Book: The Secret of the Andes

  • 2017

The American continent encloses in the unexplored regions of its southern part, mysteries that have not yet been unveiled, but that over time - as is currently the case with the Inca civilization - will be clarified and will undoubtedly reach a dimension of singular importance in The field of esoteric tradition .

This work, whose content will undoubtedly give rise to the most vivid controversy, means an interesting contribution to the clarification of this exciting aspect of the occult .

Its content revolves around the ancient Brotherhood of the Seven Rays, of Lemurian origin, and how its teachings and traditions have remained until today through the Monastery of the same name, located in unknown heights of the Andes Mountains in the Peruvian north side of Lake Titicaca .

This School of Mysteries preserves the secret knowledge accumulated throughout the centuries, which will be revealed to the children of the Earth when they have reached the necessary spiritual development.

AUTHOR: George Hunt Williamson


Book: The Secret of the Andes -

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