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We have been waiting for the arrival of 2012 for many years, so it is hard to believe that we are finally here. Many of us have the feeling that we have come a long way to get here and it has been. This has not been an easy decade, and even before that, since the early 1990s, many of us have struggled with a variety of issues that have challenged us to the depths of our being, to the point where, sometimes, We wondered if the destination was going to be worth the trip it would take to get there.

But the fight is over and now we can begin to live more powerful, conscious and intentional lives. These are the times we have been waiting for, and we are entering a new land, which each of us has played a role in creating.

2012 will be an interesting year - I would not call it challenging, because I think we are already beyond the challenges. We have experienced enough of them to know what they are: opportunities to accept our power and rethink the illusion of the reality we are creating for ourselves.

While we could be living a life of grace and ease as of 2012, others will not be so lucky. The separation between the dimensions will become increasingly evident as this year progresses, and we will know, from what you are experiencing, who has been doing your healing and transformation work and who has not. Remember that we are all powerful and sovereign in our lives can help us resist the temptation to fix, heal or otherwise interfere in the lives of others. That does not mean that we cannot help people; It means that we make our healing and help more powerful by being our most powerful self.

2011 was defined as a year in which we could be 'grateful' and experience our greatness. Throughout the year we have experienced our greatness through our smallness, where we had to see what was limiting our energy flows and how we had to take responsibility for creating the life we ​​wanted. A particularly painful aspect of 2011 was the finding that our soulmates were often not interested in moving on to the next phase of our relationship with us. Our only option, many times, was to release them to their own learning and healing path. This is discussed in detail in my book, Ascending to Miracles - the Path of Spiritual Mastery, and will remain a theme in 2012.

2012 will have three central themes:

Truth - This will be a year in which the truth will be revealed, whether that truth about greed, corruption, dirty business, deception and manipulation that has enriched a few at the expense of others, or the truth about our relationships and associations, about who we are and what we really want and are willing to allow ourselves to have. What is their truth, what do they know is true about themselves as divine, spiritual beings, and how willing they are to accept it is a question we will all have to face this year. The truth of the world we have created, individually and collectively, will be revealed to us, along with the invitation and opportunity to transform it.

Alignment - Once we know the truth, we can see the path we take to create it. This is what we are aligned with and it is one of the most important transformation aspects of 2012. What have we been aligned with to create our reality at every moment? How does our reality align with the truth of who we are? How does what we do, think, believe and know support our truth? Any area in which we are not aligned with the desire for fullness of our soul, which includes joy, love and abundance, will be revealed in a way that allows transformation to occur. Do we have the courage to transform ourselves? 2012 will be full of opportunities for us to face what we are aligned with and choose to change it.

Integrity - Our level of integrity is manifested in our energy vibrations, since they, more than anything, indicate where we are on our path. The types of people, situations and experiences we attract, the lessons we face, show us exactly where we are. Where we have not been in integrity with our power, either by giving it to others, not accepting it or seeing ourselves as helpless, it will be revealed to us so that we can put ourselves in integrity with how powerful we are. In order to have the life we ​​want, which we want for ourselves, we must be in integrity with it at all levels, spiritually, energetically, physically and intellectually and aligned in our body, mind, emotions and spirit. .Ritu.

Here are some general observations about what 2012 reserves for us:

Earth Changes

We tend to see the potential for changes in the earth with a certain fear, because we know that we have not been good stewards of the land, we know that we have wasted its resources, abused it in so many ways, and we hope that the final retribution Don't be something too terrible. While many of us are changing that, many others are not.

The changes of the Earth in 2012 will focus on specific areas and will include (in this order), volcanoes, earthquakes, floods and changes in the earth's crust, such as landslides or subsidence. They will be focused on parts of the world that are energetically unbalanced, such as the Middle East (especially Saudi Arabia), the Philippines and around the islands of Indonesia, the eastern half of India and Pakistani n and the eastern part of Africa. Harmful land changes make us pay attention to the land; if we take preventive measures, the earth will not have to yell at us to get our attention.

Vortices and Energy Portals

The vertices are concentrations of energy in the earth and the portals are openings in the electromagnetic network of the earth that allow energy to flow to the earth. We have created many new portals in 2012, now we have to empower them. There are still ancient vices, especially in the Middle East and Africa, which allow the old separation of energy to flow, but they are contracting and it will contract more in 2012. The Sun is supporting this and 2012 will see solar eruptions, EMCs (coronal mass ejections) and changes in the types and levels of radiation emitted by the Sun to Earth, which will make history.

Many light workers will be taken to new areas in 2012, to places they did not expect, but these areas need their energy and will also be communities where they will be supported and celebrated. The times of hibernation are over, we have to be out there in the world, in places that support us and our energy, and where our energy is needed to empower the vortexes of the new earth and be an element of anchor for the new energies that are entering the earth.

A Return to Relationships

Many clients ask me: "When will I have a relationship?" Because we have been in the "desert of relationships" for years. Now that we have solved many of our questions about self-esteem, courage, esteem, merit and appreciation, we can approach the relationship from a point of fullness instead of necessity and we will find relationships that are true associations at all levels. 2012 is going to bless many of us with loving and intimate relationships with couples who value, honor and respect us. Establish your intention for the relationship you want and you will create one in 2012.

The Birth of the New Earth

We have given birth to a new earth, which is a new consciousness, a greater understanding of ourselves as a human family, a stronger awareness of our connection to the Source and a deeper knowledge of ourselves as divine humans. The new earth is the 5th dimension and beyond, which co-exists with the third dimension and we can enter and exit at any time. In this new land, we will have greater joy, peace, love and abundance, we will be part of affectionate and supportive communities with related souls. The new land is here now, it has been present for several years and during 2012 it will be chosen by more and more people who are willing to make the necessary transformation to be part of it.

A Year of Delight, 'de-Luz', Joy and Peace

Archangel Uriel said that 2012 would be a year of 'delight' [NT: 'de-light', pun between delight (delight, pleasure) and light (light)], which means it would be the year of light and for us to find pleasure in our lives, ourselves, in what we do, where we live, with whom we live and in ourselves. Our focus this year has to be on creating joy, on being selfish and rejecting what does not serve us and our way. We have been warriors and martyrs for the earth, humanity and the Universe for so long, it is time for us to lower our swords and let the new generations of those who need to find their truth and passion take their posts.

Our mission on the new earth is to teach others how to live in and with purpose, be happy, release karma and understand the transformation so that they can reach the levels of vibration necessary to access the new earth, which is to be in heaven in the earth. This is our role as teachers and healers in the new earth, and to teach that, we have to know and experience it. Yes, we can still fight, but we have already done that. There is no place in the vibration of the new earth for anything less than joy, peace and abundance, and when we are willing to allow those energies in our lives we will experience heaven on earth that is our final return to Home.

Power Periods

During the course of each year there are periods of power where the energy balance of the earth changes, new energy alignments are produced, new vortices are opened or old ones are closed. These often collide with our own energy vibrations and can make us feel very uncomfortable or even get physically sick. We call these ascension symptoms and they are part of our ascension journey, since we have to attract new energy to the earth as part of our mission to create 'heaven on earth'. With these periods of power we could see changes in the earth, strong storms, floods, earthquakes or unusual weather. In our own lives we can experience sudden endings, interruptions, changes of feeling or thinking and even physical illness.

In 2012 there will be 6 periods of power:

January 1 to 25: This is the 'calm before the storm', a period in which we are given time to relax, refresh and renew our energy and set the intentions for the new year. What we do in this period will have a strong impact on how the rest of the year will develop. If we use this time to complete the work of letting go, being clear about our life and establishing powerful intentions for our energy, we will be ready to experience the blessings and joy of this new year in powerful and blessed ways.

March: The spring equinox will bring new energies, whose effects will range from mild to dramatic, depending on the energy, focus and level of healing of the recipient. There could be powerful storms with lots of rain and wind. Also more solar flares that are mentioned in the news.

June to July: June is less disturbing than July and there will be more solar activity than normal, large energy discharges that will make us feel very uncomfortable. During these two months many people will have awakenings, strong impulses to change their lives in some way and others will realize that their time here is over and they will decide to leave. While there may be reports of numerous deaths and the number of suicides may also increase, this simply manifests decisions made by those who no longer wish to participate in the earthly plane.

September: More information about government and business relations will make many people angry. There may be revolutions and uprisings as people feel abused and disempowered. It may not be safe to travel during this time, especially to countries in the Middle East, China and parts of Asia, the easternmost part of Eastern Europe and Pakistan.

End of October until the end of November: This powerful period could be referred to in 2013 as the time when the world changed. It is a time for the information that was once hidden to be revealed, people will lose confidence in society in general and some people may be very depressed. There is a more global effect on what is happening, so what happens will affect a large number of people. There is a greater interest in spiritual and empowering teachings, and new information will emerge. We could even have evidence of extraterrestrial beings and energies at this time.

End of December 2012: The year ends in a serious tone, without too much celebration, but there will be more a sense of global responsibility without any tolerance for anything but the truth. This is also the time when the end of the Mayan Calendar is predicted (for those who believe it is 12/21/2012), so many will be worried.

An intense year in which we can resume our power, individually and collectively. The level of truth we experience will sometimes be difficult to digest, since it will reveal the manipulation of the masses, and even technologies such as mind control, which have been used against humanity for centuries. But it is also a year of redemption, in which we can claim our power, honor our divinity and become more powerful demonstrators. In any case, 2012 will remind us that if we do not create the life we ​​want to live, we will simply live the life that is created for us.

I wish you the abundant blessings, peace, joy and love that a benevolent, loving and sustaining Universe is waiting to co-create with you.

Many blessings,

Jennifer Hoffman

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