Venus in Aries- love independence

  • 2015

Venus in Aries from February 20 to March 17, 2015.

We have been with Venus and Mars in Aries for a week and the energy of fire in the environment is noticeable. Uranus in Aries, since 2010, adds its revolutionary electricity to Ariana energy; when Venus first, then Mars and then, within a few weeks, the Sun activates its energy can give us the push we need to start a new stage. But that is the subject for another note. Today I want to talk to you about how the Goddess of Love manifests her energy in such a warrior sign.

Frida Kahlo in one of her poems said a very beautiful phrase: `` Choose a lover who looks at you as if perhaps you were magic '' and, given such an extremely Neptunian suggestion, Venus in Aries added a: But before you marry yourself . That is the spirit of your energy. It can help us to affirm ourselves, to generate new impulses in our relationships, and to become freer. If so far our dynamics have been pleasing and pleasing, perhaps it is time to experiment with more assertive new attitudes. Many times behind a difficult and submissive behavior, there is a fear of rejection. When I think of Venus in Aries, the Lagertha de Vikings squad comes to mind, a series of which I am an unconditional fan. She represents very well the characteristics of this archetype:

brave, noble, combative, someone who can live perfectly alone but who is, at the same time, extremely loyal. During the next few weeks we can let ourselves be impregnated with the fire energy of this Venus and integrate its qualities. Venus in Aries knows how to take care of herself; It is protected, not by fear, but by experience in combat. He knows when he has to retire, when he has to keep fighting or when he has to enter unknown territory. It has the instinct of a jacket, is awake and present with the six senses. He knows how to read the signs, the omens, and survive in the midst of predators and the wild; It is the born survivor. His style is individualistic, daring; Make your own decisions.

Venus rules love and relationships, art and finance . We can notice how we become more independent, wanting to do things alone, without needing anyone. When we are with friends, we may be more direct than usual and bluntly say what we think. If we like someone, we are not afraid to tell them and in the opposite case neither. For the next few weeks, it is a good time to meet new people, play sports, live an adventure and get out of the cave. It is a good time to undertake, start new projects, and be more daring in financial matters. If we have been wanting to start some artistic work, or something creative, for months, now is a good time. If you want to try a new look, cut your hair, do something you've never done before, don't think about it so much, dare.

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Venus in Aries- love independence

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