Bulletin # 28 s2, The 5 “LEAVE” Some ideas for a School System Emergency Plan

  • 2011
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The 5 "LEAVE"

Some ideas for a School System Emergency Plan

Part I

By Noemi Paymal

After having raised the 7-petal schools (see previous bulletin) it is also important to see what could be some simple steps that would allow to carry out this transition of educational systems.

This articles I call the "5 LEAVE", but beware, "leave" in the sense of allowing, empowering, leaving responsibility, motivation, enthusiasm. Let live, let bloom. Do not leave in the sense of abandoning or drifting. Unlike! It is more than ever to accompany, both children and adults who accompany them, leaving freedom of action and supporting without hindering !!!!!!!!!!!!


Step by Step

The steps to transform current education can be very varied (this point will be developed in the next bulletin, the 8 axes of action). It includes:

1. Make immediately an alternative school of 7 petals, 10 petals, 1000 petals, according to local possibilities and demands as well as the laws of your country

2. Gradually transform the current system, establishing simple and easy steps to specify ...

3. Have other different educational projects, such as homeschooling, unschooling, online virtual school, etc ... Make a weekend school, workshops, original extracurricular classes on other topics, etc ...

In all cases, one can carry some application tools in the “5 LEAVE”, whether you are a mother teaching your child or a group of children in your home, “field teachers”, Director or teachers in a conventional school, Mayor, NGO, Prefect, Mayor, Minister of Education, the idea is that each one takes what they need from the following steps, transforms it to their reality and applies it with awareness and creativity.

These are easy to execute and inexpensive steps. It aims to relieve the teacher and directors of school establishments instead of charging him again with more methodologies, more studies and more work, as well as making the work of young children and parents more fun and interesting. Little by little we could systematize the “5 LEAVE” in a School System Emergency Plan (PESE) adaptable to any country and socio-political, ecological and cultural environment.

The discomfort of the education system in almost every country in the world is not to be demonstrated. Suffice it to see that the rate of childhood depression and the rate of suicide in young people has increased this last decade around the world to realize that it is urgent and essential to act NOW and constructively to the massive transformation of education, at the same time in its methods, motivation, content, objectives and attitude. It is a background transformation and importantisisisisima, there is no doubt.

The “5 LEAVE”

The five simple steps are as follows:

1. Let the teachers and parents be “updated”

2. Leave “opportunity” of institutional action to teachers, parents and institutions

3. Let “move” children and young people

4. Let “explore” children and young people

5. Let "breathe", everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first steps are aimed at adults, the next two for children and young people and the fifth for all.

1. Let the teachers and parents be “updated”

“A free teacher has time and enthusiasm to explore, learn and do new things”

The idea is to relieve the teacher of administrative tasks and very long schedules, and also relieve the pressure to have more purely academic diplomas (as is the case in Peru) but more technicians by offering more practical tools. During this transition period it is more important, in my view, that the teacher has short refresher cycles, practical training, workshops in what interests him and that he has access to much information about the current changes of today's children and the changes that our society is going through in these times.

2. Leave “opportunity” of institutional action to teachers, parents and institutions

“A happy teacher has freedom of action”

Let do

It is important to leave your opportunity for action to teachers or directors of Establishments: you are supported when you have an initiative. They also allow parents to get involved in the education they want for their children.

1. Allow experimental classes and experimental schools when requested. Those that have success and concrete results could be further transformed as an Integral Training Center. As such they could have extra grants.

2. Allow parents to make their own schools or mini-center (home-school) so that children take an end-of-year or end-of-cycle exam.

3. Support extra-school educational initiatives as well.

3. Let move, children and young people

Children are like the atoms, the sun, the planets and the stars: They move, they move, they move, incessantly!

Let it move and flow

It is about introducing small, but highly efficient, activities based on movement into every educational system.


It includes:

1. Daily Brain Gym exercises or kinesiological education of Dr. Paul Dennison, and other similar exercises such as ATB, Aloka Marti Awareness Through the Body.

2. Sports every day, soft or strong depending on the taste of children.

3. Field trip as often as possible, trades, long walks (3 or 4 days for example) and camps.

4. All kinds of dances (from contemporary to traditional, hip hop, folkloric )

5. All children must have their breaks.

6. Offer activities based on movement at recess, with moments of strong dance music for example.

7. Encourage the Arts in all its forms in all gardens, schools and colleges.

8. Make bio-gardens in all gardens, schools and colleges.

4. Let Explore, for children and young people

A living child uncovers and raises his consciousness with all matters of School and Life

Let create

In an investigation of Pedagooogia 3000, we find in our sample, that 83% of today's young children are self-developed, that is, they are self-taught, autonomous and independent (P3000, page 458 of the 4th edition). Therefore it is important to let them explore for themselves, rediscover things, experiment ...

What is more important?

1. tell the child that blue and yellow gives green

2. Or let him rehearse, mix the colors, try and let him discover it.

Point 2, obviously, for the sacred pleasure caused by uncovering. It's the Insight! It's the Eureka! Is that not only in painting, but in all subjects: mathematics, geometry, language, biology, chemistry, etc ... That allows us to create more synapse connections of brain neurons, then expanding our ability to think, create, innovate, love ...

Also use pedagogical tools that favor the full development of the Right Hemisphere and Fun Learning (fun teaching).

5. Let "breathe", everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"No one can learn with too much stress, it is counterproductive"

"Everyone learns and acts rightly with enthusiasm"

"Let it be"

1. The idea is to focus on the welfare of the teacher and the parents. It is known that if "one is well", then the children have a good time. If one is stressed, tired and worried, the children immediately build up a real mess. Then it is necessary to provide the teacher and parents who wish:

1. emergency anti-stress techniques

2. anti-stress techniques as a habit of life

3. Soft sports, once a week, paid by the school. To choose according to your preferences. It is better if it is a sport that involves conscious breathing (such as a martial art or yoga). But they can be others if the teacher or parents like it.

4. Provide permission and resources for the teacher to have assistants such as: allow parents to help regularly (physically in the classroom), for the teacher to have guests who occasionally offer their talents to children (parents) or others), invite grandparents to tell the story, ...

5. Provide quality audiovisual material to parents and teachers to pass it on to children.

6. Replace the bells with classical music.

7. If possible, introduce the LCS, Silent Community Reading weekly in all schools or other tools of this style.

8. Among many other tools.

2. And relieve the stress of children and youth. That is to relieve the pressure for exams, grades, intellectual, emotional and physical stress, schedules too square, give space to creativity. Avoid threatening tone of voice and any threat or blackmail in general.

Game, look for the word leave




The 5 "LEAVE"

Some ideas for a School System Emergency Plan

Part II

The “5 LEAVE”

The five simple steps we developed in the previous bulletin are the following:

1. Let the teachers and parents be “updated”

2. Leave “opportunity” of institutional action to teachers, parents and institutions

3. Let “move” children and young people

4. Let “explore” children and young people

5. Let "breathe", everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leaving means "MORE"

As we have seen in part I of the article, to leave does NOT mean to drift, but rather to allow “More”, that is, to favor more responsibility, more ethics, more awareness and more commitment to the “work” that one is leaving. It means increasing self-discipline, motivation, joy and love.

Phase II

After the transition phase of the 5 LEAVE, and / or simultaneously depending on the countries and the willingness to cooperate with the governments, we could think of several axes of action such as:

* Training of new teachers and school administrators, with extensive training in holistic or holistic education.

* Training of “holistic” young educational assistants, in a short cycle training

* Support for teachers who want to do other things.

* Development and distribution of holistic educational material consistent with today's children and the paradigms of the third millennium, as well as with scientific, technological and ecological advances.

* Development and distribution of multimedia material and games that raise awareness of human beings

* Implementation of "experimental house-school" of small size and 7-petal schools as an alternative to the monsters of thousands of students.

* Allow teachers to alternate their teaching activity with another activity of their choice on a regular basis and / or training that he himself would choose.

* Introduce alternative therapies within the educational system (health, personal development and education go hand in hand, both are preventive and comprehensive).

* Massively use radio and television as an integral educational tool.

* Among many other axes of action.

In the future

This plan has 4 more phases to lead to a large-scale Social Education or Integral SocioEducation, which extends to the whole society, all ages and all social sectors, including ethics, ecology, the notion of mutual help. ” grassroots ”(Ayni) with young people and volunteers of all ages, transformation of the media, with up-to-date and ethical information, integration of education and production, among many other issues…


The school will become like this in the future in an avant-garde center at the same time as personal training, such as social, bio-technological, ecological, productive, multicultural, etc ... becoming the main engine of support for society. That is why it can be envisioned that, in the near future, the school will naturally fulfill a multifunctional role of expanding Consciousness at the level of society as a whole, transforming it into a Focal Center for personal growth and innovations. We could think, among several possibilities, of a mixed educational system that could be both:

* Personal development centers.

* And "Integral Educational Productive Centers" for example, where students and educators are very aware of being active and fully protagonist of the re-co-construction of their society and environment.

A greater awareness, greater commitment!

In this way, children and young people, within their Basic Education, naturally learn the following triad "OV2M": trades, life and subjects.

1. They learn by having fun the various trades (O) necessary to perform in life, from construction to astronomy, through agriculture, textiles, Internet, cooking, Arts, sewing, ceramics, carpentry, mechanics ... among many other trades, which ensures, to the boys, autonomy, self-esteem and the sense of being “useful”. These activities are also highly therapeutic.

2. At the same time they cultivate the basic principles of life (V2) socio-geo-economic-political and Life

- socio-geo-economic-political life: such as community, ecology, agricultural cycles, the mechanisms of a solidarity society, politics, economics, social organization, ecology ...

- Life: covers topics such as the family (including extended family), the cycles of death and birth, the integral education of their future children (from conception), Universal Laws and the laws of this world

3. All this articulated with the (M) "renewed conventional" materials, complementing harmoniously and by themselves.

Drawing extracted from the pocket book, Pedagooogia 3000 and the Expansion of Consciousness.

Give us a chance!

Let us live!

Leave us alone!

Let us dream!

I beg of today's children: Let us dream!

Let us dream, please do not put out the fire of our hearts, let our gifts and conscience alive. Please dream with us too. The dream of our childhood is the essence of our innocence and the highest possible virtue on Earth. Dreams are a form of contact with all planes. Please do not let us lose our conscious contact with the Spirit, the Great Mystery of Life. It is our request, it is our dream for humanity Let us

Excerpt from the pedagogical notebook 3000, No. 2

General recommendations for children and youth of the Third Millennium

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