Spiritual Response Therapy: What it is, how it works and how it can help us improve our health

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"Even the darkest night will pass, and the sun will rise again."

- Victor Hugo

All things that inhabit the universe have the ability to coexist with each other. In that way, they contribute to maintaining a constant dynamic equilibrium, a universal homeostasis in which we all participate. And you wonder, and what does this have to do with Spiritual Response Therapy ?

Well, in the same way, thanks to the concept of fractals, we can understand that internally, we are also a conjunction of systems that coexist and interact, ideally keeping everything related to our development balanced. That is why all of us are directly or indirectly in a quest to maintain our own balance, which these days is especially difficult thanks to the enormous amount of things that undermine our power of concentration .

However, over time different forms of therapy have been developed whose objective is to meet the different needs, both physical and mental and spiritual . And it is the latter that begin to gain hierarchy as soon as you notice how much of our imbalance is related to the emotional information that our soul carries and the way in which it translates into the programming that runs through us.

From there it is that Spiritual Response Therapy gives us the answers we need to work our well-being. Stay with us while we discover the importance of this form of therapy and the benefits it has to offer us.

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What is Spiritual Response Therapy

TRE is a form of therapy that consists of a method of healing through the investigation of the akashic records, that is, the "archives of the soul." It works, in this way, at an energetic level, which allows that even without being experts or very sensitive to spiritual issues, we can recognize its results in our own life as evidence of its action. For this, he uses tools such as a pendulum with which the therapist identifies the muscular responses that our subconscious gives to the questions asked. In turn, the practitioner of Spiritual Response Therapy uses thirty-two graphs that help him interpret the different responses, and in which the challenges, motivations and blockages present in the soul are represented.

Spiritual Response Therapy was created by the Rev. Robert Detzler in the United States . He stood out for not having an absolutely rigid stance of religion, but rather a broad vision that favored that he meets realities beyond the dogmatic. He also had a great background in theology, which allowed him to carry out important relationships between different religious cultures . In that way, and accompanied by his wife Mary Ann, he comes to understand that we are all spiritual beings, and that we have the capacity to manifest ourselves at different levels.

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The Three Plans of the people

We know then that people have different planes of existence, and Spiritual Response Therapy makes use of this concept to work with their patients.

The foreground is the equivalent of the beta state, our consciousness or waking state. Usually, this plane is mainly related to the ego . As an analogy we can imagine this foreground as the tip of an iceberg, that which is visible but that conceals ninety percent of its being behind that visible surface.

The background has to do with our subconscious . It is there where the " archives " are stored, the record of all our memories, memories and beliefs. All information about our present life and past lives is located on this plane, acting under the shadow and influencing our behavior. This information comes to us as emotional responses, which are also referred to in terms of " programs " that process all the things we are experiencing and interpret them in a certain sense.

Now, a fundamental part of Spiritual Response Therapy has to do with the third level. And this is the plane of the Higher Self, of the connection we have with The Divinity. This plane is also referred to as the supraconscious, the most evolved and elevated part of each person, which does not belong to the mental, physical or emotional. It is rather a manifestation of the Supreme Being that accompanies us during our lives to guide us in our quest to achieve spiritual purposes. It also has the power to unlock the energy that is stagnant in us and affect our physical, mental and emotional health.

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How Spiritual Response Therapy works

To understand how this form of therapy works, it is important to remember that we all have in our unconscious a certain programming that processes the information we capture, but that this programming is loaded with a certain energy that results from all our past experiences .

Thus, the therapist holds the pendulum on the graphs and carries out a series of questions directed towards our subconscious. The Higher Self of the patient, who knows the information stored in these records, communicates it to the Higher Self of the therapist and the response comes as an involuntary movement of the body that is evidenced by the movement of the pendulum on the graphics that represent an emotional map. It should be clarified that the participation of another person is not necessary. You can train yourself and carry out this cleaning process by yourself.

In that way, the unconscious gives permission to overwrite the identified records. And so it results in the cleansing of the patient's soul .

The effects of Spiritual Response Therapy can be noticed immediately as they release blockages that often come from times before the present. However, for the results to last over time, the tendency to rely on current programming must also be overcome. And this entails a conscious and significant attitudinal change on the part of the patient, since the task of programming a new pattern in his life must be carried out.

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The graphics of the TRE

The thirty-two graphics of Spiritual Response Therapy have evolved from the first eight, and can be understood as emotional maps of the person. These graphics can be downloaded from this link.

Each of the graphics of Spiritual Response Therapy has a specific meaning, but in general we can say that:

  • The first graphic is a guide by which the Higher Self indicates which are the files that must be worked on.
  • From graph two to nine, they correspond to the physical field . These are the experiences that relate to what happened in each of the incarnations.
  • Figure ten corresponds to a communication or bridge between the physical plane and the spiritual plane, between the experience of the experience and what is programmed beforehand.
  • From chart eleven to thirty-one are those related to the purely spiritual plane, linked to those experiences that are in the soul before incarnating.

- Graph thirty-two is the graph that corresponds to the checklist .

Change your life. Find your own well-being and balance by using the benefits that Spiritual Response Therapy has to offer you.

AUTHOR: Lucas, editor and translator of the great family of hermandadblanca.org


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