Forming a family of light

  • 2015

As you develop in the human form, you go through some stages in your life where you interact with the self, with others, and establish your identity. Ideally this identity forms an individual that is strong but flexible, while the beautiful duality pushes them inside and pulls them outward although another must be pulled outward and pushed inside. The keys to life abound. What is it really inside and outside?

The family performs this function here and you find the power of your Light. The family is a group that agrees to hold the mirror closely to make the light shine on the aspects that you love and those that do not love aspects of your self and your life.

Your Family of Light helps you shine

The diamond is created from carbon under great pressure and for a long time. Once the diamond has formed you shape it into facets that amplify its brilliance, bringing to the outside what was already inside. Your Family of Light helps you mold into many facets of the self . Sometimes it feels like pressure when they resist releasing. Other times it feels like support because they feel nurtured to grow. It is very similar to the seed, you are often surrounded by what appears to be darkness, but in reality it is the fertile support that helps you to flourish in the Light.

The Family is all around him. As children they felt they had no choice. As adults, they are offered an opportunity to create similar family dramas with new characters, or respond differently to the same pressures that formed them in the jewel that you are. Choose to form a Family of Light that supports you to empower / empower you.

They create relationships in the inner and outer planes that help them shine their radiance. Their relationships at the internal level help them understand their motivations, insecurities, fears, and new solutions for a empowered Love . Their relationships on the outer plane will help them understand healthy boundaries and interactions, and the support of Life.

To form a Family of Light, one begins first with those who have resonant qualities that support their faculty. Then you begin to recognize that you are involved with work colleagues and others who are also calling you to shine. You begin to feel your connection with those you will never meet but who are your Family of humanity . They will begin to have the strength to be open to their positive and negative aspects, creating a flow of supportive Love that had not previously been available.

When they love in the face of opposition (even at a distance), they embody grace under pressure. The diamond has formed. It is time to free yourself from the pressure, allowing all facets of your Light to shine.

As we sit to Voce Forming A Family of Light, we are creating relationships with others and with the self that teach a Power empowered with the strength of the diamond. We are connecting with the collective of life on a conscious level because we are strong enough to face the facets of humanity that are reflecting something we have not had the courage to love. We are improving our clarity as we recognize the creative potential in each experience. We are strengthening the Love that is natural for humanity, but that was lost in fear. We must remember the inner courage that the embrace of Love brings to the Light of day. Keep talking!

AUTHOR: Crystalline Soul Healing


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