The twelve Chromas of living light "by Agnimitra

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Hue and purity of color (or chroma)

On the last Sunday (October 21, 2010) we were called to meet for a day of experience and approach with the Solar Disks, under the guidance of the Lis Planetary Center. Days before, an old woman from one of the Intraterrestrial Retreats linked to Lis, Alinksa, gave us some information about what she called “The 12 Chromas of Living Light”. Below is the transcript of Alinksa's intervention, and an audio of a Blue intervention in that regard.

ALINKSA '20.10.12

Well, my name is Alinksa, I am one of the Elders of one of the Retreats related to the Planetary Center of Lis. Our brother is now in this Retreat, receiving some instructions for the execution of his approach to the thirteen Wheels, a day he will soon experience.

As for me, I must leave some recorded information that maybe the brain will not be able to register when our brother returns. What I have to talk about may not be understood now, but on the day of the experience this is going to be perhaps clearer, the words and concepts are not of interest to you.

There are twelve Chromas related to the expression of Light in the twelve Wheels. The union of the twelve Chromas created the thirteenth Sacred Circle. That represents the culmination of the experience developed in this Orb. The Twelve symbols are related to each of these Chromas and, therefore, to each of the Wheels.

The First symbol represents the thin veil that joins the Earth.

The second symbol represents the Sacred Triangle that fertilizes Matter.

The third symbol represents the perfect union of Matter and Spirit.

The fourth symbol represents the Light, overcoming the shadow and the Sunlight traveling through Space.

The fifth symbol: this is a representation of the Water from Above, without touching.

The sixth symbol represents the Water from Above in fertilization movement.

The seventh symbol represents this Water fertilizing Matter by opening for the Fire of the Spirit.

(The eighth symbol): This is the Fire united to the Water.

(The Ninth Symbol): This is a Great Marriage.

(The tenth symbol): This is the awakening of Consciousness.

(The eleventh symbol): This is the end of the illusion.

(The twelfth symbol): This is an opening of the three doors.

(The thirteenth symbol): This is the final Ascension.

Each Chroma of Light related to each of the Wheels joins each of the stripes that keep a plot of Cosmic memory in this physical vehicle.

Each of these Chromas is activated by its corresponding door and each of these Chromas is subdivided into twelve or twelve times twelve, to allow the total expression of Consciousness on its journey through all Dimensions.

In addition to this, each Croma can be joined to each Croma in pairs, threesomes or groups of six to create Interdimensional Portals as great Vertices that bind this World to the brother Worlds and to the Galaxies that are attached to this planet in their Dance.

Well, for the Consciousness plane this represents a freedom from the shackles of matter and a journey of Spirit in return to its Eternity.

Each Holy Light Chroma can be decoded in a Form, in a Sound or in a color, and all of them are under the aegis of a specific Vibration. As a Consciousness expands its limits of perception and integration itself, these Chromas manifest themselves in a multitude, until Consciousness occupies a place of gestation of the Universe, in which every aspect of this Chroma contains in itself the totality of the Worlds and of the created forms, and the secrets of creation are completely unveiled and integrated into Consciousness.

These symbols were recorded there, each of them is a fragmentation-so that it can be perceived by the senses of the incarnation-of this Sound, of this Color, and of this form. Only the knowledge of the Heart allows them to gather that fragmented figure in order to live the vibratory essence of what this represents. This is not a knowledge that was reached by some beings here, through the separate use of three of these symbols, this is a real experience, this is an experience of the Holy Spirit, this is true Fusion with the Source.

By integrating one of these symbols, of course, by integrating what this symbol represents, like a great Disc that represents the Fire of Ibez, and the Heart, it becomes possible for those who have not yet lived their Fusion with the Source, and that is expressed equally for an Incarnate Consciousness - for whatever limitation it may be subject to - for the Revelation of its Star Origin and for the recovery of part of this Cosmic memory that is its Inheritance.

Well, my Brothers, be in Peace, be blessed in the name of the Divine Mother.

For our day of experiences some forms of alignment will be indicated as follows:

-Following the impulse that is present at the moment remain in silent contemplation of one of the symbols linked to one of the Virtues of the Spirit in the Solar Disc. In simple receptivity remain in communion.

- According to the Virtue or Disc that the impulse represents, an alignment can be made with the axes between the Doors in the body linked to these Virtues, placing the corresponding symbols on the areas of the body (related in the image below) that correspond to the respective Virtues and Solar Disk. Stay a few moments in simple receptivity.




01. Omega (OD) .. Ion Kayona (Antarctica)

02. Vision .. Mitakunah Talampaya. Argentina

03. Repulsion .. Ramayah Licancabur, Chile

04. Now (IS) .. Ulimen Aurora, Uruguay

05. Unit .. Demayon Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

06. Precision .. OmSarah Snorer. Brazil

07. ER .. Ilumana Paititi, Manú Peru

08. Attraction .. Jasintah Los Tayos, Ecuador

09. Depth .. Xemanco Guatavita, Colômbia

10. Clarity .. Urinam Roraima, Venezuela

11. Alfa (AL) .. Aromane Ciudad Blanca, Honduras

12. KI-RIS-TI .. Sipenbo Siete Luminarias, Mexico

13.Here (IM) .. Emanoshi Mount Shasta. CAUSE

Virtues of the Spirit Solar Disks

Here (IM) Emanashi

Now (IS) Ulimen

Ramayah repulsion

Urinam clarity

Xemancô depth

Om Sarah precision

Jasintah attraction

Mitakunah vision

Demayon unit

Alfa (AL) Aromanê

KI-RIS-TI Sipembô

Ômega (OD) Ion

Coração (ER) Ilumana

Sitting on a chair arrange the symbols in a circle around (with the symbol of Illuminates under the seat) according to the provisions in the following image.

Stay in simple receptivity.

This work, unless otherwise expressly stated, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Alinksa through Agnimitra.

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"The twelve chromes of living light" by Agnimitra

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