Death is just an invitation to happiness, by Elohim

  • 2014

Question - Our spirit has the power to keep us in the earthly life, independent of the innumerable risks or dangers we go through during existence or incarnation. Such permanence will be given in accordance with the beliefs, postures, feelings and attitudes we develop. If we remain in a permissive state of GOOD, certainly that life will be compatible and longer. On the other hand, if we do not know how to use our personal power and deviate from this path, the spirit sees no sense in maintaining us and proceeds to the withdrawal of the physical body. Why, people who vibrate on a positive frequency, achieve success without pride, are young, kind, generous, beautiful, healthy, are removed from the body in unusual situations such as disasters or sudden deaths, how did it happen with actor Paul Walker?

ELOHIM - Why are beings as kind as you, who possess a divine essence, a formidable nature and that are literally the physical expression of the creator nourish so many negative feelings, think of things that definitely do not agree with who they are, assume internal positions that despise the greatness of your being and do you have the unhappiness of refusing in Good so many times?

We find this question more appropriate within what is being raised here in terms of the matter. Because when we look at death, from our vibratory point of view, we do not "digest" what humans normally refer to as "tragic end." Or we do not understand what union this wonderful event (death) would have with the fact that the individual has been permissive and happy in his life. Aren't everyone going to die?

Good and bad, permissive or resistant, rich or poor, black or white, fat or skinny? If the end of all that dwells on Earth is in fact death, then there is no reason to explain the issue of the question. As permissive as someone among you may be, he will also "die", as you like to say there.

It would be as if on this side of the coin, we questioned: Why does a spirit in eternal expansion, free from most of the resistances of matter, decide to return to it and be born again among physical beings? Because he craves a new experience where he will absorb more learning, it would be the answer. And it would be the same answer in the case of those who leave there and come here, all of you reincarnate or disembodied by experience.

The phenomenon of death can occur due to several physical "factors". One of them is resistance, which when too accumulated, there is a detachment of matter due to the fact that the spirit is "inhibited" by the physical (arbitrary) part of expressing itself freely.

Then, he decides as a bridge for his good, to close a day that is not compensating so much. Or this phenomenon can occur because the spirit simply wants to move on and live new things and that has no direct union with its behavior when incarnated.

Death is an inevitable event for you, and we cannot say that it will happen in a certain way or for "a certain reason", each spirit is detached for its own reasons. Each spark decides the path that is best for itself. The aforementioned friend who returned to the non-physical did not make his transition because he was "packing" the physical energy or because he had a mission and it was closed. He detached himself from matter because his internal source chose to move on and only that.

It would be as if someone in your context of friendship suddenly told them:

- I'm moving out of the country.

And you will question: - But why? You can be so happy here. It seems that things are going so well for you, so there is no reason to want to leave!

And the person will then destroy: I want to live new things, I want to discover a different world, with different people and different things!

It may seem scandalous to you, but your own happiness can summon death, if this were the best way to express it for your spirit. Sometimes, things are so happy there on Earth, they are so good and they are being carried out in such a way that they simply decide to leave everything to discover what is behind the earth. monta a .

But why do they do this, given that logically it would be extra o that a being leave his physical body just when everything is going so well? And we would say that there would be no better time than that, because the disembodiment would occur much more quietly, since the individual's permission state when he is happy with the experience would be pleasant. in all aspects.

A spirit can `` let go of matter '' at the height of its success because its source knows that all feelings of happiness, fulfillment, ecstasy, enthusiasm and joy a is caused by her and not by the externalization of happiness.

The one that is realized in the physical life is because he discovered in some way that his joy is in himself. And if he disembodies in the midst of such a state, he will carry with him the same essence that will transform the new experience into the same thing again.

Death is a blessing! It's just a moving stage, don't be so surprised! We know that they will feel nostalgic for those who remain, however, the detachment of matter does not represent at any time that they separated from those they love! Your love will always continue with you and it is he who fills you and gives you peace and relief.

The seemingly young friend who was detached was driven by his source to new experiences in the non-physical and all the essence that was outsourced in his personal conquests will continue in his company to realize it as a spark of the source in new ways. But, he left something, something that can help a lot to teach you the following:

Be forty, thirty, sixty or eighty years that lived on the surface of the Earth in that identity, that all those years are worth it! May you come true, do the will of your inner guide (soul), live what motivates you, teach others through experience, that it is possible to be happy and live the realization of your dreams.

People like this friend who recently returned to his non-physical state by leaving his solid body still in his youth, want to show them that happiness has no age, time, or impediments to "being" when it is truly assumed. Don't be sorry for him, for the fact that you have moved on.

Observe his life, his deeds, his success, his realization as a human being and see him as someone who was happy to the extent of his own permission and openness. How many of you live twice as long as he lived in this life and don't even get free to be who you are honestly? How many raised their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and fail to outsource the gifts of their own spirit or satisfy the will of the soul?

How many are sick in hospitals experiencing the pain of struggling for so long against the current, carrying negative ideas, behaviors that were not convenient to their own nature in order to be something for the world, abandoning themselves to be what they did not They are? You know many in this condition. Of course, no one will judge them, they all flow as they get and allow to flow and Good "calls" everyone equally.

We are referring to the fruits and results of the vibration equation. Unlike the friend cited in the question that left his physical body very quickly and within what inspired him most in the art of his work. He said goodbye to the matter and showed them that no matter the time, the way or where things happen, it matters that it is intense, that it has meaning, that it is colorful and happy.

Because soon the life in which you are will pass as the page of a book and will not return to you anymore. Enjoy this page, live your current experience in the happiest way possible, do what you like, follow the desires of your heart and be true to yourself in the essence of the nature of your Spirit.

That is what really matters! And when the split occurs, well, who will leave is a human being who understood his Universe and based his life. What awaits you on the other side? Just more of that, because there is no end to happiness, death is not the end for her, it is just an invitation to continue it in another scenario, however, with the same sense, because the meaning of everything is not in the scenarios, but always in you.

We love life, before or after "death." Everything is always life and there is nothing beyond that in the entire Universe.

Be light!

Elohins through Vinícius Francis

Translation - Shanti

Elohim Consciousness

Death is just an invitation to happiness, by Elohim

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