Jesus is in the heart of every human being

  • 2017

The teachings of Jesus, based on the fact that all men, without distinction, are called to enter the kingdom, because he is in the heart of every human being and to enter it we only need: “believe in the fatherhood of God and to be aware that the rule of living within the kingdom is love of neighbor as ourselves and obedience to the will of the Father. ” 1596 But this is not an obedience for fear of punishment, but motivated by love, for it is not He offends those who love each other, hence “that every day a true believer lives, it is easier for him to do what is right.” 1740

“Jesus chose to establish the kingdom of heaven in the heart of humanity by natural, common, difficult and hard methods, the same procedures that his earthly children would have to follow in the future to expand and expand that celestial kingdom. Because the Son of Man knew well that it would be "through many tribulations, that many of the children of all ages would enter the kingdom . Jesus was now going through the great test of civilized man, that of having power and continuously and firmly refusing to use it for purely selfish or personal purposes. ”1520

How important it is to determine this last date, because what is reigning today is the excessive search for success and power, regardless of the cost it may have, because egocentrism is who always wins. And we are not referring only to businessmen or politicians ... but it is good to think about our own actions and not only see the straw in the eyes of others.

It is not easy to recognize that we are selfish because our ego prevents it, so it is good to deepen the opposite, such as solidarity, generosity, selflessness, tenderness, charity, understanding, empathy ... summing up in fraternity true, because "we can have diversity of intellectual understanding and interpretation, but the lack of feeling of fraternity is inexcusable." 1866

God's paternal love

There are immutable laws that govern the universe created by God, as well as its operation.

As the human being is part of the universe, if he transgresses the laws, he faces the cosmic powers and receives some blows.

In a sense, it can be said that God punishes him.

And if he strives to understand and respect the laws more and more, the difficulties he encounters are also a cause for suffering.

But these sufferings that each one finds in the path of evolution, participate in its good development.

That is why it can also be said that God makes the righteous suffer: it makes them suffer because it is their love that desires their growth and development.

This love is also part of the cosmic laws.

Omraam M. Aivanhov

Our effort is what makes us creditors to the Kingdom

“The greatest manifestation of divine love, towards human beings, is the gift of the Thought Adjusters, but the greatest revelation of the Father's love is seen in the life of bestowal of his son Michael who lived on earth the ideal of spiritual life ”40

The spiritual evolution is not free, we have to achieve it with effort and following “the gospel that Jesus preached to us with his example and that“ presents the spiritual reach as an authentic goal of living. The human will received a new endowment of moral value and divine dignity. Jesus taught us that eternal realities are the result of the right effort on earth. ”1860

We do not need to retire to the desert to pray because the essential thing is to “live a heavenly life, while on earth, through daily submission to the will of the heavenly Father” 1430 But this apparent submission is neither negative nor imposed by anyone, she to be born from the mind and heart of each one.

This delivery is the one that will open the doors of the kingdom because there is no more exciting adventure, in the course of mortal existence, than the joy of acting as a partner of the material life that joins with the spiritual energy and divine truth in a victorious struggle against error and evil. It is a wonderful and transformative experience, to become the living channel of spiritual light, which will illuminate the mortal who remains in spiritual darkness.

Let's convince ourselves, we have the necessary tools to channel positive energies to change the world.

Yolanda Silva Solano

Jesus taught us that eternal realities are the result of the right effort on earth.

Urantia book. P. 1860

AUTHOR: yolanda silva solano

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