What is brainspotting

  • 2018

Feeling better is a right we all have . Therefore, from our complete blog, we like to offer everything that can lead you to be happier, fuller and more complete at all levels, from the spiritual to the physical. In this sense, today we focus on the discovery of Brainspotting . Do you know him?

Everything about Brainspotting

Its name comes from English, and its meaning is cerebral point . If you want to know more about what Brainspotting is, you've come to the right place to find out how much you should know about this alternative therapy with ample healthy benefits.

How the therapy works

Well, we are talking about it is a therapy that consists in working with a traumatic fact of childhood that you do not allow yourself to deal with . According to his theories, this brain point is rooted in our eye. With this technique, a circuit of neurons is activated that, according to experts in the field, is related to our lives.

That is, it is responsible for capturing and storing our memories . In some cases, these memories are intertwined with painful or traumatic events, either in the form of an image, or body sensation.

That is, this technique is effective when therapists are working with a patient who requires this procedure, if you do not remember what happened a few years ago during an accident or major event that you have hidden . From there, the person is evaluated and, based on this evaluation, they begin to search according to the position of their eyes. All this, accompanied by a series of questions that you must answer.

The therapist will notice differences in the person's responses and attitudes, since, as images appear, the patient's anxiety levels may increase, and he may adopt a posture similar to the one that originated. trauma or experience.

The power of unconscious

Keep in mind that everything that happened in the event is recorded in the unconscious . That is something that helps in the healing process, where the brain assimilates all the trauma.

Given this fact, we can highlight that Brainspotting therapy has a capacity for self-healing that is found in each of the human beings . But the advantage is that it not only focuses on violent events or traumas that have been had, but strengthens positive experiences, and helps to externalize resources that are not known to have.

Music use

Music during the procedure is vital, as experts indicate that it stimulates or increases the mental processing of the person. That is why, when reproduced, each cerebral hemisphere is stimulated. Something that obviously helps 100% the therapist to work with the resources of the people, going from the mentioned resources to trauma and vice versa.

Any trauma or experience that generates a high and constant level of stress in your well-being can be treated and attempted to heal with this method. Trauma that, in general, was not treated or cured in time for not having availability, support or professionals to help you at the time.

In general, these experiences are recorded in the brain's neuron circuit, which we already explain to you that captures memories. The specialists affirm that there are cases with physical symptoms, so the BSP is usually a tool that helps to treat a variety of disorders of physical and emotional components related to:

  • Asthma
  • Phobia
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Addictions
  • Stutter
  • Anxiety
  • Anger and anger issues
  • Management of severe chronic diseases
  • Fibromyalgia and other chronic diseases
  • Recovery after an accident or injury
  • Preparation and recovery of surgical interventions
  • Traumas resulting from interventions and medical treatments.

You see that this alternative therapy can be very useful for overcoming childhood trauma and cystic diseases in our being . Without a doubt, it can be a good option to cure a condition that prevents us from reaching fullness.

Seen in Galene.es, by Pedro, editor of the Great White Brotherhood

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