Channels "Open your doors" - Through Bethlehem of Peace

  • 2016

Open your door to the light

Water beautifies you.

In your entretelas there is honor, Your body is your temple.

There are strong winds, the ground shakes ...

Waters and oceans resurface from hell.

It is embodied on Earth by the portals, it comes to transcend the soul of previous penances and therefore to shake off distorting elements that largely condition.

pass their tests by doing their mission, which is to free themselves from chains.

We must reach the transcendental point where the void makes a dent.

The being hides behind the veils that must be drawn through challenges and internal struggles, into the shadow, in the darkness to illuminate it and thus distribute life to others by socializing in service.

It is necessary to awaken the latent resources and gifts to assume them and put them at the service of others, to look for alternatives to challenge themselves, to constantly test themselves and not fall asleep, to renew themselves day by day, to disconnect from a past that chain

When fear dissipates memories emerge and soul is released.

Open your doors

Beams of light are entering the planet entering the hearts of beings, opening their heart center, so that they can hold and open to these frequencies of love that will culminate with the descent of the Spirit into their divine being of light, thus embodying what they are Really.

Do not believe everything you think you believe, this is a mistake.

They take a gene, they distort it, they consolidate it as a tangible truth and they lower it, they materialize it and it begins to live and it is already filtered in the individual and collective subconscious, in the Mátrix and thus it begins to live, now this is being done with many ideas, truths, religions, philosophies.

Humanity is changing and as they know that they have to renew themselves they invent new theories and distorting truths to catch you in them, as they are new you have no references and you consider them valid without knowing or imagining, nor questioning that they are new traps for consciousness, new strategies to catch you in a reality and look at it for your interests.

We are in a crucial moment, please do not consider anything valid or true that is not within you, in your High Heart that must be the true guide to be able to get out of all this control that lurks.

I prevent you from the traps and tests that you must overcome in order to free yourself, transcend and ascend.

At the moment there are many souls that have been and are being trapped and distracted, making them believe that they are what they are not, being distracted and towards a dead end path that is not theirs.

We live crucial moments. To the erta !, learn to feel yourself, to listen to you and you will know your truths.

You cannot find different results always doing the same.

The only true love is within each one of, look for it, love it and you will flourish.

The true religion of the new transcended and ascended humanity is something sublime, the true religion, unites, does not divide, the true religion respects the path of each soul towards its liberation, the true religion is pure love and compassion, it is above all the creeds and religions belonging to an obsolete and obsolete timeline.

To earn the promised land you have to do an interior work of introspection of the Titans and that up to those depths there are very that get it because it requires giving up much and much delivery.

The world is in full spiral closure of a vortex at certain timelines and opening the spiral of a new vortex, is in full transformation, in full transforming centrifugation after all the washes and rinses.

Open your mind and spirit, always harbor hope and become and like a flower.

May joy come to your life again and may the support of your days be eternal.

You came to the world to be happy, to love ...

Mother, you are the star that guides me, you are the center of my days, you are the sun that illuminates me.

Come and lick my wounds, come and embrace my pain, come and listen to my covenant.

My beloved Virgin of the Guardian, my Guadalupe of love.

I feel your alliance in me, your promise that heals me and burns in my heart.

My little swallow, my morning star, my sweet compassion.

Feelings that guide me ...

The support of your days is opened, it is amplified, because your wounds have been sealed and when they are sealed there is no energy loss, disconnecting all energy from you that weakened you.

Now you are able to manage your energies doing the necessary magic that brings you the truth and the austerity of not wasting or losing.

There is a sun in your gaze that lets your truth shine, there is a truth in your heart that is pure and intact.

There is a sun that penetrates you, which expands your light, the light of your heart, the light of your truth.

There is a truth that is latent in you, a unique and unparalleled truth, a truth that exalts and immaculates you.

There is in you a heart with a current of electric light that runs through your whole being and makes you shine like a morning star.

There is a morning for you, clean and pure as your spirit, your being exalts you and makes you unique, genuine.

There is a glow in you that magnetizes you and that expands by touching and giving light to everything it reaches.

There is a light in your gaze that does not stop blaring, which does not cease to exist, which does not stop throbbing, transmitting, narrating

And the seven veils have been torn and uncovered, the seven luminous spheres that have been opened and connected to each other revealed.

There is a support of the days of lights and shines that open in your life, there is a new and renewed life, delivered

There is a sun in your light, a sun in your being, a sun in your gaze, a sun in the center of your being, illuminating your channels, activating the stream of liquid gold that runs through them to enlighten you, magnify you, exalt you and rise

There is a stream of liquid crystalline gold that arrives above the center of your crown and opens like a cup to spill that energy as if it were a fountain, running your body of light by activating it and winding your spine where the poles of the two currents intersect raising the energy of the sacrum up to join in that source of liquid light of liquid gold, flooding you with love, light, being

There is a being in you new, fresh and renewed, a being of light ready to shine.

Portals of line frequencies and times are opened.

If the time is, was and will be, my time is real.

Disengage from everything.

Press zero.


AUTHOR: Bel n de la Paz


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