Bach flowers: Holly (Holly)

  • 2018
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We return with a new installment that brings us closer to one of the most positive alternative therapies, Bach flowers . In this case we focus all our interest on Holly, also called holly. What is it for and how will it be useful for anyone who is treated with this powerful floral remedy?

What is the so-called holly or Holly?

Bach Holly's Flower is especially suitable for those people are always moody. It is for those beings who appear to be hard of heart and even become cruel on some occasions.

The positive that brings the flower of Holly is generosity . The ability to give without asking for anything in return. It is an excellent remedy for children who are jealous of their new brothers.

Holly flower status

The Holly flower, says Doctor Bach himself, opens the heart and brings us together with divine love .

When love is not recognized or stimulated, the heart chakra gradually closes and other types of behavior patterns such as hate, revenge or jealousy are firmly rooted.

When people are in this negative state of Holly, they are suspicious and distrustful. They are in constant tension and are very sensitive to real insults and also to those that are the fruit of their own imagination.

The powerful energy and generic potential that Bach Holly Flower possesses floods the heart chakra with unconditional love and helps transform all these negative states.

Love in Bach Holly's Flower

Among all the floral remedies of Bach, the Holly flower is in a central and privileged position, because it personalizes love .

People who flow with love and in the current of sincere affection, live in a state of grace . When the need to give and receive love is denied is when the negative state of Holly appears and becomes visible.

People with this type of personality crave love, but they don't have the ability to let it flow . Even in those cases when they manage to be in a couple, they live in fear of losing it because uncertainty, doubts and fears predominate.

Holly beings are constantly tense and do not have, nor demonstrate, any flexibility. They can only return to a natural elasticity when they learn to renounce their hostility and relax with love.

People in this state generally lose their temper and permanently hold discussions with other people . They have a potential and latent hidden rage, waiting to jump and attack mercilessly, no matter who or what. It can be a work colleague, a relative and even a book or a movie.

This Bach Flower is especially suitable for those, who are so suspicious and hypersensitive that they are, they have become rabid fans of control and order .

Treatment with this flower will calm them and help them understand that there is no need to outdo everyone else. That it is okay to accept and appreciate the things that are there, without destroying them.

The main quality of Holly

Holly protects us from all that is not love, opens our hearts and communicates with divine love.

We begin to intuit where we come from, where we belong. In this way we can come to understand that we are all children of love and it helps us to remain in that state of love. The main quality of Holly is the ideal human state to which we aspire while on Earth.

Seen in The Journey of the Hero, by Pedro, editor of the White Brotherhood

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