Archangel Nathaniel: The Harvest Will Begin

  • 2013

By Nathaniel through Hazel

Sep 4, 2013 - 1:24:11 AM

I am Nathaniel

I am Nathaniel of the Light, in the Light, by the Light of One.

I come in his name, the Divine, proposed to read this message.

He has seen his heart and feels the shudder of the desires born in that Holy World, the sanctuary, the sanctuary in which He resides. He has felt the shudder of his desires.

He has issued this message through me.

Be brave because there is nothing to fear. Leave your armor and release the burden, because He who is upon you is within you.

He comes through me to say that he is really present and encourages them to recognize the Light that it always is because it always is.

He cannot find the Light for you, but He could show you the way.

He says, do not lose sight of the Light, so that you do not plummet into darkness.

Your eyes should always be open to the Light. Reverend the Light of all things and you will find your way to him who dwells in you.

The desires of their hearts are great and this will multiply their efforts to feel the Presence that is within.

Because you live in times that are precarious and the dawn of a new era looms before you.

Because the Father begins the preparation to pluck the fruits of the trees He has sown.

The harvest will begin. The fruits of the trees are ready. They have to move from this territory to a new form.

The same trees will be uprooted. Because time does not stop, it is recorded in cosmic light, in the sky of heaven that this is going to be done.

I leave you now with this thought, it will not take long. That no stone be left undone in its efforts to remain in the presence of the Source.

Because this is elementary in their lives, primary to their works.

Let there be no impediments created or imagined or imposed, because in truth the Light is within you and before you.

Remove the rest of the grains of sand that steal the light of your vision and you will see the domain of the one who lives within you.

I am Nathaniel of the Light sent by the Divine to bring this message.

May love be your balm, may love be your bridge, may love be your whole. Goodbye, Goodbye, when I return to the Light

(At this moment when Nathaniel's energy leaves me, my body and my mind enters a total stillness and Miguel's presence is upon me and the following words are given)

Miguel sends his regards. He is among us, walks among us. The drums roll in Nebadon and the trumpets have begun. The call has been declared for us to return home. Let this be his signal, his signal because He has begun with His troops to enter this world.

End of message

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