"Universality of initiation" and "The participants in the mysteries", by Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul

In esoteric teachings it is often emphasized that initiation, as it is commonly understood, is not a normal process. All progress in the realm of consciousness is logically made through a series of awakenings, which should be made much more gradually and cover a longer period, as in the current planetary conditions. This particular way of developing consciousness in the human family was initiated by the Hierarchy at the end of the fourth subrace of the Atlantean root race, and will continue until the middle of the next round. Then the necessary stimulus will have been provided; three fifths of humanity "will have esoterically set foot on the path, " and a large percentage of it will be on their way to becoming the path itself, returning to normal routine.

The Initiation in the different Planets.

The procedure to stimulate human egos by means of graduated instructions, and the application of the dynamic electric force of the Scepter, are currently used on three of the planets of our system. It is instituted in every fourth round, and its main interest is that for the fourth creative Hierarchy, in every fourth chain and fourth balloon, during the fourth round, the most important initiation is the fourth, the Crucifixion. The fourth creative Hierarchy is the summation of the conscious will and sacrifice of the Solar Logos, and the great symbol of the intelligent union of spirit and matter. Hence the preeminent place of the fourth initiation, with its presentation of cosmic truths, and its synthesis of the purpose of this fundamental sacrifice.

The student must remember that the other planetary systems, although fundamentally they are like our scheme, differ profoundly in their manifestation, due to their different characteristics and the individual karma of the planetary Logos or incarnate ray. These differences affect

  • The initiatory process, both in its altruistic and ceremonial aspect.
  • The application of the Scepter, because the type of force that personifies, when it comes in conjunction with the differentiated force of the planetary type, produces results of different nature and degree.
  • Periods of initiation. The embodied egos of any planet will not be easily stimulated, depending on the type of lightning and the astrological conditions. This will bring more or less prolonged development periods, before each initiation between them.
  • The electric phenomena produced in the upper planes, as a greater number of human units ful grow esoterically. It should be borne in mind that the solar system, with all that it includes, is expressed in terms of light, and that the process of initiation can therefore be considered as the one in which it is stretched. they mule the different points of light (or human sparks), their radiation and temperature are increased and the sphere of influence of each light is extended.

The three planetary schemes where the great experiment of initiation is being tested are: Earth, Venus and another planet. Venus was the first sphere for the experiment, and the success of the effort and the force generated were the cause of a similar attempt on our planet. No planet increases its accumulation of force and therefore its sphere of influence, without incurring obligations and affecting other schemes; The exchange of force and energy between Venus and the Earth is continuous. A similar process took place recently in another planetary scheme, and when in the next round our Earth reaches a stage in evolution, analogous to that of the Venusian scheme at the time when its influence it was felt by us, we will also help stimulate another group of planetary egos and institute a similar procedure in another scheme, among the sons of men.

In the three great planetary schemes of Neptune, Uranus and Saturn, the method of initiation will not be used. They will be the recipients of those who are esoterically saved from the other schemes, that is, to all those who in any scheme achieve the necessary expansions of consciousness (such as which will achieve the majority of the human family before the middle of the next cycle or round), they will be considered saved, while the rest will be considered unsuccessful and they will be retained for further development in later periods, or transferred to those planetary schemes that, from the point of view of time, are not as advanced as our terrestrial scheme. Those three major schemes are those that absorb and synthesize the energy of others.

The Initiation and the Devas.

You may wonder if the devas receive initiations; This point could be treated briefly.

The initiation has to do with the conscious development of the self and concerns the wisdom aspect of the One Self. It implies the development of the intelligence principle and implies that the human being captures the purpose and the will and also participates intelligently through Love and service The devas, except the major devas that in previous cycles passed through the human kingdom and now collaborate in the evolution of man, are not yet aware of themselves. They progress and evolve through the expansion of self-conscious, self-initiated and self-imposed realizations. Aspiration and conscious effort, is the most difficult to develop in the solar system, because it does not follow the line of least resistance, but tries to start and impose a higher rhythm. The devas follow the line of least resistance and try to appropriate and experience the vibration of things as they are, in the fullness of their feelings and sensations. Therefore, the method for them is the progressive intensity in the appreciation of the current feeling, and not, as in man, a progressive depreciation of things as they are, or of the material aspect, which leads to the effort to reach and encompass in your consciousness the subjective reality or things of the spirit - as opposed to objective unreality or the things of matter. Devas try to feel, while men want to know. Consequently, the devas do not experience those expansions of consciousness that we call initiations, except in the case of advanced beings, who have transcended the human stage, feel at the same time they know and, according to the law of evolution, expand their knowledge in degree progressive.

Cosmic Influences and Solar Initiations.

All that can be done here when dealing with this very profound issue is to briefly enumerate some of the cosmic influences that affect our Earth in a definite way, and produce results everywhere in the consciousness of men and, during the process of initiation, certain specific phenomena as a consequence.

The first and main energy or force is that which emanates from the Syrian sun . If it can be expressed in this way, all the energy of thought or mental force reaches the solar system from a distant cosmic center, through Sirius, which acts as a transmitter or focal center, from which the influences that produce self-consciousness in man emanate . During the initiation, through the Initiation Scepter (which acts as a subsidiary transmitter and as a powerful magnet), this energy intensifies momentarily, and is applied with enormous force to the centers of the initiate. If it were not because the Hierophant and the two godfathers of the initiate make her first pass through their own bodies, the initiate could not resist it. This increase of mental energy produces the extension and knowledge of the truth as it is, being its lasting effects. First, it is felt in the laryngeal center, the great organ of creation through sound.

Another type of energy reaches the man from the Pleiades, passing through the Venusian scheme, just as the energy of the Syrian scheme passes through the Saturnine. It has a definite effect on the causal body and stimulates the heart center.

A third type of energy is applied to the initiate, which affects his coronary center and emanates from one of the seven stars of the Big Dipper , whose animating life maintains the same relationship with our planetary Logos, as that of the ego with the human being. This energy is therefore sevenfold and differs according to the type of man and the ray to which he belongs.

It is not possible to reveal here the order of application of the different types of energy nor to say in which initiation man contacts them. These facts involve the secrets of the mysteries and it is not convenient to reveal them. Other types of force from certain planetary schemes, as well as from cosmic centers, are put into action by the initiator and transmitted through the Scepter to the different centers, of the three vehicles of the initiate: mental, astral and etheric. In the fourth initiation a specialized type of force, coming from a center whose name must remain unnamed, is applied to the causal body of man, being one of the causes of its final disintegration.

In reflecting on the issue of the realization of the sons of men, it must be recognized that the human race completes one unification after another; "Heavenly Men" are integrated into the intuitive and spiritual levels, and in turn constitute the centers of the great "Heavenly Men" in the solar system. These seven heavenly Men in whose bodies each human monad and deva find their place, form the seven centers of the Logos body, which in turn constitutes the heart center (because God is love) of an even higher entity. The consummation for those who belong to this solar system, will occur when the Logos receives His fifth initiation. When the sons of men reach the fifth initiation, He will reach His goal. This is for us an incomprehensible and great mystery.



Those who participate in the mysteries are generally known, and the way in which the participants proceed is not a secret. Here we only try to give a greater sense of reality to what has already been informed, through a detailed presentation and a more concise reference to the part they play during the ceremony. At this stage the student should take into account certain things as he reflects on the mysteries:

It must try to interpret the above in terms of spirit and not of matter or form, since it is dealing with the subjective aspect or awareness of the manifestation, and what underlies the objective form. Such understanding saves the student a lot of confusion.

Do we consider substantial and real facts on the mental plane ? The plane where major initiations take place? but that do not materialize or constitute phenomena in the physical plane. The link between both planes lies in the continuity of consciousness that the initiate has developed, which allows him to transfer to the physical brain events and circumstances of the subjective planes of life.

The corroboration of this and the proof of the accuracy of the transmitted knowledge can be demonstrated as follows:

In the etheric centers and through them . These centers will receive powerful stimulus and, through their increased inherent energy, will enable the initiate to carry out, on the path of service, what he had never imagined. His dreams and ideals do not become possibilities, but rather facts demonstrated in the manifestation.

The physical centers, such as the pineal gland and the pituitary body, will begin to develop rapidly, and the initiate will be aware of the awakening of the "siddhis" or powers of the soul, in the highest sense of the word. You will be aware of the process of conscious control and self-initiated manipulation of the powers mentioned. Understand the methods of egoic contact and the correct direction of force.

The nervous system through which the emotional or astral body acts will become very sensitive, as well as very strong. The brain will quickly become an acute transmitter of internal impulses. This fact is of real importance and, as its significance becomes more evident, will bring a revolution in the attitude of educators, doctors and other people, towards the development of the nervous system and the healing of nervous disorders.

The hidden memory . The initiate finally becomes progressively aware of the development of that internal remembrance or "hidden memory", which concerns the work of the Hierarchy and, mainly, of its part in the general plan. When the initiate who esoterically remembers a ceremonial fact in his vigilic consciousness, discovers these manifestations of increasing progress and conscious realization in himself, then he checks and verifies the truth of his internal security.

It should be remembered that this internal verification is of value only to the initiate, which must be tested before the world of his life through the service and work done, which arouses, in those around him, a recognition that is demonstrated as sanctified emulation and intense effort to tread the same path, always impelled by the same motive of service and brotherhood, and not by self-aggrandizement and selfish acquisition. It should also be remembered that if the above is true about work, it is more so in relation to the initiate. The initiation is something strictly personal, but universally applicable . It depends on its internal realization. The initiate will know for himself, without anyone telling him, when the event takes place. The expansion of consciousness, called initiation, includes the physical brain, otherwise it would have no value. These minor expansions of consciousness that we experience normally and daily and from which we say that we "learn" this or that, have to do with the capture, by the physical brain, of an imparted fact or captured circumstance. The same goes for major expansions, which are the result of many minor ones.

It is very possible that man also acts on the physical plane, and is actively dedicated to serving the world without keeping any memory of having gone through the initiatory process; however, he may have received the first or second initiation in a previous life. This result is simply because there is no link between one life and another, or perhaps it is the result of a definite ego decision. A man can exhaust some karma and carry out some work for the Lodge if he is free from esoteric concerns and mystical introspections during an earthly life. Many sons of men have already received the first initiation and few the second, nevertheless ignore it; but those with internal vision can check it by their centers and nervous system. When initiation is received for the first time, in a certain life the physical brain remembers it.

Neither curiosity nor good living ever took man to the Portal of Initiation. The curiosity that arouses strong vibrations in the lower nature of man only serves to separate him, instead of taking him to the goal in which he is interested, while good living, without the complement of a total sacrifice for others, without a park, humility and selflessness, of an unusual type, can be used to build good vehicles, useful for another incarnation, but not to break down external and internal barriers or dominate the opposing forces and energies that arise between a "good" man and the ceremony of the initiation.

The path of discipleship is difficult to trample, and even more so the path of initiation. The initiate is a warrior covered with scars, the winner of many struggles. He does not talk about his accomplishments, because he is very busy with the great work he has in his hands. It does not refer to personal things or to what has been done, except to regret what little he has done. However, for the world, he is considered a man of great influence, who manages spiritual power, personifies ideals and works for humanity, and will inevitably bring results that will be recognized by future generations. Initiate is one who, despite all his great accomplishments, is rarely understood by his own generation. It is often the target of men's curse and is often not interpreted well; offering everything you own - time, money, influence, reputation and everything that the world considers of value? on the altar of altruistic service and often offers his life as a final gift, only to discover that those whom he has served, reject his offering, despise his renunciation and revive him. But the initiate does not care, because he has the privilege of seeing the future and recognizing that the force generated by him will fulfill the plan in due time; He also knows that his name and efforts are registered in the archives of the Lodge and are known by the Silent Observer who watches over the affairs of men.

The planetary stocks.

We will treat here the characters that take part in the ceremonies of the initiation, and we will first consider those who are called Planetary Stocks. This refers to those Great Beings who influence or remain with humanity during a period of planetary manifestation. There are not many, since the majority constantly and progressively goes on to higher jobs, because their places can be occupied and their functions carried out by members of our terrestrial evolution, both devic and human.

Among those who are directly linked to the different divisions of our Masters Lodge on the planet, the following could be designated: The Silent Observer, the Great Entity, the animating life of the planet, which is for the Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara, what the ego for the lower self of man. An idea of ​​the high stage of evolution of this Great Being can be obtained, if the degree of evolutionary difference between a common human being and a perfect adept is compared. From the point of view of our planetary scheme, there is no higher being than this great Life, and as far as we are concerned, it is the analogy of the personal God of Christians. He acts through His representative on the physical plane, Sanat Kumara, focal point of His life and energy. It contains the world within its aura. The adept who has received the fifth initiation, and is about to receive the sixth and seventh, is the only one who can make direct contact with this great Existence. Once a year, at the Wesak Festival, the Lord Buddha authorized by the Lord of the World, spills a double current of force over the crowd, emanating from the Silent Observer, complemented by the more concentrated energy of the Lord of the World. This double energy imparts it as a blessing on the crowd gathered at the Himalayan ceremony, from which it spreads to all peoples, races and nations. Perhaps not everyone knows that in a certain crisis, during the Great War, the Hierarchy of our planet deemed it necessary to invoke the help of the Silent Observer and intoning the great mantle by which you can reach the Buddha called His attention and asked him to intercede before the Logos planetary. Among the planetary Logos, the Lord of the World, one of the Activity Buddhas, the Buddha, the Mahachohan and the Manu? Listed according to their stage of evolution ?, it was decided to observe the course of events for a longer time before interfering in these because the karma of the planet would have been delayed if the fight ended too quickly. His confidence was justified in the ability of men to properly adjust to the conditions, and His intervention was unnecessary. This council was held in Shamballa. This has been mentioned to demonstrate the close observance of the Planetary Entities in everything concerning the affairs of men. It is textually true, in an esoteric sense, that "not a single leaf falls" without its fall being recorded.

You may wonder why the Bodhisattva did not take part in the council. The reason is that war was a matter for the Manu department, and the members of the Hierarchy only deal with what is strictly their business; As the Mahachohan personifies the Manasic principle or intelligence, he participates in all councils. In the next great fight the religious sector will intervene and the Bodhisattva will be intimately involved. His brother, the Manu, will be exempt from intervening and will deal with His own affairs. On the other hand there is a close collaboration in all departments, without loss of energy. Due to the unity of consciousness of those who have freed themselves from the three lower planes, what happens in one department is known in the others.

Since the planetary Logos only intervenes in the two final initiations, which are not obligatory like the five preliminary ones, it is not intended to elaborate on His work. These initiations are received in the buddhic and atmic planes, while the first five in the mental.

The Lord of the World, the Initiator One, He who the Bible calls "the Ancient of Days" and the Hindu Scriptures the First Kumara, from His throne of Shamballa in the Gobi desert, He, Sanat Kurnara, presides over the Masters Lodge and holds the reins of the government of the three departments. Some Scriptures call it "the Great Sacrifice", and has decided to monitor the evolution of men and devas, until all have been esoterically "saved." It also determines the "promotions" in the different departments and who should fill the vacancies. Four times a year he meets in council with the Chohanes and Teachers and authorizes what must be done to advance the aims of evolution.

Sometimes he also meets with lower-level initiates, but only in times of great crisis, when an individual is offered the opportunity to achieve peace and win the flame that quickly destroys the forms that are crystallizing and liberating, consequently, the imprisoned life.

In certain periods of the year the Lodge meets, and at the Wesak Festival it congregates under His jurisdiction for three purposes:

  1. Get in touch with the planetary force through Buddha.
  1. Hold the main quarterly conference.
  1. Admit those who are prepared and have completed all grades at the initiation ceremonies.

Three other initiatory ceremonies are held during the year:

  1. The minor initiations administered by the Bodhisattva, which take place in the department of the Mahachohan and in one of the four minor rays of attribute.
  1. The major initiations in one of the three major rays, aspect rays, administered by the Bodhisattva, thus constituting the first two initiations.
  1. The top three initiations, where Sanat Kumara wields the Scepter.

In all the initiations the Lord of the World is present, but in the first two he occupies a similar position to that occupied by the Silent Observer, when Sanat Kumara takes the oath of the third, fourth and fifth initiations. Then His power flows before the initiate and the brightness of the star is the sign of His approval, but the initiate does not see Him before him, until the third initiation.

The role played by the three Kumaras or Activity Buddhas in the initiation is interesting. There are three aspects of the One aspect and disciples of Sanat Kumara. Although their functions are many and diverse and mainly concern the forces and energies of nature and the direction of the construction agents, they have a vital connection with the aspirant to initiation, because they embody the strength or energy of one of the three sub-planes superiors of the mental plane. Therefore, in the third initiation, one of these Kumaras transmits to the causal body of the initiate the energy that destroys the matter of the third sub-plane, producing part of the destruction of the vehicle. In the fourth initiation another Buddha transmits force from the second plane and, in the fifth, the force of the first subplane passes similarly to the remaining atoms of the causal vehicle, determining the final release. The work of the second Kumara with the strength of the second sub-plane, is the most important of our solar system, in relation to the egoic body, and produces its complete disintegration, while the final application makes the atoms, which constitute that body, be disperse

During the initiation ceremony, when the initiate stands before the Lord of the World, these three Great Beings form a triangle, within whose lines of force is the initiate. In the first two initiations, where the Bodhisattva acts as the Hierophant, the Mahachohan, the Manu and a Chohan, which temporarily represents the second department, hold a similar position. In the two upper initiations the three Kumaras, called "esoteric Kumaras", form a triangle, in which the initiate remains when facing the planetary Logos.

These facts have been related in order to teach, first, the unity of the method and, second, that the truth of the aphorism "as above is below" is a fact hidden in nature.

In the final two initiations many members of the Hierarchy take part, which are extraplanetary, if it can be expressed in this way, and act outside the dense physique and the etheric globe of our planet; therefore, it is not necessary to enumerate them in detail. Sanat Kumara is still the Hierophant, but, in a very esoteric sense, the one who officiates is the Planetary Logos Himself. They at that moment are merged into a single Entity, manifesting different aspects.

To conclude this brief review, it is enough to say that the formation of an initiate has a double effect, since it always involves the passage of some adept or initiate, to a higher degree or to another job, and the arrival, according to the Law, of a being human who is in the process of realization. Therefore it is of great importance because it involves group activity and loyalty and united effort, and perhaps much depends on the wisdom of accepting a man to occupy a high position and a place in the chambers of the Council of the Hierarchy.

The departmental guides.

The Manu

The Bodhisattva


As has been said, these three Great Beings represent the triplicity of all manifestation and can be expressed bearing in mind that everything refers to subjectivity and therefore to the evolution of consciousness and, mainly, to the self-consciousness of man.


The Manu The Bodhisattva The Mahachohan

Matter aspect Spirit aspect Intelligence aspect

Form …………… .. Life ……………… Mind

The No? I ………… The Yo…. ……… .. The relationship between the two

Body ……………. Spirit …………. soul

Or, in terms that strictly refer to self-conscious knowledge,

Politics Religion Science

Government Belief Civilization

Race Creeds Education

Every human being belongs to one of these three departments, all of equal importance, since spirit and matter are one. They are so interdependent, because they are expressions of Life one, that the effort to express the performance of the three departments in graphic form is subject to error.

These three Great Lords collaborate closely, for work is one, just as man is a triplicity and also an individual unit. The human being is a form through which a spiritual life or entity is manifested, and uses intelligence according to the law of evolution.

Therefore, these Great Lords are intimately related to the initiations of a human being and too busy in matters of greater importance and in group activities, to enter into relationship. n with a man until he is on the path of probation. When he has come by his own effort to the path of discipleship, the Supervising Master informs the guide of one of the three departments (this depends on the individual's lightning) that he is approaching the Portal of the Initiation and must prepare for the big step in a given vineyard. Every life, and later every year, a report is made, until in the last year of the probation path, the results are most frequently given. reports, also sending the name of the applicant to the Lodge. After his own Master has reported on him and briefly summarized his history, the name is put to the vote and godparents are appointed.

During the initiation ceremony the important factors are:

  • The Initiator
  • The triangle of force, formed by three followers or three Kumaras.
  • The godparents.

In the first two initiations, two Masters, one on each side of the aspirant, attend within the triangle. In the third, fourth and fifth initiations, the Mahachohan and Bodhisattva act as godparents. In the sixth and seventh initiations, two Great Beings, which must remain unknown, remain within the esoteric triangle. The action of the godparents consists in passing, through their bodies, the electric force or energy emanating from the Scepter of Initiation. This force circulates by irradiation around the triangle and is complemented by the force of the three guardians; luego pasa a trav s de los centros de los padrinos y, por un acto de voluntad, se trasmite al iniciado.

Ya se ha hablado bastante en este libro sobre la Logia de Maestros y Su relaci n con el aspirante a la iniciaci n, as como tambi n se ha mencionado el trabajo del Iniciado. Este trabajo es conocido por los hijos de los hombres, a pesar de ser un ideal y una lejana posibilidad. Sin embargo, cuando un hombre intenta alcanzar ese ideal y lo convierte en un hecho manifestado dentro de s mismo, descubrir que no s lo es una posibilidad, sino algo que puede lograrse siempre y cuando se esfuerce suficientemente. La primera iniciaci n est al alcance de muchos; pero la necesaria centralizaci ny la firme creencia en la realidad futura, juntamente con la voluntad de sacrificarlo todo antes que renunciar, son obst culos para la mayor a. Este libro no habr sido escrito en vano si s lo sirviera a alguien como acicate para una renovada fe.

This text is a fragment of the book "Human and Solar Initiation", by Master Djwhal Khul or "Tibetan", From here you can download the complete book:

1. Human and Solar Initiation

An Initiation is an expansion of consciousness that leads to enlightenment and revelation. Initiation is experienced by all forms of life, large or small. The work of the Planetary Hierarchy in its many mastery stages is described in this book and fourteen Rules are given through which the neophyte can become an aspirant to the Portal of Initiation.

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