The Arcturians - Perception and simultaneous creation

  • 2016

Author's Note -

My mind has been hovering and hovering over the concept of simultaneous perception and creation . However, my original intention for this article was to write about being a channel. But first, I wanted to ask the Arcturians about the statement I read which said "our senses are projectors instead of receivers."

This statement somehow seemed to address the possibility of simultaneous perception and creation, but I did not know how.

The answer to my first question was so detailed that the whole article became. According to my original intention, I would like to say that when your superior guide speaks, LISTEN. In fact, the statement is the foundation for all channeling. Closing, I would like to add that channeling is really a conscious connection and surrender to the higher frequency expressions of our Multidimensional BE.

MY QUESTION - Dear Arcturians, are our senses of perception projectors or receivers?


Their senses are actually both projectors and receivers, but they are projectors first. You project your sensory expectations outside towards your reality and then receive the perception of that expectation within this reality. Please remember that your state of consciousness determines what you will receive.

Thus, no matter what expectation you project, if you are in a three-dimensional state of consciousness you will only perceive the three-dimensional expression of that expectation. However, its projection leaves a mark on its etheric aura. Once it is printed in your aura it is influenced by your personal history of desires, misunderstandings, successes, morals and limitations.


This impression then moves up in frequency to interface with its aura and the four-dimensional matrix. By moving your expectation from the etheric plane to the four-dimensional astral plane, the impression of your expectation is affected by all your past, future, parallel and alternative lives .

This impression is altered beyond by moving into the four-dimensional emotional body to be influenced by all the emotions of its past, future, parallel and alternative lives. This impression then moved towards the mental body in which all the thoughts of its past, future, parallel and alternative lives influence the impression .

When the impression of your original expectation resonates with the frequency of your upper spiritual body it rarely resembles your original desire. If you are in communication with your Presence I Am on the threshold of the fifth dimension, you will be able to interrupt this expected perception, since you will realize that His expectation has been invaded by the virus of his past.

On the other hand, if this expectation is a wish in which you have had great success in your current / past / future life (s), you will probably move through the fourth dimension with m It is clarity instead of distortion. It is for this reason that they can easily perceive / create what has been historically successful (in this and in other lives).

Your unconscious memory of success protects your original projected expectation with the power of BELIEF that you deserve to be successful. With luck, the projections / expectations that were bad in its four-dimensional history of failures and fears, do not take shape physically.

Fortunately, if they can maintain a higher state of consciousness, they can gain a detachment from the dramas of 3D life and realize that they will need to change their approach to manifestation. So what can one do? How can one avoid his long four-dimensional history of failures to wait and receive successful manifestations in his life? The answer is quite simple.


They must learn to differentiate between the feeling of the third, the feeling of the fourth and the feeling of the fifth dimension. We say `` feel '' as opposed to `` perceive '' because pentadimensional perceptions FEEL with your entire Body of Light.

3D perceptions

On the other hand, your three-dimensional FEEL, like you, is limited to the three-dimensional boundaries of separation between people, places, situations and things. To rise above this sense of limitation, they must release their attachments to the three-dimensional belief that they can only perceive what resonates with a small frequency range of the electromagnetic spectrum.

4D perceptions

When their four-dimensional perceptions light up in their waking life, they are similar to the images of their dreams. They still appear somehow separate, but they are in mutable forms that appear as bursts in their noticeable timeline. Thus the density and boundaries of three-dimensional perceptions are quite different from the mutable and fluttering perceptions of the fourth dimension.

In the third dimension you "feel" a perception when you touch it, when you speak to it, listen to it or interact with your physical timeline. In the fourth dimension, your perceptions are clear, but still mutable, since you are usually dreaming or in meditation. They may also have a perception of vision, hearing or tetradimensional touch that flickers in and out of their physical life.

5D perceptions

Pentadimensional perceptions are only perceived when they are in meditation or maintaining a pentadimensional state of consciousness, which is a delta wave state. While in delta wave consciousness, they usually have their physical eyes closed and their intention placed primarily in their inner world.

However, with practice you can remember the SENSATION of Unconditional Love and Unity with all your life moving towards and through your higher consciousness. Then you can open your eyes as you communicate with this frequency of your Multidimensional BEING.


The three-dimensional consciousness reminds you to be alert to ALL fearsome stimuli so that you can protect your physical form. Perceptions from your four-dimensional consciousness will not harm your physical form, but they can give you warnings to protect yourself. Therefore, both the tri and four-dimensional consciousness can have varying degrees of feelings of fear or warning.

On the other hand, the fifth dimension resonates at a frequency beyond damage, and therefore, beyond fear. The pentadimensional consciousness feels joy, blessing and is filled with Unconditional Love. These three sensations are rarely felt in the third or fourth dimension, so you can use them to identify if you are in a state of pentadimensional consciousness or beyond.

Once they can identify their tri-dimensional and three-dimensional history, they can learn from the mistakes and / or traumas of their past and raise their awareness towards the NOW of the fifth dimension. In this way, they can avoid their three-dimensional history by sticking to the virgin timeless expectations of the fifth dimension. Understand that if there is no time there can be no history.

Although his inferior dimensional history is not an obstacle to his return home in the fifth dimension, it was the collection of his "history" one of the primary reasons for his first incarnation in the lower worlds. We can say "first incarnation" because incarnations in a time-bound reality can be counted in a sequential and numerical way.

You, of course, knew this before entering your first incarnation, but having never experienced time, you had no idea of ​​the consequences of having a "story." In their timeless state they were constantly new. Moreover, they did not have their myriad of experiences in timelines linked to the time in which each reality was separated from the others.

In the fifth dimension you experience myriad realities within the NOW. All these realities are connected and intermingled in the ONE of your flow of consciousness. You are not a person, or a place or even a thing. YOU are pure consciousness. The forms exist in the upper worlds but only as a package created by their light / energy field.


As a being of pure awareness, your sense of BEING is not the way you are wearing. Your BEING is the energy field that animates that form. Since the energy field of your consciousness adds and subtracts unique forms to your HERE from NOW, your consciousness expands and contracts depending on your choice of input and output, which easily occurs in it NOW.

However, the input and output are not separated in the fifth dimension and beyond. They are undulations of your consciousness, energy field, and of BEING. Of course, the BEING is not an individual term in the higher worlds. In the same way that soil, air, water, and earth are not individual terms, your BEING is not an individual term.

Sueno is not a faint blade of grass, nor is fire a small spark or air and water only molecules or atoms. In the higher world a "being" is a multiple term. S u BE in the fifth dimension and beyond, creates and is simultaneously created by the innumerable dimensional experiences to which your energy field sticks and / or is calibrated.

In addition, the sense / perception of your pentadimensional BE are projections of your energy field intermingled with the reality / realities that you are hoping to perceive. This expectation flows in unity with the pentadimensional perceptual field that your expectation creates immediately. The expectation of a perception creates the same perception that is expected.


Higher dimensional realities flow in an infinite circle that never begins and never ends. Perception in these realities is a KNOWLEDGE in which what you wish to perceive instantly flows into consciousness. Every perception is already, because there is NO beginning or end in an infinite reality.

Think about walking through a large store where everything you could ever wish for is available for instant purchase. However, in this store, everything is stored not in aisles or shelves with different shapes and identification. Everything in this store is pure potential saved as possibilities.

You do not need to walk up and down the aisles of the store or ask a helper where you should go to find a certain thing. Everything is everywhere in a formless state of pure potential, waiting patiently for an expectation to call that potential towards manifestation.

Therefore, you do not perceive anything in this store before you wait for it. Then, your expectation / desire instantly calls this possibility to manifestation within your energy field (Being). Unconditional Love is the joining force of the Multiverse . Therefore, her unconditional love for this manifestation unites her to her energy field.

Once she releases her union of unconditional love to this manifestation, she returns to the formless potential that flows into the infinite ONE of NOW. Since there is no time in this NOW, there is no space, there is only HERE .


Even in the third dimension, it doesn't take time to be HERE AND NOW. It is for this reason that we in the higher dimensions of reality can instantly be within your consciousness in the NOW that you hope to perceive us. Also, since there is no space, we are not separated from you in any way.

We, the superior expressions of your BEING are infinitely HERE and NOW. However, if you do not expect to perceive us, your energy field will not resonate at the frequency at which you can perceive us. See, your expectations are also calibrated to the frequency of your primary state of consciousness.

If you hope to share with your higher expressions, your consciousness expands into the fifth dimension because you BELIEVE it. If you do not believe that you can share with the higher worlds, you will not expect communication to occur.

In the same way, if you BELIEVE that you can perceive the higher frequencies of light / life (since light and life are synonyms on this frequency) your consciousness will remain calibrated with this frequency of reality as long as you are free from EVERYTHING doubt or judgment. Once you feel any doubt or judgment, which are both created by fear, your consciousness will descend into the third or fourth dimension.


It is important to remember that you CANNOT perceive the fifth dimension and beyond while in a lower state of consciousness because your sensory receptors are not calibrated at that frequency. Fortunately, Unconditional Love for themselves will expand their consciousness towards the fifth dimension and beyond.

While they are in this expanded state of consciousness, they can choose to simultaneously use their pentadimensional consciousness to perceive the higher worlds and their tri / four dimensional consciousness to anchor those perceptions to their tri / tetradimensional form, as well as to the planetary form of Gaia, the Earth.

This task takes practice and is a strong connection to the unconditional love of higher frequencies. However, once you regain your multidimensional perceptions, you become portal openers . As a portal opener you continue to wear a terrestrial container while simultaneously anchoring your multidimensional perceptions towards Gaia's body. In this way, your pentadimensional perceptions become three-dimensional creations.

Your expectations of pentadimensional perceptions activate your multidimensional awareness. In addition, they can perceive the higher worlds as they intermingle with the 3D Matrix. This network of the pentadimensional frequency with the three-dimensional matrix destabilizes the 3D matrix and allows the upper light to slip into physical reality.

In fact, this draining from the upper light is happening within your NOW, and is a huge component of planetary ascension. We will go to the detail of this matter in another moment of your 3D time. However, they can always expand their awareness towards the fifth dimension and ask us.

Closing, we ask you to be patient with yourself, since you have been trained to believe that you are only physical. Therefore, remember that unconditional love for yourself expands your consciousness and unites you to the superior worlds of your Multidimensional BEING, which is willing to await your communication.

All they need to do is BELIEVE in their BEING.

The Arcturians

AUTHOR: Dr. Suzanne Lie



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