Master Kuthumi ~ Freedom of Repression

  • 2013

With immense love I present myself to support and reinforce your spiritual practices and your experience on the physical Earth. Intense and expansive Love is being expressed to you by many from the inner planes, with great compassion for the path you are now traveling on Earth.

I imagine each one of you in the field, standing in front of a large field.

Last year and before you nourished the soil of the land and planted the seeds to create a lush green forest that will grow tall and strong.

When you search the land you become aware of tiny aspects of green life that arise from the ground, your sowing is starting to grow and now you have time to observe its growth and meet its needs.

Sometimes you can discover some contaminated areas; so it is necessary to sow new seeds.

Other times you can discover the richness of abundance that blooms to offer delicious fruits to your reality and your body.

The cultivation can become the most beautiful garden of growth, beauty and experience; or care can become an exhausting burden for you, while you strive to create something fruitful that nourishes your Being.

It is my understanding that in this new phase of Ascension there is no need for any aspect of your reality to be a burden or a struggle.

You have attended the land well and have planted the seeds with Love; and this symbolizes the spiritual practices and understandings that you have obtained, not only in this life but in previous lives.

Now is the time to make sure that your work and loving care of the past are manifested as beauty, fruiting and nutrition.

If you sat down again with the attitude that the work has already been done and you simply need to reap the rewards, then you may discover that your cultivation or sowing becomes desolate and barren.

If something is growing from the seed, activating the life force energy and manifesting itself in any way, it requires your attention, your love and your care, when it is divinely necessary and guided.

Too much attention can cause your planting to become inflexible and rigid, as you put too many restrictions and limitations on the growth of your crop.

If you continue to nurture your sown with Love, with intentions, with a flexible vision; and with a connection with the sown and with what is growing from the life force and with it, then you have the ability to create and nurture the land that will continue to be fruitful for you.

It is with your loving care of yourself, of your creations, of your reality and of your Inner Being, that you will allow yourself to experience everything you desire.

Now is the time to take care of yourself lovingly, to be gentle with yourself and with your energies, because although you may not realize it, you have finished completing a major cycle of transformation.

A cycle that had multiple meanings and purposes for you and for all Humanity.

A cycle that allowed you to solve phases of Karma, illusion and repression on many levels of your Being.

Allow yourself to spend time perceiving or even holding the space for the contemplation of what you and Humanity have just achieved.

You have gone through a powerful and challenging cycle that demanded from you a lot of strength and focus to allow you to change and align once more with the Creator.

As tired as a warrior who returns home from battle, you may also be fatigued when you finish a cycle whose completion you had waited so long for.

It is almost as if the entire Creator Universe is now taking a long breath and sighing deeply.

The sigh is allowing recalibration and a new way of existing to manifest from within your Being that can take time to evolve, making it a Divine habit within your Being.

You may be tired, allow yourself to rest; You may need nutrition, look for what you need and take care of your energies and your Being, as preparation for greater awakening.

We, your guides and your Soul, do not ask you much at this time, we simply ask you to be aware of the needs of all aspects of your Being and be willing to assist you with Love and compassion. It is through your tender Love and your compassion with yourself that you will allow a beautiful phase of your Ascension to unfold.

The cycle you have gone through had strong aspects; and energies of repression, illusion and Karma; It is my belief that you will continue to explore these three qualities, but on a different energy level that will allow you to easily create Love from each one. You may feel as if you are being repressed in your physical life, but your spiritual Being and wisdom are also being repressed by you, until you realize that you are ready to accept your complete and total truth.

Only one thing allows you to connect and fully experience the truth of the Creator; and it is that you realize that you have been repressing your spiritual abilities and skills, which has been a habit for many lives. With this check comes another one, deeper and freer, which is that you are ready to accept all that you are. Allow yourself to contemplate my words for a moment, contemplate or feel inside your Being, if you think you are ready to accept all that you are.

Then remember my words from the beginning of this communication describing you standing before a forest that is growing and evolving due to your past actions and attention. You have already created a platform where you think you have something within your Being to nurture it and share it with others; This platform is a belief, which can also be interpreted as a check, if it is accompanied by deep knowledge.

However, realizations, small or large, allow you to release repressed aspects of yourself, so that internal freedom and experience take place. On this Earth you are discovering your freedom; You are an unlimited Being of Light; So your freedom is beyond limitations and boundaries, but sometimes it can be scary to explore a small part of your freedom.

Are you aware of how you repress yourself, especially in the spiritual? Are you aware that the repression of your abilities, of your internal knowledge and power, creates a whole reality of repression, control and lack in your reality and in the reality of many?

When you allow yourself to exist on Earth as a Being of Light with freedom in your accomplishments and the expression of all that you are, then you will notice that everything in your reality and in the world begins to change to align with you, with the vibration that you are emanating. Another understanding is that the Earth is constantly aligning with you and with all other aspects of the Creator on Earth. You believe from within your Being, the Earth aligns with this creation to manifest in accordance with the amount of freedom you offer and accept spiritually.

Now is the time for you to offer yourself your own freedom, for you to realize that it is only you who are repressing your spiritual abilities; and consequently creating repression and limitations in your reality. When I affirm that it is now necessary that you take care of yourself lovingly, I want to say that it is time to be, to observe and nurture what has already been discovered, practiced and awakened in your Being. This requires more sensitivity, discernment, precision. And discipline than in the past. Imagine now that you are no longer watching your sown field, but that you are the soil from which the seeds grow.

Imagine that if you were aware of the growth and travel of each seed to be a plant, you would be aware of each creation and the process of each creation simultaneously. The purpose of each creation would also become extremely important, as you begin to realize that small creations have the essential purpose of unifying or intertwining in a larger image, purpose and creation.

To take care of yourself is to be aware of your creations, intentions, of the wisdom and of the energies that evolve from within your Being. To take care of yourself, is to realize that now is the time to release repression to experience spiritual freedom; and consequently physical.

It is my desire to share with you an invocation as a tool to release the repression of your spirituality. This repression was not instigated by your guides for your protection, but has been chosen exclusively by you, which can be a difficult burden, but it also means that it can be easily transformed because you are cooking with the Creator and have the power to bring freedom. To all your being.

“Beloved Master Kuthumi, My Beloved Guides, My Beloved Soul and Beloved Creator:

I ask you to observe and monitor my current process of awakening, supporting and stimulating my healing at all times. Now I ask that the healing energies of the Creator surround me to heal and bring peace to all aspects of my Being and my consciousness that are choosing to experience repression of my Spiritual Being, of my Soul and of my Truth.

Meanwhile I also open my Being to express deep healing of my existence now on Earth, from the depths of my Being; I allow the tool of conscious choice to be present in my Being allowing me to realize that I have the ability to choose what I want to experience on Earth.

Now I choose, in the presence of the Divine and sacred guide, to heal and release the repression that I have chosen and created in my physical reality, which separates me and limits me in the connection and experience of all that I AM. Now I choose to create freedom in my reality so that I can expand my energies and experience the Truth of the Creator. I choose now to create freedom in my experience and in my connection with everything I AM.

I no longer need to repress myself spiritually, energetically; nor in terms of my inner power and my wisdom. Now I choose to create freedom and allow it within my Being, knowing that this will result in a beautiful experience of Love, of freedom, for me and for everyone on Earth. Now I cut the ropes that have bound me to the conscious and unconscious repression of my spiritual Truth, power, wisdom and energy; I AM the unlimited aspect of the Creator, I AM everything I AM in this moment, which is a moment of Truth.

With Truth and Love, thank you. ”

In this time a wonderful awakening is happening in each Being, do not fight with the awakening or reject it, but allow yourself to explore freely.

With Love, Master Kuthumi.

Master Kuthumi ~ Freedom of Repression

Channeled by Natalie Glasson - January 21, 2013

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