Healing Series: Health and Disease, by Sandra Gusella

Dear friends,

I warmly welcome you and send you all my love. I love you all so deeply. My love for you is not entirely universal but also has a personal touch, because I have met many of you when I was here on earth among you.

I am Jeshua. I have lived on earth like Jesus and I have been among the people to give evidence of the Love that is available to all of you, from the Source that lies within ourselves.
Now, the time has come for you to take charge of the torch. You are the seeds that germinate today. This is the meaning of the rebirth of Christ. It is not me (the man who once lived on earth) who will return, but the universal power of Christ's energy that is now being born within you. I am so pleased to help you in this process by being with you in this way.

At the beginning of this season, Pamela and Gerrit asked me what topic I would like to discuss and I told them: 'that does not matter, I just want to be with them'.
I want to touch you with my energy and that is enough for me. Because the only thing that counts is that you feel the flame of clarity within yourself, the flame of truth. That is the essence of Christ's energy.
I have been a premature bearer of this flame, but it is time for you to carry this torch forward. It is important to recognize who you are inside. You carry this flame with you and you must understand that the time has come to show it to the world, because the world is waiting for you. This is a time of transformation, of great changes, which shows many faces, both light and dark. The moment is ready for people who have a neutral point of view, for those who can observe the waves of violence and destruction that can appear from a calm and peaceful state of mind, and for those who are able to be present in love, Without judgment.

Today I will talk about health and illness. But remember: what basically interests me is to allow you to feel that I am here. Allow you to feel that you are equal to me and that I am equal to you. We are one, we are carriers of a particular Light energy and we have been working for a long time, for many lives, to root this energy and anchor it to the earth. This is your job. This is your mission.

The time has come to stop seeing me as someone to respect. I am a brother and a friend of you, not a teacher whom you should follow. I want to surround you with the energies of love and truth. This is all I can do. Now it is your turn to support yourself and allow the Light of your torches to shine.

Health and illness…. Is an issue that is presented in the lives of all people sooner or later.

First I want to tell you something about the disease phenomenon, about what it really means.
All diseases have a spiritual origin.
I would like to explain this by making a distinction between the different bodies that you have. In addition to the physical body, visible to all of you, you also have an emotional body, a mental body and something that you can call a spiritual body.

The disease begins mainly in the emotional body. It is from here that certain blockages are established in the physical body, on the material level. Often, the convictions of the mental body also contribute to the development of emotional blockages, and thus to the generation of disease. I am talking about deeply rooted convictions oh ... habits of thought. Often, these are convictions about what is right or wrong about yourself.

Critics can literally create a blockage in your emotional energy system. In those places where the blockage arises, where emotional energy is not allowed to flow freely, a dark energy begins to become visible in the aura. This energy can take root in the body. This does not necessarily have to be so, because this process takes a long time and there are enough opportunities to return things to an emotional balance, before the disease (physical) unfolds.

Therefore, they are not afraid of emotional blockages. There is enough time to solve the unbalanced state. However, at some point you may not be able to handle this blockage correctly, or even feel it. Perhaps the blockage goes partially unnoticed to you and you are very unaware of it. If this is the situation, the physical symptoms actually help them come into contact with the blockage.
In this way, physical symptoms or pain are the language of the soul. The soul longs for complete communication between all its parts. The soul feels happy when there is a free flow of energy and a continuous renewal of all aspects of itself. The blockages prevent energy from flowing freely and that depresses the soul.

Thus the disease fulfills the function of an indicator: it shows you where you are in need of healing. Although the disease seems to be negative, in the sense that you are disturbed by all kinds of symptoms and pains, the key is to interpret the disease as an indicator or guide. By doing this, it becomes easy to cooperate with the disease instead of resisting it.

Since the disease often represents a stuck emotion which is (partially) beyond the reach of its own horizon, it is not always easy to understand where they are from. represented the disease or symptoms. Sometimes it seems very difficult to discover what the soul tries to tell you through a specific disease. Then, you need to go inside and examine yourself carefully, in the sense of gradually becoming aware of the kind of energy that manifests in the disease, the signal that you get from the disease and what it is that Try telling them.

This understanding is often obstructed by the fact that you are so afraid of being sick. The first reaction to the disease is often one of denial of resistance. You would rather like the disease to disappear as soon as possible, because it frightens you. You are afraid of deterioration, imperfection, falling apart, and finally death.
This panic reaction is unfortunate as it separates you from a broader perspective on the disease. You could consider the disease in another light. You could also experience it as a messenger of change, as a return to something precious that you have lost.

To understand the 'indicator function' of the disease, it is very important to say 'yes' to the symptoms and pains that may develop within your body. By saying 'yes', by accepting the state of your physical body, you have really solved half of the problem. Here the problem is not the disease itself, but what it represents, the implicit block (s). By turning to the disease and saying 'yes' with your heart and with your soul, you will have already solved a part of the blockage even without knowing precisely what the disease means.

However, this 'say yes', this basic attitude of acceptance, is not easy for you. You can find resistance (emotional or mental) that keeps you saying 'no' - sometimes subtly and sometimes stubbornly - to what your body is indicating. Frequently, the body gives specific clues. For example, it makes you feel that you should pause, abandon certain tasks, be more kind to yourself, and so on. Although you still do not know how to interpret your illnesses from a spiritual level, you can already see many of these particular indications quite frequently.

But if you ignore this language of the body and keep resisting disease, it is very difficult to reach the spiritual essence and meaning of the disease. There is a lot of anger and fear surrounding her. You only achieve true inner freedom by facing face to face with your illness, with your pain and affliction, and also with your feelings of fear and aversion. Embrace them and then ask them calmly and neutrally: what do they want to tell me?

In your society it is not manifested to be intimate with your own body. Speaking to your body as a being that deserves love and respect is not considered natural. In their society they are given many idealized images about how their body should look, what it means to have health and good physical conditions, what is owed and what not to drink and eat. In short, there are all kinds of norms and standards as to how a long and healthy life should be.

But all these idealized images have no relation to the path of the soul. The path of the soul is extremely individual. Therefore, you are asked to tune in to yourself in an extremely individual way to find the truth about the illness, symptoms or tensions that you carry. You are asked to give up all the ideas of the outside world and to go in search of your own truth deep within you.

This is a great challenge for you, because the fear and panic that seizes you in case of illness, make you easily divert to the authorities outside of you. They begin to go in search of external authorities that can advise and comfort them. These could be a doctor or an expert in alternative treatments; This basically makes no difference. The key is that with fear you at that time resign your own responsibility and give it to someone else.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with hearing the advice of an expert and very often this is very sensitive. But then it is important to carry this knowledge inside and weigh it with your own heart. Estimate the value of this knowledge. Only you are the bosses, the teachers of your own body, of your own life. Only you, yourself, know what is best for your own body. In the deepest sense of the word, you are the creators of your own body.

Recovering intimacy with your own body requires practice, it is not obvious. Don't resign yourself to this so easily. When you are dealing with persistent tensions or symptoms, try to examine them again. Take a moment to relax and then travel with a neutral awareness to the places in your body where the symptoms or energy of the disease manifest. Ask pain or disease to take the form of an imaginary living being, so that you can speak to him. Ask him to appear as an animal, a child or a human being. Or ask him to show himself as a guide, in any form. Use your imagination! Imagination is an extraordinarily valuable instrument to discover the deepest movements of your soul.

If you do this, as soon as you notice that your body responds - with images or feelings - you can feel joy. There may be happiness for the recovered contact, the recovered privacy. As soon as you realize that you are the only ones able to do this, that there is nothing or nobody else except you who can carry out this task of knowing your body thoroughly from the inside, you will feel confident in yourself again. . This self-confidence makes it easier for you to feel what the disease tries to tell you. It prevents them from ignoring the responses they receive from their inner being, due to mental ideas or outside ideas. Intimacy with your body is something extremely good, in all circumstances, but particularly when the body shows diseases or symptoms.

The means to allow your body to speak is love. You do not encourage communication with your body when you try to eliminate the disease by ardently repeating healing statements or visualizations. This is still a form of struggle or resistance. The key is that you come to understand the meaning of the diseased parts of your body. If you understand this, this can be transformed and the emotional blocks can be removed. This is how the healing process works; not fighting with the disease, one way or another, but accepting it as a friend who wants to show them the right direction. This is difficult to understand, because the disease frightens them and distresses them. Either way, accepting your illness is the only way, the only way to the Light. The disease wants to take them back home.

The purpose of the disease is to obtain a better and deeper understanding of yourself. The result may be physical recovery. But this does not always work that way. The disease does not always disappear as soon as they descend to the root of the emotional block.

At this point, I would like to say a few words about chronic and incurable (terminal) diseases.

In case of chronic disease there are persistent physical problems that make recurrences. Symptoms recur, especially during vulnerable periods, in which you more or less lose contact with your inner being. This can be totally demoralizing. Therefore, I ask you to consider the disease from a broader perspective. Do not try to throw the disease continuously. Try to see her as a welcome guest.

People with chronic diseases undertake an arduous task. At the soul level, they have agreed to confront the fears that appear in the context of their illness, and to face the idealized images of how one should perform in life. Assuming this challenge demonstrates enormous courage.

It often happens that a soul chooses a chronic disease to solve a specific problem in a very focused way. The disease increasingly reflects certain emotions. There is an emotional pattern that accompanies the disease. Dealing with these emotions over and over again is a totally heavy task, but it carries many fruits for the soul.

Very often these lives have great depth and inner wealth that is not always perceived by others. Therefore, it is not sustainable to constantly fight or wait for an advance in medical conditions. The fact is that the disease usually advances in a spiral movement, making circular movements upwards towards a higher level, although apparently you fall back on the same symptoms every time. This is not how the spiritual level works. At this level you do not back down but even reach a greater depth in dealing with emotions that may have been overlooked during previous lives.

This also applies to congenital or inherited physical defects. As for this you sometimes talk about karma, but I am careful with this concept, because you have a tendency to associate karma with crime and punishment. This is not how this works. The soul has the sincere desire to know each other to the fullest and be free. This is your deepest desire. Starting from this burning desire, she sometimes takes care of ailments, illnesses and physical defects that help them achieve their goals. It is certainly not a matter of paying off your debts. It is a deep attempt to break free, and sometimes the best way to get it is to experience (extremely) difficult circumstances within your own body. By this intention we can only have the greatest respect. Especially in their society, in which inhuman ideal images of how to be functional, useful, beautiful and successful are estimated. These idealistic concepts make it even harder to live your life with an impediment and still experience it as meaningful and joyful.

It is those among you who have courage who assume such sick lives. They also radiate a kind of clarity and dignity to those whose lives can easily be overlooked. When you are successful according to the prevailing standards of society, it is generally more difficult to expand on who you really are and what your motives are in life. Especially those who are sick and weak have a function of indicador towards these people. They are a gu a towards truth and clarity. Because the truth does not imply perfection, but love and acceptance for everything there is.

Finally, I want to say something about terminal, incurable diseases. Sometimes, it will be evident that some will not survive the disease more. The body gradually succumbs to the disease. The earthly frame does not persist. To that degree, what does the soul that is inside the body do? As long as you keep resisting disease, you will not be able to make contact with your soul, with your inner knowledge that tells you that it is time to say goodbye. Sometimes you perceive in advance that you have to leave, but the idea affects you with such horror and grief that you continue to fight. You are impatient waiting for that new medicine has been launched, or you are waiting for another treatment in the near future that may be effective.
This is totally understandable and I certainly do not want to condemn this attitude, but you are terribly hurt in this way. If you let go and allow death to approach, you will notice that death is not an opponent, but instead a friend. Death frees them from the fight.

If you accompanied what death wants to tell you, you will go through several stages before the true process of dying is taking place. These stages have to do with a gradual liberation of all earthly things: of your loved ones, of your (terrestrial) environments, of your feelings with everything that you observe around you. This is a beautiful, natural process.

It would be a shame to overshadow this process with a fighting attitude, in which you try to cling to life well at any cost. Often, the body has already become so fragile by then that it is no longer worth living. Let her go. Death is a liberator, who is there to serve you. Death is not your enemy. Death brings them new life.

When you are with someone who has an incurable disease and you feel that he knows he is going to die, try to talk to him about this gently and carefully. It is a relief for the person who goes through this. The most valuable and precious thing you can do for an agonizing person is to sit close to him and hold his hand. There is nothing else that you need to know or be able to accompany a person who is dying.

Attention to the terminally ill is very important in their society. Someone, all of you will face this within your own family or within your circle of relationships. Simply be present with the person who is going to die and feel the journey that is coming. Feel the extraordinary, powerful moment in which the soul leaves the body and returns to the other kingdoms, to your home.

Do not consider the disease that leads to death as an enemy with whom you will lose in the end. It is not a battle. Very frequently, death comes to free them from even more pain and suffering. You are certainly not a loser. You will simply continue your way in another way.

Sometimes, there are particular issues that you would have liked to live or have overcome during this life, which cannot be concluded. This may afflict you, and not only you but also those behind you. However, I ask you to leave this alone, because there is an inner wisdom at work that guides you and will bring you and your loved ones together in new and better circumstances. Someday you will be together again and celebrate life.

Today, my biggest request regarding the disease really is: embrace your disease. Surround the disease with love and awareness and let it lead you to a deeper understanding of yourself. Commit yourself to the disease and allow yourself to enter into deeper communication with yourself. Surrendering does not mean being passive or cruel to your illness, but cooperating with it in an active way, like a friend.

I embrace all of you with my love and I ask you to feel my presence today, the energy of Christ. Feel the love, available to all of you, both in health and in illness. There is so much love everywhere around you and available to all of you, as soon as you release your criticism. Criticisms about what you deserve or don't deserve, about what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong, about all the things that you still have to do and achieve. Free. Love is present here and now, for all of you.

This was the last message of the Healing Series. In December 2005, we began a new series of channeling, called: 'Being a Lightworker in the New Age'.

© Pamela Kribbe 2006
Translation: Sandra Gusella

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This channel was presented before a live audience on October 9, 2005, in Haaren, the Netherlands. The spoken word has been slightly corrected for easy reading.

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