The Autumn Equinox, The Four Arms Cross.

  • 2014

In the equinoxes, days and nights are equal and there is a balance between spirit and material in nature. These moments offer the best yogic energies, and are very auspicious for spiritual practice. The alignment towards the Light is of particular importance in the autumn equinox, which corresponds to the midnight hour.

The Four Arms Cross

To introduce Madame Blavatsky to eternal wisdom, she was shown a silver disk with a point, then a silver disk with a horizontal division and then a silver disk with a vertical line. When he contemplated it, wisdom came to her, and therefore could give a new exposition of eternal wisdom.

The disk or the circle with the point in the center symbolizes the Lord, who expressed himself through his nature, the universal soul in manifestation. The circle with the horizontal diameter represents day and night, with sunrise and sunset. For the individual, they form their position in space with the East and the West. The vertical diameter represents noon and midnight for the individual. Therefore, the day is divided into a four-armed cross with four equal parts of six hours each. The cross also represents the four stages of creation from the apparent nothing to the physical plane of objectivity: pure existence, consciousness, thought and action.

The Vedas say, "everything is fourfold": The day, with the sunrise, noon, sunset and midnight; the month with a full moon and a new moon and the two eightfold phases of the moon; the years with both solstices and the equinoxes, and also life with childhood, youth, adulthood and old age. In the upper cycles, there are the four Yugas: Krita, Treta, Dwapara and Kali.

Knowledge or wisdom was also classified fourfold as the four Vedas. In line with this, the disciples of Jesus created the New Testament in four gospels. Therefore, the message of four-armed Vishnu and the cosmic Christ are the same: by remaining in the center, we can realize the fourfold dimension of creation.

Tuning in with the Cardinal Points

We must plan our activities in a way that integrates the nodal points of the day, month and year into our lives. The more we tune into these cardinal points, the more we tune into the Truth and the Light. With the correct alignment we tune our micro-system to the macro-system. We reorganize our energies and gain harmony with being and with creation. In this way we live in a state of clarity and balance, Samyama.

Precisely, relating to the energies, we apply the rhythm and discipline of the seventh ray in ourselves. Therefore, we enter the subtle worlds and integrate ourselves into the planetary and solar system.

Since ancient times, the Masters of Wisdom have organized group living in the nodal points of the year, so that the energies of the Sun are received and that the planet and planetary beings are magnetized. Master CVV insisted that his followers meet in solstices and equinoxes and conduct meditations and prayers; therefore, he has revived ancestral rituals. When we invoke the MASTER during these moments and feel his presence, we receive effective contact and stabilize the relationship with him.

Balance and Alignment

When the Sun crosses the equator in the equinoxes, we have that day and night are equal in the equator. On the trip north of the Sun, this happens around March 21 and on the trip south around September 22. The point at which day and night have the same duration

It corresponds to the state of yoga where matter and spirit are in balance. Neither is rejected or neglected. "Yoga is balance, " says Lord Krishna. When the inequalities in our impulses and expressions are adjusted, consciousness is remitted within the plane of soul consciousness.

Balancing the opposite forces of the physical, emotional and mental planes occurs in the buddhic plane. There, Will, Love and Light prevail. When we are linked to the buddhic plane, we also bring this balancing power to the lower planes. Remembering the great initiates who live in the higher planes also elevates us. In this way, by committing ourselves to their lives and teachings we receive a touch of Presence, which stimulates the balance in us.

In the center of the spine, in the Sushumna canal, the energies of materialization (Ida) and those of spiritualization (Pingala) are in balance; We are in the awareness of our existence. Contemplating in the Sushumna, the male and the female in us match and complete. Sushumna is of diamond light, and from this the diamond body is constructed. From there the conscience shines with great brilliance.

Remaining in this light and through alignment with the soul we experience alignment with the Sun. Just as the Sun is the king of the solar system, Sanat Kumara is the king of our planet. In the equinox, he is in deep contemplation aligned with the Sun, the central Sun and the cosmic Sun. With our alignment, we can join him. We can build the vertical in us and gain poise on all planes of existence. With the correct preparation we can receive the initiation directly from the Sun on the day of the equinox. Receiving the light and distributing it to the surroundings is an important service. With this we help people reach the Light too.

Interlude Preparation

Preparations begin from the solstice and continue for the next 90 days; then, the time window for initiation is open for two or three days. We should line up internally for at least three days before the equinox. Only then do we become receptive to the available energies and can we display subtle perceptions.

The equinox is an interlude, like the pause between two breaths. Through this interlude, we can easily enter the supra-mundane subtle world.

Many people are not even aware of solstices and equinoxes and do not benefit from them. The difference in perception depends on the state of consciousness. If a person is not aware of the energies of the larger system and does not tune to them, perceptions are lost. As occult students we have to be attentive to these times, to follow the festivals of Nature and to take note of the precise days. These are not the festivals of great meals and conversation, but silent celebrations of the soul.

We should make sure that we don't fill the day of the equinox with too many things or appointments. If possible, you have to take a day off, so that we can open up and be in meditation with a deeper intention, and this is better with a group. It is very good to make a group coexistence around this day invoke the energy of the Hierarchy in our midst. We can also offer flowers to the energy and ask for their presence in the near future.

Re cordando the Light

There is something deep and sublime about the equinox at the beginning of Libra. It is the counterpart of the Aries equinox, and their relationship constitutes an important axis. In Aries we meet the Father, the spirit, in Libra with the Mother, the matter. The Father IS, at all times, but in Libra he is hidden in the Mother. With THE autumn equinox we enter the Midnight Time and it becomes very difficult to overcome the illusion of Mother or matter. In Libra she is also called the impenetrable Mother; in the East she is called Durga. She is the threshold for the illusion of life, since she remains between the Truth and the Illusion.

When we encounter the illusion of matter, it is important that we remember the Light. Then the Mother gives us the Light in the Dark . With this light, we do not fall into the dangers of passion, which has kept mankind imprisoned for millions of years. One of the great passions is sexuality. In our dark age, the lack of understanding of femininity and feminine nature has led to a great imbalance. Male domination has caused much suffering, also for men.

The Ascending Path

Mother like Durga is the key to balancing the masculine and feminine side, the subjective and objective existence. She is the beginning and the point of support in the center that causes the rotation of life. She works as the radiant and (diversifying) force and also as the fusion force. Durga is worshiped in Libra so that she can open the secret passage between subjective and objective existence. With the help of the Mother we find the way to the Father by turning inwards and ascending vertically through the spine, so we develop.

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