jyutsu safety locks are also important points to unlock when it comes to protecting us or helping us keep our energy body harmonized and strong to avoid or repel energy attacks and the disorders that they can cause us.

Close 1

Located on the inside of the knees, it means the first engine, the point that puts the sky in contact with the earth, causing the energy to descend and allow us to move, move forward and move forward.

Placing our hands on this point at the level of energy protection for one hour a day (can be distributed in sessions of 20 minutes) helps clean and free us from the undesirable effects of energy vampirism in a simple and calm way, giving us peace.

We can keep this safety lock open to allow proper circulation of the energy flow and keep us energetically strong by taking our thumb.

Close 19.

Located in the flexion of the elbows it is the center of our personal power. Keeping this security closure harmonized, it gives us back our capacity for self leadership and energetically reinforces our field to avoid interference from anything or anyone.

Holding the 19 at the height of half an arm above the elbow, helps us free ourselves from the emotional stagnation that manifests itself in the form of a vital brake that prevents us from moving forward and returns us to the position of owning ourselves, only We of our own feelings.

Closures 3, 10, 9 in the shoulder blades.

See drawing of dots on the back.

Placing your hands on these closures is helpful in cases of evil eye.

Keeping the energy body in good condition is a good defense against any attack or energy intrusion.

For this, it is appropriate to perform a sequence of steps on different points in the body that constitute the energy flow called the Vertical Main Central Current . Keeping our hands about five minutes at each point until completing the circuit helps strengthen the aura and therefore protects us from negative energies.

Keep the right hand in the central part of the skull (crown) throughout the exercise following the order of the points specified in the photograph until the last step in which this hand goes to the coccyx while the left hand is kept in pubis.

There are in case of taking attached entities or magic other concrete steps and energy flows that it is advisable to perform within the framework of a therapeutic session conducted by an expert practitioner.

Author: Maite Barnet and Ana Martínez

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