Message from Lord Maitreya: Working With Our Third Eye

  • 2017
Table of contents hide 1 Your power is your being, the Pineal takes you to your being. 2 First filter 3 Second filter 4 Third filter 5 Fourth filter 6 Fifth filter 6.1 Are you ready to recognize your light? Are you ready to open your heart and dance with your light? 7 Sixth filter 8 Seventh filter

Our third eye is the lens through which we create our perceptions of the reality we choose to live on Earth. The third eye affects our pineal and pituitary glands. The pineal gland is the gateway to the power of our light and our inner world. It gives us direction and supports our creativity. It assists us to be enthusiastic and determined and helps us to grow and be flexible so that we can flow in life.

The pituitary gland helps us to believe in ourselves and find the right action for what we do and say in life. It governs everything we share and project in our outside world.

Your power is your being, the Pineal takes you to your being.

It also affects the way we choose to perceive or "see" our world and the many multidimensional worlds that surround us. It affects our beliefs, our dreams, our visions and our vision of things in general. Whatever filters we have created that are in our third eye, they color any vision we have of our reality, no matter if we are looking at our three-dimensional reality or another dimensional reality.

If these filters are not aligned to the divine truth then they need to be cleaned and renewed regularly because they affect our point of view or how we "see" things at all levels.

Lord Maitreya has shared with us that we have seven filters on our third eye. He compared each filter with a pyramid of consciousness that sits on the third eye. He offered us an activation to open our third eye and our mind to a higher potential.

He said that while we choose to continue 'seeing' our reality only through our third eye and our minds, then we cannot open ourselves to the higher power of the universal mind of the soul.

First filter

The first filter is a pyramid full of golden and green light. This filter connects us with the ancient stories of humanity's experiences on Earth and colors our vision of our current reality based on these old experiences, which may no longer be relevant. This filter affects us on many levels. Lord Maitreya asks us to release these old stories or "records" of the Earth's experiences and choose not to live our lives through what has been but what is now.

Second filter

The second filter is a blue, silver and white pyramid. This filter shows us the mirror of ourselves through the eyes and the needs of others . Lord Maitreya asks us to clean this filter so that we can see who we are the BEING through the mirror and the power of our divine light. He asks us to look deeply into the mirror of our own divine light so that we can see the power we have.

Third filter

The third filter is a pyramid of yellow, red and green. This pyramid contains the filter of the power of creative energy and how we exercise that power . This filter can be a distortion of our power of creation and conditions us to use control and manipulation instead of our divine light.

Mr. Maitreya says that this filter shows us how we choose to create ourselves and our lives . It shows us what we choose to manifest as our truth through everything we do. We are asked to see how this distortion affects our perception of reality and of ourselves across all dimensions.

Mr. Maitreya asks us to see all our creations and the gifts they bring us through what this has taught us and to see also the power that this filter has over us . He asks, instead, that we allow the energy of the creation of the Source to flow through us and fill all our creations with his power and love. He asks us to call the Mother of Creation and allow all the Mothers of Creation to bless us and move through all our creations and align them with our Light of the Divine Source

He asks us to be aware of the power of creation that we have in ourselves and to receive the blessings of this power of the Source and not of what we see in our third eye and our minds. .

Fourth filter

The fourth filter is a pyramid of pink, white and silver receptivity. Many energy waves flow through this filter and come from the many parts of us. These are our emotions. They are waves of energy - messages from us to ourselves. They flow through us again and again. These messages guide us, stimulate us, provoke us, set us in motion and motivate us.

Our third eye and mind is always receiving messages from ourselves . These come from many parts of us. Some are full of love and others of need and desire, some are full of anger and frustration, others ask you to dance and be in joy and others tell you that they are lost and cannot find your way. Each message that is received in your third eye creates a reaction within you and makes you speak, act and see your reality through the message you have received from this filter.

Mr. Maitreya asks you to listen to the messages that are sent to you from this filter. He says that everyone wants to be heard. They come as waves of energy flowing through this pyramid of your third eye. Whether they listen or not, this affects the way they think, what they believe, how they speak and how they choose to act and, above all, how they perceive their reality.

Lord Maitreya asks us to honor all the parts of our being that want to be heard, received and included in everything we choose to create in our reality.

Fifth filter

The fifth filter is a turquoise and silver pyramid of light. It is the filter of your joy and love . Lord Maitreya asks you to concentrate on the joy that is within you and to bring to this pyramid all that cannot be seen in his joy. He asks them to sit in this pyramid and connect with their light and recognize it to find their joy.

Are you ready to recognize your light? Are you ready to open your heart and dance with your light?

He asks them to become one with their light and dance with their light.

Are you willing to dance with your light? This pyramid of light is full of abundance, of light and has no need to create separation because it understands that the consciousness of separation does not serve you or any other being.

If you are not dancing with your light, Lord Maitreya asks you to ask yourself with what energy you are dancing. He asks you to let go of your need for separation and to concentrate on the joy within you dancing with your light. He asks them to find where they have put their joy.

Where is inside you? Is it in your heart, in your center, or have you hidden it in another part of you, while dancing in your shadows? He says that if you have hidden your joy, then you have created something else to replace it with . Ask what is this? Who is your dance partner if it is not your divine spirit of light?

6th filter

The sixth filter of your third eye is a silver-white pyramid. This pyramid activates the pineal of your being and connects you with the many parts of you that dance with the spirit of light and sustain your wisdom . These parts of you know the inner light and come from many dimensions of light and call you to sit with them and receive from them.

They are asked to release any limitation they have in their mind that sees you as small and limited.

You are asked to release all that cannot see the potential of your being and that creates separation within you. They ask you to raise yourself to a higher vibration and to open to receive from your higher selves . They are asked to reach a higher vibration and choose not to remain in limitation and separation.

Reach this highest place. It is not outside of you, it is part of you. It is the top part of you that offers you love, guidance, light and wisdom. Extend your hand and receive.

7th filter

The seventh filter of your third eye is a pyramid of golden light. You are asked to walk through this golden filter to your Divine Spirit and remain in the pure white light of your Divine Spirit . He calls them to open their hearts and connect with their divinity .

Open yourself to its pure light. Choose to open your third eye and sit on your divinity and let everything else go . Leave behind everything that is in separation in this golden pyramid - all attachments, emotions, limitations and ancient stories. Leave everything behind and simply sit without charge, naked and alone in the pure white light of your Divine Spirit and breathe the pure light of your Divine Spirit and let it fill you at every level of your being and become complete again.

TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood


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