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Translation: Alicia Virelli

(Note from Selacia: The Equinox officially takes place on September 22 - the entrance is held on 9/21 with a global meditation where I am inviting people to connect with higher frequencies and move through the portal in the most beneficial.Added to the most beneficial intensity and potential of the full moon on the weekend of 19/9, amplifying the effects of inner work and meditation.To connect with our global Equinox meditation of 9/21: http: / /

The next Equinox is one of the key energy entry gates left in 2013. Other entry gates include the November solar eclipse on the new moon. As you experience each of these portals, you have an opportunity to greatly accelerate your spiritual growth and find a new balance in your life.

Understanding the Energy Portals

What is an energy gateway? It is a powerful window of time where they can perceive more about themselves and their world.

It is a time where you can connect more tangibly with the spirit and with benevolent invisible forces - receiving helpful insights about the direction of your life.

It is a time when they have expanded the levels of help to move through the obstacles and cleaning everything old that no longer serves them.

As we head to one of these energy portals, it is common to experience a roller coaster, feeling on the top of the world some days and in other days feeling despair about its next step.

They may have headaches and other unexplained physical symptoms, uncomfortable just before or on the date of the portal.

If this happens to you, understand that you are processing the energy, and in doing so, you may feel tired or have temporary discomfort.

As an experienced practitioner, they understand that these temporary symptoms are not cause for alarm. You understand that you will move through them more easily when you go inside and participate in the spiritual processes designed to raise your frequency.

If they feel good this week, but they are still somewhat dizzy from the ups and downs. Here you will find some points of view.

Feeling good this week, but still stunned by recent ups and downs? Here is some perspective.

The Current Ride on the Roller Coaster

His recent roller coaster ride in recent weeks was indeed even more intense than some cycles he experienced in 2012.

To understand why, remember that there was a gradual increase in massive energies throughout 2012, which led to the solstice of December 21, 2012.

At the end of each ascending or descending cycle during 2012, they were able to access a higher frequency of energy. Sometimes the feeling was palpable. Other times, you simply knew that the superior energy was there and you intentionally accessed it.

This ascending and descending cycle happened several times in 2012 and with each energy input there was a growing momentum.

There are many misconceptions about what the 12/21 solstice date meant for his spiritual progress and no doubt what it meant in terms of tangible practice every day.

Yes, the energies you ventured into and helped you co-create what led to Solstice 12/21 was a higher frequency than before - and you had great opportunities for spiritual growth, which were not available in previous cycles.

However, the Solstice of 12/21 was not the final moment of his ascension and spiritual advancement.

Those things happen in a process in time.

It took a long time - even in the spiritual growth of many past lives - to reach the energetic phase of spiritual growth in which you are now.

Do not underestimate what led you to achieve this goal.

Ignore the windy and often cheater path - you have traveled to get where you are today.

You need to honor yourself - and honor where you have been - to get to this point.

Have gratitude since you have been able to be one of those who remained on the spiritual path through all the unknowns, all doubts and all the terrain full of obstacles.

Doing what they have done entails great mastery, great dedication and perseverance. It takes a lot of love for themselves and confidence, too.

His by the way, is not a path for light people. It takes a lot of courage. It requires that you integrate the spirit into your daily life and learn to live in your heart instead of your ego.

You need continuous internal work and self-reflection and be willing to address the outstanding issues of your past. This past includes this life, past lives, and even the DNA-level impact of their ancestral patterns.

Understanding Advanced States on the Path

Ironically, the level of internal work associated with advanced states on the spiritual path is more, not less.


Only when they reach more advanced levels do they have the spiritual qualities of openness, will and love themselves required to investigate the deepest levels of their existence.

Only then can they succeed when they turn to the most stubborn and hidden blockages towards their enlightenment.

Some people in their circles may be in the early stages of their spiritual development.

They may have friends who have fallen. Some people simply do not know how to communicate with the new self that is emerging from their spiritual growth process.

Do not worry about this. Do not try to correct the perception of other people or try to force the understanding of things that people are not ready to perceive.

Nobody is Left Behind

Don't worry about leaving people behind. No one is truly being left behind on the spiritual path - there are simply individual stages to each person.

There are no right or wrong time lines each person wakes up at their own pace.

His role as a divine change maker is to remain boldly at the forefront of massive changes in the world.

You, by your own presence and the way you live your lives, will be a beacon of light for others on the road.

Some of your friends and loved ones will realize the tangible benefits of being around your shining example. Others will benefit indirectly, receiving vital seeds of transformation for the future awakening.

Remember the bigger picture with this big picture from 2012 to 2015.

Since June 2012, they have been sitting on an unusual planetary cycle that catalyzes revolutionary change and this cycle continues until March 2015.

It has large-scale implications - for you, for all who love and for all mankind.

In the end, no one will be unaffected by this energy. What you need to change will come to light.

You are codified in this life to walk the path as a maker of divine changes. In this role, they intuitively know that the revolutions that are happening now - individual and collective - are necessary to achieve an authentic transformation.

There are so many things that need to change - that simply this cannot happen overnight.

You don't want to do it halfway. You understand that the Earth is at a critical point - and that you have subscribed to be here to change the balance towards the light.

Your inner wisdom knows that there is a wider picture of what is being revealed now and you are confident that you are alive now to play a key role in reversing the patterns of the old paradigm.

At this time, with the amplified emotional background, they will need to find a continuous and permanent way to focus on themselves and stabilize.

What is needed now

To do this more effectively, you will need to be anchored in your heart and connected with your inner wisdom. Make yourself opportunities to be quiet, to meditate and to meet with other beings focused on spiritual growth. Practice communicating with your heart centered as much as you can and with as many people as possible.

Spend your time with other makers of divine changes, giving and receiving a flow of inspiration, support and cooperation. Use these experiences to help you open your heart and mind in totally new ways.

Remember that you are an integral part of the transformation of the planet. The changes of the world are not just "out there" - they are happening within you.

Every time you transform to full potential and into a Whole, you catalyze a wave of beneficial changes throughout the world.

Every time they learn to love themselves, a little more than before - as when they let go of the harsh self-criticism or doubt - their greatest love of themselves becomes a beacon of light for those around them. People feel it and benefit from it, even if they cannot feel it tangibly.

Similarly, every time you experience your personal healing and free yourself from limiting DNA level patterns, you help heal your family lineage and the world!

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