Energy Shipping; Energy Balls by Maite Barnet and Josep Brucet

  • 2016

Nothing is at rest, everything vibrates.

Energy is not created or destroyed, it just transforms ... This is a fundamental principle of quantum physics that we all seem to understand and accept. We live in an immense quantum field that scientists call Zero Point Field in which some particles seem to have memory and communicate with each other by changing their vibrational state from wave to particle. We are formed of that energy, we live within that vast field and interact with everything.

Some scientists now claim that we are actually packages of quantum energy that constantly exchange information between each other without hardly being able to perceive it, but producing results that can affect our lives and the way we act.

Let's think for a moment about situations where a lot of energy moves. For example, in the case of sporting events, stadiums full of people where situations of tension occur, people shouting, insulting, violence in one way or another. A large number of people vibrating on the same frequency, without thinking about it, without considering anything, can and in fact manage to concentrate and expand a large amount of low frequency energy that is transmitted from one to another and perpetuates that state of internal or external tension, of negativity or violence at least in the place where it occurs.

Consider also the same example that in a sporting event of great magnitude energies of joy, happiness and enthusiasm unfold when one of the teams manages to win the victory.

Both examples show us how large amounts of energy are created, expanded and left in the quantum framework in which we are immersed without an intention without a purpose, short-lived energy explosions that individually affect many, but what would happen if we were able to take a part of that energy to send it to white light to be transmuted and used for the good of all?

Every group situation should be a harmonious exchange of energy, and the awareness of sharing and the useful use of this energy - Omar Ali Shah (the path of the seeker) -

This is what they do in many monasteries of various tendencies through meditation and continued prayer moving large amounts of energy for the benefit of all mankind.

Although the place of meditation is meager, it contains the Universe. Although our spirit is tiny, it contains the unlimited - Master Sekito -

This article has been written vibrating in unison with a great friend, knowledgeable about the movement of energies and its consequences. Vibrating on the same frequency to publicize and expand some concepts about energy management. In this specific case we will talk about the sending of energy in the form of light balls and love.

Those who are accustomed to working with energy know that it is possible to create balls called psiball or chi balls, using the energy of the person who generates them and programming them for some specific purposes. We want to go a little further in the development of this article to show other facets and applications of the well-known energy balls.

It is possible to use the sending of balls loaded with light energy, love, health, serenity ... etc. and send them to a specific person as part of their therapy and healing process. It is actually a simple, fast process and in many cases it has been proven effective and in which distance is not a problem and shipping is an immediate and fabulous act.

First of all, we must be very aware that we can never act energetically on another person, even with the supposed good intention of helping her, without her permission and consent. The only exception would be the case that the receiving individual is unconscious or unable to make this request and is made by a family member for him.

We must also always have the collaboration of the person at the time of receiving and unloading in this energy bodies this ball made for them, because this download must be carried out voluntarily and consents accepting what comes or otherwise leaving that energy. It is enclosed in its unused sphere so that it cannot affect anyone.

In the case of unconscious individuals this delivery of the sphere and its subsequent discharge are always made through the superior being of the one who receives the ball. It is your superior being who ultimately decides and accepts the energy received to use it for the benefit of the person.

Whoever makes the ball must be in optimal conditions to carry out the process, that implies as far as possible free from selfish attitudes, emotions, direct emotional implications with the receiver, excessive desire to help, negative energies and magic. Since we are transmitters of that energy of light and love, we must ensure that we are directly connected to the source of white light and unconditional love.

It is not in these cases to use our personal energy, our chi to send it to another person, but the energy of the universe. Therefore, it is not we who actually create the ball, although obviously we participate in a conscious way in the process of elaboration and handling.

The desire and attitude of the sender must be of utmost respect and always connected with the source of white light through his superior being. Once the request has been made, it will allow that intelligent energy that contains information and transmits it, that determines which qualities of that light energy will be necessary or appropriate for each specific case, thus moving away from the process and thus avoiding falling into any type of manipulation on the other person.

Once done it is appropriate to ask if the ball has been sent and received correctly and cleanly and if the person in question has received it since sometimes there may be obstacles that hinder the delivery of the sphere.

We always end by thanking the Universe and the light source for being a transmitter of white light here on earth.

Authors: Maite Barnet and Josep Brucet

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