Archangel Raphael: "Let's not stop until the healing is complete!"

  • 2019

Channeled by Genoveva Coyle, December 24, 2018

I will give you my scalpel so that you remove and eliminate all limiting beliefs, lack of self-esteem and all the blockages and debris of the main problems that hold you back…

Archangel Raphael

Greetings dear! I AM Archangel Raphael, Healer and Physician of this Universe and beyond, in service and in constant assistance to you and everyone. I AM your healer and your brother and your family.

I come now to ask you to go deep inside, dear ones. I come to ask you, to beg and urge you to have the courage to analyze your thoughts, your fears and each of the physical and emotional discomforts that you have. Then we can get rid of all the blockages and debris of the main problems that are holding them back for the fulfillment of their mission and their dreams.

I am here to be your guide and hold your hand, I am here to be your gentle teacher who is holding you in a sacred space when you need to work and dissect your main issues. And I will give you the tools and the means - the scalpel - to remove and eliminate them all. This time I want you to go deeper, dear hearts, there is no need to stop halfway, there is no need to postpone your complete and final healing .

Have the courage to analyze your thoughts, your fears and each of your physical and emotional discomforts.

I promise you that in the end this process will provide everything you have asked for and prayed for so long. The sense of power and the stimulating sense of lightness and freedom are such that they will never want to return to the heavy state of being earlier.

The mind and the ego will try to stop them, to scare them away so that they remain where they are at this moment. They will try to distract them by directing and diverting their energy and focusing them on other areas and activities that are taking their attention away from the only work that needs to be done - go deeper into the stillness of their hearts and let go of all these remnants of limiting beliefs and lack of self-esteem

The only work they need to do is to go deeper into the stillness of their hearts and let go of limiting beliefs.

Never underestimate the power of the fearful mind to keep them small and in the old "safe" paradigm . That is why we have been constantly asking you to balance your hearts, to keep a record of what kind of thoughts are flowing through them, what feelings and emotions are emerging within you and all the physical symptoms that are directing you and giving you great clues about which path they need to change, and most of the time, what they need to let go .

Most of the time, it is not what they do but what they stop doing that brings back the balance at all levels. But, of course, the reason they do this and try too hard is because they feel they are in debt, or that they need to earn the love and acceptance of others .

When you go deep into your own being and eliminate all these old lies and discover how adorable you are and really love and appreciate who you are, then you will not seek approval or validation outside of yourself.

They will assist those in need, they may even overload occasionally, but because they will be joyful and exuberant, without motives or lower fears, they will be constantly connected with the upper vibrating parts of yourself, and therefore with the infinite energy supply of the Source

The end result, dear hearts, is that you are able to maintain that unique, strong and beautiful energy that you have in perfect balance and harmony with who you really are and from here inspiration and the power to manifest everything that wish is there for you, forever.

The result of going inside is to be able to maintain the energy they have in balance and harmony.

When they are in harmony with everything they are, it is easy to attend to the parts of the self that need expansion and strengthening. And at the same time, they can rise above negative and chaotic energies, and set firm and clear limits for those who want a free trip, or who simply want to stop them on their trip.

Then proceed with the help of my green emerald and my love! Take my hand, dear and brave brothers and sisters, and do not stop until the healing is complete!

Goodbye for now!

Alexander Raphael

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TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of the

SOURCE: Genoveva Coyle (2018) Archangel Raphael says lets not stop until the healing is complete.

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