Message from Master Ritzua and Mother Mileila: Wisdom and happiness. Channeled by Fernanda Abundes

  • 2017

The game of the mind is paradoxical when the being is getting closer to the truth, doubt; when being is more determined to make those great decisions is when it fears most; when the being is determined to live in happiness is when he realizes that he is not happy with what he is deciding, because he is moving away from collective happiness; That is where absolutely everything will bring conflicts if they think about it from that point.

They must understand wisely that doing the right thing, making determinations, living in what one is looking for, has to be in tune with the world, but above all resonate with everything we represent as constant beings. They come to learn life.

Wisdom is not thinking only with the mind, it is also thinking with that great conscience and considering that there will always be a breaking point for any determination if you are constantly looking for it.

Be wise in the determinations, be deep in the decisions but above all be constant in valuing. Live to exist and you can only live to exist being aware that the here and now were made to act, not to doubt so much, because he who doubts so much loses life, loses existence, loses determination; stop learning then.

Grateful for the call and happy to be here.

I know that beings think ... and there they are happy?

Of course we are, we are happy when we see that they are happy; Do we get to feel sadness? Do we get to feel a certain conflict? Yes, when we would like to help more and we cannot change your story so that you do not suffer or do not experience sadness or anger; nevertheless, it is an apprenticeship and that we have already understood.

But I am also very happy when I see my little friends flowers because they are here with humans and that makes me think that if I am so happy to see them, you will be just as happy when you are next to them. I am so happy to observe the magic of nature in creating something so beautiful, something that can suddenly harm us because it has thorns but in the end it shows us that the splendor is not in what harms but in what subsists; in how the flower is remembered, for its beautiful color and its great aroma and not for what it suffers.

The same is the human, do you have conflicts? yes; Have you made mistakes? maybe; but in the end you don't remember it. It must be remembered for its greatness, for its success, for the wonder of its existence.

That is how you should be with yourself; That is why I am so happy because a rose is a mirror in the soul of a human being.

I will be working with all of you ...

Until another moment and remember that the moment cannot be quantified, therefore, without observing at what moment of reality, forever there enjoying eternity.

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